Sting - Cold Song Lyrics

What power art thou who from below
Hast made me unwillingly and slow
From beds of everlasting snow?
See'st thou not how stiff, how stiff and wondrous old,
Far, far unfit to bear the bitter cold?
I can scarcely move or draw my breath;
Let me, let me, let me freeze again to death.

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Sting Cold Song Comments
  1. Fernando Torres Simon

    Sting, te has pasado 4 pueblos!!!! La opera barroca te queda tan lejos, musical y vocalmente, como hoy y el dia en q nacio Purcell. Si no mas.

  2. fetus gerard's screams

    klaus nomi sang it WAAAAAAAY better

  3. Crying

    just bad...

  4. plasticsun82


  5. Eduard Pijl

    It s an interesting version. Sting did more classical covers and those were hard to listen to. This is not even that bad. I don't think he is overestimating himself. He is just exploring other things and I like it.

  6. Kelly Roper

    Sure, it's a different take on the song, but aren't artists allowed to interpret in their own way? I love Klaus Nomi's version and, frankly, just about every rendition I've heard of this song. I love Sting's interpretation too, especially how the backup singers come in and add the breathes beneath his melody while he sings. I think it's brilliant, so maybe give it a few more listens and see if you don't warm up to it. No pun intended.

  7. Rosina Neill

    For Gods sake. Let me be bored to death. Check out Andreas Scholl. Stick to what your good at Sting,
    it's no this.

  8. Olivier de VOGHEL

    So warm voice.... For a warm song !

  9. Gordon Freeman

  10. lucas pardo carvajal

    Totally Suck!!! Klaus Nomi BETTER!!!

  11. Damian Chapa

    After hearing Klaus Nomi how can anyone attempt to sing this Klaus was a genius.

  12. Adriano Seresi

    not my preferred version…

  13. maria gallego

    Es para tirarle 1 Kilo de tomates ¡qué pena lo que ha hecho con la canción!

  14. Ya Okay

    Beautiful voice but he just kinda „ruined“ that song. It is the wrong emotion he delivers...

  15. Edomm Hezrom

    Amazing! Sting is the best!!!!

  16. stinkfinga

    Shut the fuck up sting way to ruin the goddamn performance. Beautifully executed music, terribly out of place singing.

  17. miguel a. garcía

    what a fucking shit

  18. ejamsc

    Not really a "singer."

  19. Carlos Del Cid

    More message in the bottle please...leave this to nomi....

  20. 나는 개돼지되기 싫어요

    Please, do not sing this song again, it sounds you are drunken with a big hang over.

  21. Robert Ulloa

    It doesn't work Sting.

  22. Spiralia Statica

    Ce n'est pas dans son registre habituel, mais j'aime beaucoup quand même car chanté avec émotion... Je ne savais pas qu'il pouvait avoir une voix si grave...

  23. Rea Snakespeare

    Klaus Nomi did it better. This is awful!

  24. Hanbei Muroto Muroto

    Это полный пиздец.Стинг иди утопись в нужнике.

  25. Miss Mary H

    Should sing it haltingly. As is freezing or unfreezing. Exasperation......

  26. Barry G

    how to ruin a great piece of Purcells music....

  27. silva vkm

    Sounds like Spirit of cold has caught a cold :) Cool!

  28. Nathan Linotte

    Absolutely awful.

  29. rerenaissance

    "...Can scarcely move or DRAWL my breath..."

    Oh Sting, behave yourself...!

  30. bluepeck


  31. The Honkies

    Sting is a blue collar meathead.

  32. Philou Mars

    Just like if a classical singer tries to sing "Message in the bottle". No it doesn t work at all.

  33. sitcu

    Although the version of Sting does not fit at all in the essence of the original work, it is not necessary to reject it because it modifies in such a way the rhythm or other nuances that makes the song unique.I value it for the melodious voice of Sting and because it has managed to offer an interpretation that, although very far from those that have been done until now, is a fantastic fusion of a baroque melody with a pop voice (and therefore is also unique).

  34. John Baugh

    Although he isn't using the traditional staccato style, I still say it is a very interesting rendition.

  35. Bernadoguy1

    Sorry but No Sorry...
    Klaus Nomi!

  36. Robert Lundin

    My ears, too deep a water for this voice

  37. Marius M

    no. no. no.... sunk into the future of his own malicious malfeasance.

  38. Catlin Foster

    Butchered it

  39. Mac Nol


  40. Yossi Yusuf

    to sting bashers I would like to ask how klaus nomi was entitled to interpret... an elvis song (he was of course, but that's not the issue here)?

