Sting - What Have We Got? Lyrics

Good people give ear to me story,
Pay attention, and none of your lip,
For I've brought you five lads and their daddy,
Intending to build ye's a ship.
Wallsend is wor habitation,
It's the place we was all born and bred.
And there's nay finer lads in the nation,
And none are more gallantly led.

What have we got, but the buzzer in the morning?
Aye, and what have we got, but the laying of a keel?
And what have we got, but the cranes above us soaring?
The commotion and the clamour in the welding of the steel?

What have we got, but the mist upon the river?
Tell me, what have we got, but the noise inside the hold?
Oh, what have we got, but the arse end of the weather?
Where we work in horizontal rain, and shiver in the cold.

What do ye got? (What do we got?)
What do ye got? (What do we got?)
You've got nowt. We've got nowt else.

What do ye got? (What do we got?)
What do ye got? (What do we got?)
You've got nowt. We've got nowt else.

What have ye got, but the singing in the cables?
Oh, what have ye got, but the ringing in your ears?
Aye, what have ye got, but the telling of the fables?
And the memories of the ships, that we've been building donkey's years.

What do ye got? (What do we got?)
What do ye got? (What do we got?)
You've got nowt. We've got nowt else.

What do ye got? (What do we got?)
What do ye got? (What do we got?)
You've got nowt. We've got nowt else.

Aye, you've got to die of something,
It's written in your fate,
Ye may as well die of a Tuesday,
And woe betide you're late.

What have ye got, all you men what's fit and able?
What have ye got, for the straining in your neck?
What have ye got, when you're laid out on the table?
And the snapping of a cable when the rigging hits the deck?

What have ye got, but the loyalty of brothers?
What have ye got, but this union of the dock?
What have ye got, a bacon sandwich from your mother?
Not a promise of another with the punching of the clock.

What do ye got? (What do we got?)
What do ye got? (What do we got?)
You've got nowt. We've got nowt else.

What do ye got? (What do we got?)
Now, what do ye got? (What do we got?)
You've got nowt. We've got nowt else.

What do ye got? (What do we got?)
What do ye got? (What do we got?)
You've got nowt. We've got nowt else.

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Sting What Have We Got? Comments
  1. frizzlefrap

    The performance on Jimbo Kibbles (Trampoline Boy & head of JACKHOLE) was the best performance of this show, by far!

  2. Sylvie Lopez

    So incredible, inventive, creative y remember the theatre from the righter Shaw en the image come from Dublin , tank you very much Sting amazing merci beaucoup

  3. Claude Monete

    ❤👏👐DIVINE STING✌❤💙💛you looks so much like my exboyfriend nils😍👏👉so cute

  4. Damian K.

    I one of you!

  5. garethwright6

    Do you think YouTube records your viewing? It could be dangerous to actually promote this kind of music in some countries. But its OK because I am from the UK and Theresa May is OK with the Union.

  6. garethwright6

    Great album. Give it a chance folks. It takes a few listens.

  7. Michael Ceates

    this is one of the highlights of the last ship musical, still stuck my in head

  8. Carlos Alejandro

    This is so Irish and Scottish

    Alison Smith

    No this Geordie, all about shipbuilding, on Tyneside, England.

  9. alan sutton

    A love of music is what we got!

  10. Eva Franco

    The pougeges

  11. Will Ritter

    I'd be honored if some Sting fans would check out my piano & vocal covers of WHY SHOULD I CRY FOR YOU and ENGLISHMAN IN NEW YORK on my channel in tribute to the master. Real live acoustic with no autotune. Thanks and please pardon the promo.

  12. ERA

    Finally Sting i think you found what you're looking for...

  13. Ernesto Prieto Gratacos

    Great song my brother !!! Love the entire record by the way.

  14. BazzilioSPb

    Who plays on pianos? Not Meat Loaf, but what is his name?

    Kyle Davis

    Rob Mathes

  15. slap head

    and that`s Sham 69s bloody tune

    Pablo Lahey

    sham 69 blows

    Pablo Lahey

    @slap head like anyone cares about your stupid story

    slap head

    @Pablo Lahey good response Lahey - any relation to Jim you piss head

  16. slap head

    what`s this shit

    i was on a stonehenge pilgrimage around 1995 and we ended up outside Sting`s gaff in somerset - his security threatened to call the police

    uri gella never did that to us on the same trip - Sting`s a cunt

    flynn perrin

    slap head private performanc3 from the police? you must be important

  17. Jacop


  18. Josh Brown

    this song is bloody fantastic

  19. met182

    I didn't like this album when I first heard it (admittedly I was skipping through the tracks) but it really grew on me when I gave it a chance to listen to it properly. Love the stories and feel of the album. This song is so catchy and descriptive of how tough the ship builders' lives were. My favourite line on the album is when he describes the town as a "stain on the sunrise" on And Yet.

