Stone, Allen - Warriors Lyrics

On and on
That's how we go
On and on
That's all we know

We've been waiting for this moment
Even though we're close to broken
Running on empty
Running on empty
Running on, running on, running on

Walk tall like warriors
Head high, head high, head high
Walk tall like warriors
Head high, head high

Only up, we don't stay low
Only up, that's all we know

We don't run from our opponents
Even when we're close to broken
Running on empty
Running on empty
Running on, running on, running on

Walk tall like warriors
Head high, head high, head high
Walk tall like warriors
Head high, head high, head high

We've been waiting for this moment
We don't run from our opponents
There is nothing to defeat us
Dedication, it will lead us
Head high, head high, head high
Head high, head high, head high

Walk tall like warriors
Head high, head high, head high
Walk tall like warriors
Head high, head high, head high

Walk tall like warriors
Head high, head high, head high
Walk tall like warriors
Head high, head high, head high

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Stone, Allen Warriors Comments
  1. Skylar Pikul

    we sang this song at our church for an event and it has been stuck n my head forever

  2. Joe Pettit

    Thanks to rob dyrdek and ridiculousness I now know who this amazing artist is

  3. Jake Holtz

    Damn this song is annoying and cliche

  4. Kat E Lloyd

    Always a beast, your vibe is undeniable, <3 it always~

  5. elisangela Paiva


  6. Rey Joger

    Fuck this trash ass song that repeats itself like 10 times

  7. Christin McLain

    One day I'll meet you so I can thank you in person for being an incredible human 🖤

  8. joshua humphries


  9. Daphne DPics

    This song is a JAM!😍

  10. VitaminWater 007

    89k thats a fkn joke man

  11. Tristan Draper

    Oklahoma vs Alabama brought me here

  12. Vicki

    Guys he is amazing live. He has NEW TOUR DATES go see him in 2019 you won’t regret it

  13. Y yOAV

    I discovered this song in the college football “Saturday night football “ one more time ESPN use great music the college football 🏈🏈🏈😁😁😁😉😉😉🏈🏈🏈

    Banana CRTTMM

    Y yOAV Was it the Ohio State be TCU game?????? Because that’s how I learned it

    Banana CRTTMM

    Ohio Sate vs TCU

  14. Nicole Robinson

    I do him perform this at the Special Olympics. Never thought about it again. Then I saw someone sing Unaware. This young man is so underated. Walk tall like warriors. Head high, head high, head high. Love positive music.

  15. AiM_NardBar 21

    anyone from Saturday night college football

  16. Rick Davis

    Hey babe Wi-Fi is network

  17. Rick Davis

    Gunning the same thing with her husband and wife team is the same thing with mnbvcx,,zlkjjgggfddalkjhgdgdsapoiuytreeq

    Rick Davis

    Oo ay ay oo ay ay oo ayay I just got home and wife team is the same thing with her husband and wife

  18. Rick Davis

    Nickelodeon rick

  19. Rick Davis

    Rick Davis Rvision Rick Davis can you should be able to do it

  20. DirtySouthVol


  21. Jerome Pulu

    When you gonna come out with the song “Give you blue”?

  22. Alexander Carey

    Just heard this on Thursday night football, I was like... I recognize this song, oh shit it’s my dude Allen Stone. What a talent.

  23. Allen Stone

    Ding-a-ling! Come see me on tour this fall! Fall 2018 headline tour:


    If you want to know what a new wave sounds like, here you are. Refreshing stylings



  26. Loriel Shannon1

    ABC/ESPN featured this song for the intro to the Ohio State vs TCU game!! Loving this song!!! Dope beat! Dope guitar! Dope lyrics! Just a DOPE song!!!

  27. BJAlew

    If this song isn't in FIFA 19 I ain't buying...

  28. Sakhumzi Plaatjie

    ah man this is so great. it even sounds a bit south African. I am from south Africa and we have a group called 'Mi Cassa' and this sounds similar to their style. Great Job Allen!

  29. Tasia Talbert

    I’ve been a fan of Allen Stone since the very beginning and this feels like the trajectory of the band “The Script” amazing at the beginning and now all they play is pop music. Also same with one republic. I’m sad about this honestly. Still seeing him in November though😶

  30. David Martin

    Golden State's new theme song

  31. mikexhotmail

    Biking for two hours and about to reached my limit....I played this song then push another hour!!!

  32. Max Greene

    This was at special Olympic USA games opening ceremonies, I was there, it was amazing, and team Georgia won bronze for soccer!!! Can I get to 20 likes?

  33. Maianna Huntington

    This song was @ special Olympics Seattle 2018! I was there! #TeamSpecialOlympicsNY! POWER!!!

  34. Chris Kerr

    love this song

  35. Dominick Kasza

    I didn't have to look up the Top singles on Billboard, iTunes, Spotify, etc to confidently establish that this song is a true work of art. The Media and Digital Music Services have everyone hopped up on the same run-of-the-mill songs; and to anyone who even remotely cares about the artistry and talent required to make "good" music, that type of force-feeding is more of a detriment than anything else. I encourage everyone to explore beyond what is "put in front of you", and seek out different, original, and obscure music..........go outside of your wheelhouse. If you sift through all the rubble and waste, I promise you will find treasures.

  36. Thomas Plummer

    yea this is sick

  37. Pat Gedeon

    This one is really good Allen. Love the song.

