Sting - One Fine Day Lyrics

Optimists say,
The future's just a place we've never been.
Histories say,
We're doomed to make the same mistakes again.

Between the two I can't decide,
Really I must choose a side.
I guess I’ll wake up smarter,
One fine day.

Apologists say,
The weather's just a cycle we can't change.
Scientists say,
We've pushed those cycles way beyond.

Dear leaders, please do something quick,
Time is up, the planet’s sick.
But hey, we'll all be grateful,
One fine day?

Today the North West Passage just got found,
Three penguins and a bear got drowned,
The ice they lived on disappeared,
Seems things are worse than some had feared.

...It's progress of a kind,
Who knows what else we're going to find?
So do you trust your head or heart,
When things all seem to fall apart?
I guess we'll wake up smarter,
One fine day.

Today it's raining dogs and cats,
Rabbits jumping out of hats,
And now what's got us all agog,
Tomorrow it's a plague of frogs.
We must do something quick or die,
When snakes can talk and pigs will fly,
And we'll all be so much wiser,
One fine day...

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Sting One Fine Day Comments
  1. Generation 60's Tony Mate

    Just look for the One Fine Day an' live it as your Life again an' again an' again... It's truly worth livin' for mates!😀😉✌️🏻

  2. Ale Benitez

    Lo amooo

  3. Manuel Gassol


  4. Alessandro Ferraro

    Bella come every breath you take!

  5. Warren Hurd

    Great song, Sting! A small point though - polar bears and penguins don't live in the same hemisphere. Poetic license?

  6. Anna Tetro

    Another curse in song. Bears and Penguins down. Hockey. Maybe baseball, football. Maybe NW Oilers Wayne RU. Snakes talk, you finally were heard and pigs fly, Elon 71 yr of Pig baby has flown and landed. All there but Sting be listened to. You see that? What did you say? I am the Master and you my cobra. The cobra has become your master. What did I say? Be my King Pepin and heal the world and you broke the heatwave, it rained down down down and you saved babies in Donbass and you destroyed the con fraternities with pure blessed sacrament sacred heart love like an angel with Christ. Then they gathered around me today, very concerned, watching and I felt they were in the Gabriel song, and baby Jesus appeared. I was like what is going on. They are very worried someone is dying, like ipatiev romanovs and not returning to Heaven. They are worried the deaths have not purified enough yet. Worried no one understands micro to macro, consecration, Holy Spirit and gifts and graces, no one can find the info and the ones needed are caught up not returning. IDK what to do now.

    Anna Tetro

    I think that with every copy cat death, baal, ego destroyed, pairing with Romanovs, death wishes to them, there is no consecration or renewal of the sacrifice being done or reparation, they are being taken by fallen angels to hell and the divine angels said, Sting usually does not do this. What is he doing.

  7. Hypster79

    I like Gordon Sumner from THE POLICE to STING...
    Great voice, great sound and great music experience🤙

  8. Lance Biggums

    Catchy tune, too bad the lyrics are a bunch of crap

  9. English EDAY

    Sting always making the best songs, lyrics, messages and melodies. Amazing Sting!!

  10. Mariasole


  11. Eric A

    Sting sounds awesome for around 70

  12. たくちゃん


  13. Exige000

    Mister Trump - ARE YOU LISTENING???????
    More importantly - do you UNDERSTAND???...........Probably NOT.

    Boris Sitnikoff

    *President Trump

    Having fun talking to yourself on the internet, buddy?

  14. federico nicolas zotalis

    we love you Sting

  15. Michal Majsiewicz

    a tu mamy troche coldplaya

  16. Colourful 999 Real


  17. 高麗人参


  18. דוד גורשומוב


  19. Silver -_-


  20. petewoodroffemusic

    Far cry from the police!!!

  21. carlos Spain

    ..qué poco me gusta ese sonido de batería..

  22. Francisco Reguengo

    Very beautifull song.

  23. Dete Penas

    Snakes can talk...hehe but they have no ears hehe :)

  24. Tall Spoon


  25. Fernando Reis

    Sting é Magnífico!!! Adoro toda a sua obra!! Obrigado Sting!!

  26. The "K"

    Thanks Facebook to remind that i posted this song last years :)..for once you did something useful

  27. Pruett Fade

    Join the Paris Agreement Trump!!!

  28. עמינדב דביר - Aminadav Dvir

    Thank you Sting for the music and for dealing with such an important issue. You were among the few to address that in the 80'. If things won't change humanity is doomed.

