Stitches - Go Legit Lyrics

Supply and Demand production

I don't now, what I'm doing no more
I try so hard, but It still ain't working
And I just wanna be, a legend in these streets
And always have a way to provide for my family
If you seen what I seen you wouldn't believe in dream
Fuck this fame and this money
Everything ain't what it seems

Put your hands in the air if you came up from the bottom
Drinking at the bottles cause you go into some problems
I just wanna buy new house for my momma
Yeah I making money but this money bring me drama
Times get hard just make sure your keep your head up
Only times he loves you when you poppin and bread up
Felling paranoia cause I know I got some haters
Tryna catch me sleeping tryna kill me from my paper
Look at me I'm a G and you can't fuck with me
Everybody is fake in the streets
Is telling me they love me when honestly they don't know me
I think they just wanna clone me
I'll take me out of this game
You told me they love me you got my back and you put a bullet in my brain
All my ennemies, I wish you wear
I'm getting money, I'm doing well
I got nothing to say
I make a million a day

I don't now, what I'm doing no more
I try so hard, but It still ain't working
And I just wanna be, a legend in these streets
And always have a way to provide for my family
If you seen what I seen you wouldn't believe in dream
Fuck this fame and this money
Everything ain't what it seems

This money do me nothing if they lock you in a prison
If they take you away from you kids and they take away your pigeons
I'm driving on the highway thinking 'bout the betters days
I'm tired of selling drugs I'm try'na find an other way
I-I look foreign cause I love bad bitches
I stay true to my dogs I ain't never switchin
I wanna go on a jet, I wanna go on a jet
Shoutout to my father you're biggest pieces of shit
I did it on my own, I did it on my own
I hope you thinking about me when you're home alone
This sex will be something that you remember
You say he did good I did it better

I don't now, what I'm doing no more
I try so hard, but It still ain't working
And I just wanna be, a legend in these streets
And always have a way to provide for my family
If you seen what I seen you wouldn't believe in dream
Fuck this fame and this money
Everything ain't what it seems

I don't now, what I'm doing no more
I try so hard, but it still ain't working
And I just wanna be, a legend in these streets
And always have a way to provide for my family
If you seen what I seen you wouldn't believe in dream
Fuck this fame and this money

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Stitches Go Legit Comments
  1. Alia Aguilar

    My father is a big Piece of shit

  2. Dustin Heine

    dude i swear stiches is legit as fuck man

  3. Gottshall_ Brian

    new favorite song
    you don't disappoint
    hope your doing well
    keep it up

  4. Buck LaPorte

    He said clone me... LOVE FROM MICHIGAN
    Waving High

    Buck LaPorte

    Keep the bugs of you glass and the Bears off your Ass, Stiches

  5. Jeff Roberts

    he is awesome

  6. Crip Life

    I'm suicidal and he stops me from killing my self🙏🙏

  7. xXsweet sativaXx

    its crazy how underrated stitches is its like cuz that shit with the games lame ass nobody gives him a chance but your lying fuck if you say hes not talented and i dont usally get emotional from music but the first time i heard this song it choked me up cuz how fucking relatable it is i relate to al his music but man this one just hit so close to home for me keep grinding stitches TMI FOO fuckajob 👿💯💥 sincerely your number one fan fo life

  8. TroubleSum 727

    This goes Hard AF!

  9. maximumHD

    O:23 shed a tear<.. this shit is real <>..<><>everyday is getting colder!!>,. ,, everyday I getting older . fucking feeling like cannon fodder !!!!!

  10. Django Jilderda

    Such a good song

  11. EvilPumpkin X


  12. canal blz

    100% stitches

  13. Michael Campbell

    shout out to my father u the biggest peace of shit

  14. Bo Mcdonald

    All my eneimies I wish you well!!!

  15. jon b

    Best song ever in mandkind literily

  16. Tim Flinn

    C,Mon release your new tracks we want to hear more

  17. Imagrent #69

    This hits you when you go through some shit fr😭💯

  18. Packman Gambino

    Only half way decent song you got

  19. Truth Artistic

    There's so many rappers that just rap for fame & fortune, but there's barely any that write Real songs straight from their heart & soul about their actual life & the world. Stitches is one of the main ones that's inspired me to start trying to make music myself & write songs straight from my heart & soul. We love you stitches! God bless. 🙏

  20. Perry Butler

    Pretty much the only rapper i listen to. I usually listen to old country but this song gets me never really had a father figure. Hell of a song bro keep it going💪👌

  21. Justen Grieve

    Hands down to stitches👌💯

  22. Luis Marco

    Only 91k views, I remember watching the views start from 1.5k. This song deserves more views because its fire!

  23. Cade massey

    The fire is back can't wait for the prods with Nbabyoung boy stitches keep sober and grind man looking forward to concerts 😈

  24. josh Windover

    400k congrats


    This song hit me deep. Nice production.

  26. Steven Nissen

    "shout out to my father you the biggest PIECE OF SHIT"

  27. MrIHadToDoIt614 x

    I dont why everybody hates Stitches??. He's a real ass dude!

