Stitches - Game Over Lyrics

Game over, game over
I'm like 50 in his prime, tryin' pussy ass niggas cause they always tryna act hard
I'm a rich motherfucker drivin' in the foreign car, best belive my dick is always hard
Young rich nigga drivin' Maseratis
Fuckin' with a Puerto Rican shorty
I'm a coke dealer, everybody know it
Money in my pocket and I always throw it
When you rich, motherfucker, you don't give a fuck
A nigga say he gon' kill you, tell him, "Good luck"
Servin' coke outta bandos
I walk in the club wearin' sandals
Young fresh nigga 'til they put me a grave
I'm a young millionaire and you know I'm feelin' great
Money in my pocket, money in my bank
Can't fuck with a bitch if the pussy stink
Double cup all that muddy
Cum on her face now it's flooded
VVS diamonds on my jewelry
I blinded her sight now she's suin' me
Dade County that's my city
Money, money, money, like I'm P. Diddy
I dare somebody to say different
Fuck around with me I kill you to be specific
Fuck a pussy ass nigga named The Game
Pussy ass nigga that shall be your name
TMI Gang that's my squad
I make a phone call and I kill you and your dogs
I get a greenlight to shoot you redlight
Wa-wa-wa, that's a bad night
I ain't got no sympathy for pussy niggas
Tyga and The Game, they some pussy niggas
And you beefin' with Young Thug, he weigh eighty pounds
Fuck with a real thug, you get eighty rounds
And I understand why 50 Cent dropped you from the G-Unit
The Game? He used to be a stripper
Game over, game over, TMI Gang takin' over
Pussy ass nigga, you a pussy ass nigga, you a pussy ass nigga
Pussy ass nigga, pussy, pussy, pussy, pussy, pussy ass nigga

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