  29. Mike Morty Miller-Mullerman

    Fortunately, there are still artists - if only a few - that have got something to say...

  30. Thomas Sadler

    well, well, well, Boston, MA.- Great Woods- wasn't it? Nothing Like The Sun? 1987.

  31. desmond van der westhuizen

    Important subject.please world take note.


    Meaningful songwriting!

  33. Muhasda Zukhri

    Iam doomed to make the same mistake again.

  34. José María Rosado

    En este enlace podéis escuchar la versión que he grabado con mis alumnos de Primaria del Colegio Laude Fontenebro de Moralzarzal.

  35. Rick Mustang/Duster

    This sounds like a Ron Sexsmith song

  36. Liantsoa Rakotomanana

    A cause de Pv Nova?

    Jiel Gonzo

    Liantsoa Rakotomanana ya pas que moi qui vient ici apres leur video apperament

  37. Ana Simões

    Ótimo, amei

  38. Giuseppe Falco

    I love you Mr Sting

  39. fabrizio costa

    E' sempre un bel giorno quando ascolto questo brano. veramente bella!!

  40. Otto Greenleaf

    Happy Birthday today(October 2) to Sting. Cheers!

  41. marlon romero


    The best!

  42. Molkomuse

    the song is fine but it sounds overproduced or something. Like it was mixed hoping to land it on the radio instead of being true to sting and the police's spirit

  43. Lovelljan

    I Hope...

  44. Artur Scarpita

    Sting... sempre surpreendendo com seu talento, bom gosto e genialidade. Vida longa Sting!

  45. Juan Sales

    Sting, my music father.

  46. Sari Mejia

    This song is beatifull

  47. Alex G-dur

    love it...

  48. louise196


  49. Jessarayofchaos

    I was able to use this beautiful piece of lyrical environmentalism in my Shakespearean eco-criticism class and I just can't get over how beautiful it is.... Definitely one of my favorites

  50. tony kraven

    niice musica ,bonito meldodia

  51. Red Blades

    I fell in love with Sting when I was 13 - he had just released 'Mercury falling', and he opened a whole new world before a third world girl who found a shelter in his songs. I grew up worshipping him, following him, holding onto him. But somehow his magic faded after Brand New Day, and I thought it was because I grew up. I stopped listening to his new music and focused on the old songs, but after incidentally finding his new songs today- I just realized that I can never let go of him. He is the idol one follows to the grave. I am grateful to have been his fan. He is the reason I am who I am today.


    Not a third world girl here, but my story is the exact same as yours. I absolutely love Mercury Falling and somehow feel that his genius kind of 'vanished' after Brand New Day, but I cannot let go of him, and will continue listening to his music until I'm gone, because he's got me through ups and downs, highs and lows. Thank you for your message, it's nice to know that there are people, probably in the other side of the world, who have been touched by his lyrics and music the same way that I have.

  52. Fabio Tito Montefinale

    Un genio como siempre Sting :) :) :)
    Excelente! Muchas gracias.

  53. סיון קרטיב


  54. Juan Sales

    I Love This Song and Love Sting, for ever!

  55. Aralia Fresia

    Gordon "Sting" Sumner is a very special guy, he's the creator of the most heart rending Lullabies ever written....... This song "One Fine Day" is just one of the many and I... I... I....
    "I want to unlock the doors to my iron castle you stand behind like a suit of armor, and the key drops from behind your masked ear and clatters in your iron clad lap. The sound of metal finds me on my knees searching and trembling for a semblance of your trust. So you open the jaw of your steel mask and begin whistling "wrapped around your finger."
    I reach for the key as you kick the sand and the dust hides it once again. But then you stand up with a clatter and stomp on the key and I try to peel your iron foot from the ground beneath it.
    This isn't a dream, I think to myself as the sun breaks through the clouds at that very moment...
    The metaphor of that moment, unlocks trust like an Aesop fable,
    I reach into eyes the color of shallow pacific island shores, and I weep black obsidian tears from fully expanded pupils, and that was all it took, you released your foot from the key like a bridge is a door opening over a moat;
    my heart pulled ocher earth tones across my face, and your chin quivered as I picked up the dusty key and put it in my pocket.
    I asked you "why are you looking at me that way?" and you returned my question with a question:
    "Because what if you lose the key, me lassie? Then how will I open your iron castle for you to see what's inside?"
    And so, then, with wide open obsidian eyes my gaze became a squint as I turned towards the setting sun, purposely to dry my sentimental melancholy away. Suddenly, a breeze blew in from the South, and a yellow and green scarf flew off a row of linens drying on the clothesline, and your blue pools became shimmering ripples matching the movement in your chin. It was as if the scarf was itself a segue back from medieval times into your backyard, emotional world" -- Aralia Fresia©

  56. Wenrella WENRELLA's.Chronic.World

    I have always loved Sting & his music.