  28. Michael Nichols

    This my motha fuckin favorite rapper. He not the best but give his best and used to be dealin now he big ballin. True sucess story any one hatin need to get thier paper up and be positive. Stop with all the hate. This man spreading love and a possitive message!!!! Get with it or get lost playa

  29. Justin Morris

    Need sum help cuh it's just hard brother if u could just help me out with sum stuff 💯💯 down for cuts if u can just help me out this shit

  30. Johnny B

    My nigga we need a video Let's see all the stitches fans that want to see a badass video to this shit🙏✋✋✋✋ straight fire 🔥🔥🔥 straight rolling around bumping this🔥🔥🔥 for the next two weeks straight up keep up the good work nigga fan for life

  31. Dontay Wolf

    This song hits hard I feel the same shit what he singing. Thanks Stiches this is my top #1 song.

  32. Modesto Vasquez

    Texas love do what u do

  33. Freshboy G

    dope af

  34. Jimmie Merchant

    Sounds good lil.homie

  35. Joseph Hunter

    Keep up the good work stitches this is lit ♨♨✔💯. Been listing to you since fuck a job, keeps getting better and better. But none I've heard were bad.

  36. 6godreaper

    Aye Stitches , Loving the change , iv been have some drug shit happen in my home life ... Drugs not cool or pretty... Hit me up if u see this love to ask u a few questions

  37. Daddythat Bangslittlegirl.

    Stitches fuck you

  38. Symbols Hip Hop

    fuck the clones bro they can't clone shit keep it original.

  39. corey b

    Who dislikes this all 18 go Tf on somewhere else don't hate cause he ain't raping bout drugs and fucking hoes this is real music not all that dumb shit on the radio #fuckajob #tmigang#stitchesrealOG

    corey b

    Like it bitches

  40. srasmussen38

    You're music motivates me you're a good rapper you're a good artist

  41. lil dee

    Keep doin what u doin then luv😬

  42. Yung Migo

    Stitches 💯

  43. keith maj

    Damn stitches fan from day one came a long way my friend, keep up the great work God bless. You inspire a lot of people including me.I love your music, I love what you do, I love how you keep it real. I wish you the best God bless.

  44. westside4lifebk

    Damn 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  45. K Il

  46. IGoneBad

    this is deep

  47. Russell Pitts

    This is what we doing while your favorite rapper is dropping trash😂🤣😂🤣😂

    CrashLag Gamming

    Russell Pitts b Indeed

  48. Shane Menke

    This song fits my life, spot on, don’t know whats going on.

  49. Dmak Dmak

    I remember when i use to be homeless live in on a school bus in the bottoms of columbus ohio with so many others . we were all so lost that we all got high before that same school bus took us to the work place and that was the trash company..... I felt like a humen trash bag back then..... BACK THEN TAUGHT ME SO MUCH SELF WORTH !!!!! WERE ALL PURER THEN GOLD IS!!!! R.I.P FRANK

    Dmak Dmak

    This song takes me back to that lesson

    EvilPumpkin X

    whats up from columbus ohio

  50. zeztle

    I Dont Know

  51. poorboydripp

    Totally feel you Stitches 😕😢
    "I don't know what I'm doing no mo I try so hard but it still ain't working"

  52. Landon Hensley

    All your music definitely should be on every channel every day and all day long u are already a good person to me and your music 🎵 is real you always speak from the heart and say anything with out hesitation that is y I am always supporting you and your music you are always going to be a leader to me and the best rapper ever in the world 🌍 keep it up stitches happy thanksgiving

  53. Tripp Dogg

    Stitchez foreva ya albums help me get through day ta day real G shit

  54. roman linville

    Hell yeah right on! Keep it going! 💯💯 you would be the man if you reply back to this stitches!! 👌 #FuckAJob heard every song bruh👍

  55. Wormwood T.M.I

    Sometimes god sends bad men to do good things. #tmi #tmigang #fuckajob #vvr #fnf

    Phantom 47

    I think your 100% correct

    CrashLag Gamming

    God works in mysterious but pleasantly surprising way <3 Stitches 4 life T.M.I. 4 Real :)

  56. Systematic815

    This songs dope we need to work!!!

  57. Krypptoe 2007 Cadillac DTS

    Auto tune crap doesn't even sound like stitches

  58. immy illa

    i fw this 🔥 collab

  59. Lil-CJ Deo criz

    check out my new rap an a dumbass shoot right by his head

  60. Johnny B

    That's the 🔥again ill say it again fan for life been here from the start been banging ur music brother in th A.T.L for a hot minute now There was a lot of hate I mean a lotttt of hate I got for backing u but I told them to this is 🔥 🔥 how come y'all can't feel this🔥music like I can I mean if this shit don't make u get crunk as hell then maybe your balls will drop one day lol lol now they all acting like they like stitches From day one. real Recognize Real 💯 bro I told my old lady all I want for my next B day is to go meet stitches and see him live keep and eye out for me bro in the reasonable venue smells like Purp straight up 💨💨💨💨👌 and keep up the good work your music helps me everyday no lie fan for life 💯💯💯💯💯💰💰💰💰✌✌p.s if any one know how I can meet stitches Or stitches u see this let a nigga know I got a fat blunt I want to smoke with ya mad love keep it up ✌✌ 🎧🎧 CBE ENTERTAINMENT