  41. Roger Barrett

    I'm not trying to be an asshole, but I prefer Sting's version of this song over Klaus Nomi's version any day.

    Ursula Pinsker

    me too !!!

  42. Mario Vega

    Do your research people. This is an interesting cover of the song. Klaus Nomis version its not even in the original key. Its for a bass. No tenor. No baritone. Bass. I am a bass and really appreciate this take on the piece. Its ok if you dont like it. But please dont act as experts. Thanks.

  43. Alf Tupper

    A lot of sniffy people commenting to the effect that Sting has no business giving his rendition of this song. I, for one, appreciate what he has done here. Very different from the norm perhaps, but it's not offered as any kind of replacement or improvement, it's just his rendition.

  44. _J_A_Z_Z_

    Dark Helmet instead of Darth Vader

  45. Игорь Люско

    Правильное название этого музыкального номера: "Пробуждение гения Холода". Невольное, неохотное
    пробуждение, потому и хочет взад.
    Никто там не замерзает насмерть, это не то, что вы подумали))))

  46. Levente Imecs

    William Dafoe at the guitars, Roger Federer at the violoncello.

  47. yung eddie


  48. Jeff Claterbaugh

    A Sting and a Miss! RIP Klaus - you were a rare gift.

  49. Roman Kurbatov

    Terrible. It's bass Aria. Ok, countertenor. I couldn't imagine worse performance.

  50. operalover42

    Ridicule ! Aucun trille...

  51. Datra Hardaway

    beautifully done the orchestra and the Female singers Excellent Sting also performed Excellent the Auditorium was very very beautiful also


    NOOOOOO,,,,, , COME BACK Klaus Nomi😢

  53. Felipe Villanueva

    This is so awkard and painful to wach.

  54. Félix Marqués

    Don't really get all the hate. His voice always sounded deeply sad to me—vulnerable, hurt, horrified that he has been made conscious of the death and cold around him when he would rather stay asleep. It's more of a lament than a threat, and I think it's beautiful that way.

  55. Jaroslav Simacek

    Orchestra and solo musician great plus a good piece of exhalation from other singers,very original.I suppose Sting tries hard but Klaus Nomi unbeatable really

  56. MrPrestoconfuocco


  57. zlayakoroleva

    да вы обалдели все. Номи - да, Номи есть Номи, но пусть цветут все цветы. Хорошо спел. Свой подход применил. Заладили блин - барокко, барокко. Bravo Sting! Еще Nanette Scriba хорошо спела

  58. johan mercy

    best cold song performance I ever heard

    Cédric Moreau

    ... Sorry, but you obviously only heard this one before you said so !!!

    Emmanuel Ponçot

    Its a joke isnt it?

  59. 2tired 2care

    I hate everything about this. The thing that upsets me most is that Sting had the arrogance to think he is good enough of a singer to attempt this and the audacity to fuck with the melody. I'm disgusted.

  60. Frank Booth

    Its like Disneys version of a classic. Sometimes these pop singers start taking themselves to serious.

    I. Josafat Mtz. Briones

    Roy Jiminez TO serious

  61. Yavor Genov

    So stupid snobby poser. As ridiculous as his Dowland's singing

  62. Lou Glandfield

    Good job Dante isn't still around. Sting would have got a whole circle to himself.

  63. Antoine G.

    Come on guys. Arias always spread over the borders of the opera houses to become popular songs sung by streets musicians, popular theatre, etc... Those arias often even came from popular folk songs. Don't compare it with a operatic version. it's a pop version.

    Helegis Feldman

    Well, Klaus Nomi's version wasn't original or authentic either. But he set the bar sooooo fuckinh high...

  64. el-royin

    Sorry sting... bad idee

  65. Mob Addict

    C'est beau mais la tonalité est trop basse... Dommage :/

  66. Master Sinthetic

    Willem Dafoe is pretty good on Guitar

  67. sputnik

    No NO No stay with acting !!!!!!!!!

  68. Bernard Stefan

    Art du contrepoint , du contre pied . Prendre une chanson baroque classique , nécessitant une voix de haute contre (ou de castra ) et la chanter délibérément beaucoup plus bas que la voix naturelle de Sting , voilà la performance , le pari .
    On peut être charmé ou pas. On peut ne pas supporter cette novation ou en admirer l'audace. Chacun ses goûts n'est ce pas ?

    Emmanuel Ponçot

    Bernard Stefan je me faisais une joie de voir sting l interpreter... et puis non... pas le soucis d octave... juste le manque d implication!

  69. Fil Ippo


  70. Jarmanesque

    Ugh...pretentious coming from him, genius from Nomi.