  38. Victor Barbosa

    Brazil, man... You must come!!! Can't wait

  39. Lucão

    Allen, you warrior! Keep preaching! <3

  40. andynaik

    I'm glad to discover Allen Stone. He performed this song during the opening ceremony of the Special Olympics in Seattle and I had to look him up!

  41. Andrea Bustamante

    A perfect summer soundtrack! Thanks for making such good music Allan!

  42. owenwakawaka

    insanely good, that's it!

  43. Laurent Metzinger

    Thx for releasing this amazing song ! We expecting you to perform live in France ASAP !
    Happy ; )

  44. Corey Mineard

    Kind of disappointed with this one. Sounds like cheesy pop stuff after hearing Brown Eyed Lover.

  45. J Robert G Adams

    How to make a SUMMER HIT in 2018 !!
    GREAT Beat Allen ..

  46. Maricella Alaniz

    Walk TALL like Warriors head High head high YES🙌🏽

  47. RailCityFishes

    This is so good

  48. tommy2122108

    Just discovered this song from the 2018 Special Olympics. This is so catchy. Love the funky instrumentals!

  49. T.R. Woods

    Saw you perform this on ABC. Great tune!

  50. Bumble Bear

    Immediately had to look this song up after watching you perform this song in this year’s Special Olympics opening ceremony! This is my new favorite jam!

  51. Sailorperson

    So lit!!

  52. K D Alexander

    I stumbled upon him after hearing one of his songs on 2018 American Idol. I immediately thought, what a best kept secret from me! 😍😍😍😍😍

    As soon as I received notification of this song, I was all over clicking to hear it!! 🖐🏾

  53. Abbie Betancourt

    If only the entire world knew about his amazing angel voice. 😩💕

  54. Rhea Raab

    Allen is taking off! So excited!

  55. Amanda Buccilli

    This is so much fun. Cant wait to sing along in Cleveland!

  56. Nikki D

    My bae!!! I'm so sad to see Memphis is not in the 2018 tour circuit this year. We loved you so much last year. PLEASE come back!!!

  57. Music Feign

    Couldn't have come at a more important time. Great spiritual messaging. I love you Allen stone, once this is over , this will be our triumph over it all song.

  58. MissSteamy


  59. Earlena Hudson

    I ❤️ this. Good job with the graphics. 😘

  60. Elsa Montalvo

    Nice one!!👍

  61. N Montana

    Can’t wait to you see in DC Allen!! 😆💖🎶🎵

  62. Ramsey Adam Clark

    Jaime Liddell produced this funkster!

  63. Ramsey Adam Clark

    Been waiting for a collar from these two for over 7 years!!

  64. cielo1974

    ❤️❤️❤️ Always conscious and always timely - on top of being some of the best music out there. 🙏🏽❤️

  65. Jessica Momanyi

    I cannot WAIT for a new album. Brown Eyed Lover and Warriors go hard 😍🔥 Much love and blessings Allen 🙏🏾❤️

  66. SI- LINCE

    Super dope as usual!

  67. Julio Gomez


  68. Ashton Hampton

    The King is back

  69. Casey Wilson

    Love this song ❤❤❤ so catchy.

  70. JB Makaveli

    WOW 💙💙

  71. Rinni m1910

    Nothing to lose to hear this song again and again love you Allen 💜💜

  72. Thee Travis Miller

    Love It! Very inspiring Allen. Good work

  73. Maya Dawn Williams

    SO GOOD!

  74. Nicole Franco

    This is so relevant right now. Thank you Allen for your musical excellence.

  75. Kamil Szponikowski

    New ones from Allen and Honne??! It's like Christmas in June

  76. Janet H-B

    Great vid and an oh so catchy tune! ❤️it! 😍

  77. cjgarza12

    Allen Stone is the Goat!

  78. Lily Reiyne

    LOVE THIS!!!! Yessss!

  79. Exie D. Romero

    How is it everything you create just melts me... Thanks Again🙌🏽😭

  80. Wasabi Ningaman

    So sick!

  81. Valerie Morairty

    I love how when he makes music it's original and if you look at other songs, they never have the same beat. Love you Allen.

  82. Jasmine Braddock


  83. Spacious

    Love the positivity!! this is amazing!!!

  84. Nube

    Don't sell out, Allen :O Sounds kinda like every day pop music :-/


    Still it's kinda groovy as well ;D


    Oliver sounds nothing like todays trash


    It was composed for the Special Olympics. He made it simple, inspiring and catchy for the special olympic athletes to appreciate

  85. Beth-Leah Swartwout

    Yhu NEVER Disappoint Me!!!!! LOVE THIS!!

  86. melissa riley

    Love it! Never been a song I didn't love!

  87. Nick Voebel

    Allen, this is hot fire. HOT FIRE🔥🔥🔥

  88. joncy 92

    This song should easily be sitting at the top end of the charts. Love it.

  89. Marty Ray Project

    This is epic! This’ll be in some films for sure. Great song!

    M Coste

    Dude it is in evey collage fooball night game after commercial it awesome

  90. Stella Jones

    A true singer, song writer and instrumentalist! Thank you for making great music!!!!!

  91. tips makiha


  92. Taunty Motu

    its been too long! Sounds great!!

  93. Devon Moriarty

    Absolute 🔥🔥🔥 man! So excited for the meet and greet and concert at the Fonda. Can't come soon enough!

  94. dylan ireland

    Soul surfer! Nice work Allen and crew!

  95. Marie Thomas