  61. Lil 3zii

    I wanna go legit I wanna go legit shoutout to my father your the biggest piece of shit

  62. lil Purple

    Love u doge. A man can u like send me like 200 $ plz plz plz plz plz plz. I live in Idaho Falls East Stanley Street

  63. Eddie Shears

    They need to get rid of trash fucking music and add this real shit on this I hope it hits the radio and plays every day# TMI

  64. Devon Leger

    🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥fuckin. Killin it

  65. Luis Marco

    I love this track Stitches, I hope this gets 100 million views!😎😎

    CrashLag Gamming

    Luis Marco d 100,000 Views :D 💯💯👍

  66. Dilynn northcott

    Keep it up big homie!

  67. Joshua Mascoto

    real shit! keep it up!

  68. Tony Lambert

    Thanks for this Stitches I feel you

  69. Shane Begay

    🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 much love from the Navajo Nation

  70. Hunter Brooks

    Released on my bday love it man, keep it up.

  71. Lil 3zii

    So good


    Make a music video

  73. Jackson Givenchy

    Your such an inspiration to me stitches! I love every song you've ever released to the public. stitches fan till I die!!!! #tmigang #fuckajob


    Jesse Freeman Your an idiot. This isn't real shit, it's auto tune bullshit. Anyone who has been doing with stitches since day one knows this shit he is making now is garbage. If you honestly like this trash you should commit suicide. We need the old stitches back cuz losers like Jesse Freeman think this shit is good. Freeman probably liked that wack Lil peep fag too

    Reptar 420

    Jesse Freeman I'm not agents it. Stitches is the shit. I play his music every day.


    Trippy Napalm Strike your a moron, I'm talking about this dudes music. What the hell are you talking about? Again, this music is soft and lame

    Reptar 420

    Grumsblock talking about u dip shit. Because ur hating on someone that went from rags to riches. So stfu and go back to the corner of the street u work on doing anything for a buck.


    Trippy Napalm Strike You can't hate on me since you live with mommy!

  74. Cole S


  75. Alex Lavish

    I like all his music but I really love stuff like this and I cry 🙏🏼⚡️🔥

    jon b

    Best song ever

    javier Bernal

    Every time I hear this song memories come back.....

  76. Quran calloway

    no rapper can compete with stitches so dont even try and compare

    Quran calloway

    Emma Lowery shiiiiii cuhz

    Dan Houchin

    Many are better stitches bangs but check out atmosphere mf doom eyedea or sage Francis

    Nathaniel Sellers

    I feel the messages he is spittin

  77. Twitty Bird

    Holy hell this is amazing!!! Great work @stiches and @supplyanddemand this is the mf truth! ⛽️⛽️⛽️⛽️⛽️

  78. Tha Bella Kat Amore

    Salute i amore the compassionate in-depth words, amazing job to Roger as well on the production. Amore stitches 💯🔥🔥😇💋❤


    Tha Bella Kat Amore This song makes Stitches the 🐐

  79. Big Daddy

    Here before a million


    Finally the wait is over

  81. xViderz

    Soundcloud pleaseeeee

  82. Quran calloway

    we luv u stitches 🖒🖒❤

  83. Bryce Ward

    Someone put this on soundcloud

  84. James Wil

    Fuck yes, love it

  85. Quran calloway

    the bestttt

  86. Nick Brown

    Good shit keep it up sounds🔥🔥🔥af

  87. Agera

    I remember listening to the 20 second Instagram stories over and over when they previewed this song. So good! Song is straight gas, Stitches has been on a tear! And hat's off to supplyanddemand, you made one hell of a beat!

    Dave Clark

    This aint the song he previewed on insta my guy, he says the same line in the this song but it aint the same song

    Freshboy G

    yea it is the same song he had on instagram

    Dave Clark

    No its not lol the one on insta he posted said "if you seen what i seen you wouldn't believe in dreams, seems like yesterday I was sellin to a feen" and you if actually listen to both the instagram and this song its clearly two different songs. He also posted on his insta story a few days ago that he was going to drop the song he posted on his insta soon. Get ya facts straight my g

    Justen Grieve

    NobleGamingM600 real talk stitches has been threw hell and back

    TNTBRO 226

    NobleGamingM600 me too man

  88. Tyler Thomas

    Platinum!!!!! Platinum God damn!

  89. Nick Brown

    Omg finally

  90. Agera


  91. Ahmed Ahmed

    🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 u deserve better

  92. Jacob Schwantz

    Bruh. Put this on the main channel


    Jacob Schwantz this is it

  93. Austin Cook

    Bruh. Can't wait to hear you on the radio. They put all this trash out like Lil Pump and shit but not you. You deserve it.

    Jesse Shaffer

    Austin Cook, this a great so song, just like, momma proud. Motivation. One million dimes. Pain and success hes a good artist

    Ron Watterson

    Hes fuckin is just tha jump

    Alia Aguilar


    Aidan Kolb

    Frfr nigga

    EllVee entertainment

    He's 24