  71. mohamed amine smail

    total eclipse 😱

  72. Spirea Cryptomeria

    They should call this the Sleepy song, lol.


    Spirea Cryptomeria surely his attempt reminds my of grandpa singing lullabies

    Carlos Del Cid

    @memmori1 jajajajaja

  73. E Taka

    There we can see the difference between an artist and a rich pop music interpreter.

  74. faxx63


  75. Ελένη Ιωάννου

    No no no no no Sting I love you but NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

  76. byz rug

    Christopher Purves and Petteri Salomaa!

    Roman Crane

    YES!!! Not Sting, not Claus Nomi...

    Thats acoolone

    Just listened to them. They both were terrible boring.

  77. Scott X

    I like sting from the police and his solo ventures, but this is not one of his better attempts at a cover song. Maybe it's just me but the violin tempo is too fast in the early part of the song.

  78. Taha Berk Arslan

    Oh no :/

  79. laguna greg

    If nothing else, you must respect his taste and artistry for even thinking about singing a 450+ year old song. It's not an orthodox way of doing the song, but I like it very much. His arrangement is not nearly as gauche or cheap as many other pop artists trying to resurrect the song.

  80. david David

    Good lord this is awful....

  81. Adnilyoj

    Frightening!!!!! Sting needs to hang it up!

  82. fourmirouge

    Awfull ! Catastrophe, que chacun reste dans son style !
    Desolé Sting pour cela il faut prendrait suivre quelque cours de chant…
    en pop rock ca passe, en classique c'est très insuffisant

  83. Parascheeva Furnal

    Pure horror. A little worse than The Dentist 2.


    He is a pop singer, not a baroque one.

  84. franz grabe


  85. Bif Stiff

    absolute shite

  86. Gereon Rath

    please look for the version of >> Klaus Nomi <<. 5000 percent better than this.

  87. QJV

    Really, really, really ridiculous! :D :D :D No sense for emotional interpretation of this master piece! It's not even singing!
    What comes next? Justin Biber interpretating Bizet aria?

    Lord Chameleon

    QR Gjmn hahhahaha

    Lord Chameleon

    QR Gjmn thats a funny comment i think sting thinks he can sing anything really amazingly with his very good voice of course not always true... but i liked the version

  88. Kalo Arepo

    This is a baroque opera song and should be sung by a baroque opera specialist.Klaus Nomi had a classical background and therefore could sing this adequately.

    diana brisset Purcell,the Who and Rolling Stones inspired themselves from Purcell

    Thats acoolone

    Kalo Arepo "adequately. classical background". Hahahaha. If you knew Henry Purcell personally and had a chat with him in this matter perhaps Sting and we listener would have taken your opinion into consideration.

    wolkodlak wolkodlak

    Klaus Nomi - tenor, Cold Genius - bass. And therefore could not sing this adequately.

    Johannes Kuhn

    but it's also interesting


    Although the version of Sting does not fit at all in the essence of the original work, it is not necessary to reject it because it modifies in such a way the rhythm or other nuances that makes the song unique.

    I value it for the melodious voice of Sting and because it has managed to offer an interpretation that, although very far from those that have been done until now, is a fantastic fusion of a baroque melody with a pop voice (and therefore is also unique).

  89. daimondhead98

    He should've stayed with his message in a botlle ...

  90. Cory Gilliam

    A different arrangement, slight key change upward and more dramatic gusto on the give and tak on Stings part, vocally, could have saved this performance.

  91. Cory Gilliam

    Decent, but nothing spectacular. A bit amateurish given that the voluminous symphonic arrangement is almost over bearing and his lilting, sleepy, dragging approach takes away from the distant, cold and fatalistic feeling the song is written to convey.

  92. Krystyna Olsiewicz


  93. Catarina Clemente

    Beautiful interpretation... So real and emotionnal!


    In fact so emotional that it gets an extra "n"!

  94. NothingHereMoveOn

    I made it to about the two-minute and I'm just....I'm embarrassed for him. While his heart may be in the right place, he has neither the technical vocal ability nor the conviction of performance here. Simply a bad idea that was ultimately poorly executed.

  95. Jett Carlburg

    I respect you Sting but 2 words: Klaus Nomi

    Vladimir Prokaev

    I can add another two: Aksel Rykkvin


    Mina Spiler (ex Laibach)

    Carlos Del Cid


    Black Swan

    @Vladimir Prokaev three words: Jakub Jozef Orliński

    Nolana BluesBewitch

    Black Swan YES! Jakob Josef Orlinski! Sting did a good job but he doesn't have the vocal capabilities this song needs. It is possible the music director wanted it this way.