  20. martinezz

    Earlier i fought, what have i got?, now it is only what have we GOT?

  21. たつごろう


  22. Balázs Kádár

    *****nekem nagyon bejön

  23. Sarah Thompson

    So much character. So much emotion. Absolutely fun and amazing!

  24. Dina Clouse

    Probably my all time favorite Sting song!

  25. Sam Hersch

    Perform this in a pub.

  26. Mario Chal

    Sting every time dont back with this,england man comming to Ireland?^^ fuck

  27. Regan Dreher

    Sting, you are truly thee best in my book! Simply amazing!! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!!

  28. EvilTim001

    Now thats a song!

  29. Marlis Holmes

    Try success

  30. Lynnie Heal

    Thankyou for sharing 

  31. Zsóka Alföldi

    Szeretlek,imádlak ,sting

  32. Shawn E Jenson

    This is what life is about building ships stirs my soul

  33. Семён Решетов

    "Pour a glass of all!" - that`s the only thing I can say when all the instruments starts playing!)))

  34. Sina Jorjani

    What have we got?
    My soul just flies with your songs! 

  35. Evelina Kirova

    pure pleasure

  36. Virginia Abreu de Paula

    Sting went from good rock music to inventive any kind of music. Because he is an Artist. This is excellent.

  37. Mayerling52


  38. Sándor Földesi

    Fú de jó! :)

  39. Ramin Khavari

    Sting, the great Sting we've known for so many years; exceptionally on the top.

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  41. GypsyRose81inaz

    …**    :)*^**_^_*_):       …-    :)_*_^_**^*):       …**

  42. Herecomes Trouble

    This is AMAZING!  I want to hear this is a pub where I can enjoy a couple of drinks, clap and stomp and sing along!  What a great tune to start the day off with...  Wooot! <3

  43. Earl Wiener

    An amazing and refreshing change.

  44. Earl Wiener

    An amazing and refreshing change.

  45. diego tobar

    visit Ecuador please.....we´ll hoope you..

  46. Anna Gil

    the great Sting, this is amazing!!

  47. Alperen KOÇ

    When you will come to Turkey?

  48. TheEschwank02 does an artist go from good rock music to this?


    Just like Blackmore went from Heavy metal to a folk music. They prooved everything to everyone and now can just do whatever they want to.

    Clay Sturgeon

    This is art,do you know what its like to harmonize with such a big crew like this one. It looked like a lot of fun too and it was a catchy song to boot.

  49. Kitty Purrs

    Awake. Let's be off then.

  50. Kitty Purrs

    Awake. Let's be off then.

  51. snezana pavlovic

    Very interesting. :-)

  52. snezana pavlovic

    Very interesting. :-)

  53. masterjabbs

    not a fan of the song, but damn is this creative! Love the work put into into it. respect Gordon Sumners aka sting!

  54. GALA VA

    исключительно прекрасно! мастер!

  55. TubaBuddha

    Edmund Murray here. Got your album last year for my birthday. Shared it with my mother on a trip. She enjoyed it. You are in fine form with the assembled musicians. Glad to see the twinkle in your eye with the birth of your new inner spark. Look forward to the evolution of what will be coming next. I know it can be like pulling teeth to create something from nothing. If you can only find the joy in creation, it'll carry you through. Much love to you and your family.

  56. KorumEmrys

    Unfortunately while I liked his music for years, when I had the opportunity to meet him he stood withdrawn and cold at Red Rock hotel in Las Vegas some years ago when it opened and , since he apparently never learned that you only get one good chance to make a good impression,...his is gone...


    I'm trying to think to myself that they (celebrities) can't just be 100% positive and opened to simply everybody they meet on the streets every 24 hours. I mean...if I was famous....I'd hate to be stoped by every other stranger on the street. Yea it could be cool for some some days......but for so many years like in Sting's case....In a fact I'm kinda admire him that he even react :D

    David O'Connell

    He has a reputation for being a kind and decent bloke going back to his teaching days, often digging into his own pocket to cover poor kids expenses. You on the other hand come off as a twat.

  57. Pearl

    Song sounds like a Pirate's shanty :P

    Ngéntot McKontolssen

    I think that's definitely what Sting's going for. This album is even called The Last Ship,


    @Ngéntot McKontolssen Interesting, thanks for the info.


    it's about shipbuilders in Northeastern England (Newcastle) who are laid off from their jobs so they're convinced to build one final ship to sail around Europe to rally up other shipbuilders to fight for their jobs (their pride). It's in previews on Broadway :)