  57. Matt Schlueter

    Seems optimistic despite the subject matter. Woe are we?

  58. Manuel Rivero

    great song!

  59. dave

    Im crazy,

  60. AnthonyYouTubeFan

    One of my favorite tracks (upon first play) from the new album, and one of the best songs/singles from Sting's long career. It recalls the mood, instrumentation, lyrical content and vocal/mental persona of Sting circa 1983 ("Every Breath You Take" and "King Of Pain" most specifically) Why don't I hear this one on the radio?

  61. ChefGiovanni

    Sting is a classic inspiration.

  62. xxwickedann35


  63. daniel heartsburger

    belle chanson : j'aime Sting comme cela

  64. Suk Yein Sang

    We hope the world leaders must wake up smarter. Good one Sting!

  65. Hugo Perez

    Man, that drums sounds so perfect

  66. Mitcheru Kun


  67. Manuela

    He knows how to talk about a serious topic with lightness.
    Beautiful song

  68. marbus9666

    Schnarchie, schnarchie...! Schlager mit der ewig gleicher Stimme, die einfach nur noch nerven.

  69. Danuta Herman

    So very true ...

  70. Arpit26 Official

    sting you're so good

  71. Karen Baum

    great track! love the lyrics! he sure can write a hook

  72. Gioia Troxi

    I love sy😙

  73. Román Rocha

    The Master of Masters Sting Amazing!! sensacional el master Sting.

  74. Ernesto Prieto Gratacos

    Truly a pop music monster! GOD BLESS YOU MY BROTHER.

  75. Dan Bloom

    Lyric: "three penguins and a bear got drowned...the ice they lived on just got disapppeared...." ..............STING: Penguins only live in southern hemisphere, you know that. .........................................Too late to fix the lyrics time, fact check your lyrics. Otherwise, sir, great song, great lyrics.

  76. Dragan Djuric

    Sting the best

  77. M ?

    my favour. men

  78. M ?

    non stop od samego rana my Great day

  79. Michael Serna

    Stellar song to accompany the harmonious chords and breath offered by this incredible musician and human being. Namaste.

  80. Mr. G.

    Mindless pop pap. Sting is so much better than this.

  81. David

    Thank you, Sting for this BEAUTIFUL song. I love it!

  82. Lyle L.J. Plummer Jr.

    Sting loves me. One Fine Day. I love this song. I sing a song.

  83. Bayhill Heatair

    I have always appreciated Sting, when he was with The Police and especially now SOLO!! A great entertainer all the way around. Just love him!!!

  84. Cornholio Casts

    great song.. love it

  85. John Smith

    Sting is finally back after almost 18 years of silence, just the way we loved and missed him.

  86. Ernesto Alonso

    Beautiful lyrics and song Sting <3

  87. Cry Wolf

    this is just March, but I do truly believe that this song definitely is the best song I hear *this whole year*.

  88. Jack Palance

    As a life long sting fan this is the type of song we've missed, delightful, dark, honest, yet upbeat bearing a message! Thank you!

  89. Hubert Gérin

    In this way of writing songs, he just proves that he is a great British composer, as equal
    as Paul McCartney or Paddy McAloon. He's just great!

  90. Carlos Monje

    Sting....;=))) Amazing ........:P:P

  91. Ash Almond

    What a fine song mate. I'll cover this soon.

  92. Dan Bloom

    Lyric: "three penguins and a bear got drowned...the ice they lived on just got disapppeared...." STING: Penguins only live in southern hemisphere, you know that. Too late to fix the lyrics time, fact check your lyrics. Otherwise, sir, great song, great lyrics.

  93. Dan Bloom

    but...PENGUINS in the Arctic? STING, that is FAKE NEWS. no penguins in Canada. fact check yr lyrics, mate. other than that, love the song, love the lyics - see ​Four climate fiction books recs Jennifer Collins ​ includes ''Parable of the Sower'' important in the Trump Times we live in now  #CliFi

  94. Massimiliano Pizzuti

    This song reminds me of Horsing Around' theme with Bojack Horseman 🐴

  95. Happy Sihlangu

    I will win the lottery20m and spend r20 pp on his music