Stills, The - Of Montreal Lyrics

The falling free on, it's turning me on
It drips on the street, the sun cries from the heat
I love feeling beat, I'll kiss the lipstick on your teeth

Friends getting old, we all dig for gold
The crumbs and pieces, the dead mess in the sink
Turning me on, Turning me on

The night's so happy, the base drum heavy
The photo glossy, the people pretty
Turning me on... [4x]

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Stills, The Of Montreal Comments
  1. A M

    I had the chance to see them in concert and meet them at the Casbah in San Diego back in the days. Super chill guys. Got them to sign a poster which I still have to this day. Peace, ya'll.

  2. Peter Kane

    I wonder if these guys listened to Turn On the Bright Lights before writing this

    guided swiftly

    I mean I kinda hear the interpol inspiration in this with the guitars so i dont doubt it honestly

    pete gendron

    I could be wrong but I think this came out before Interpol:

    guided swiftly

    @pete gendron interpol's first album came out a year before the stills first album

    Peter Kane

    You're wrong @pete gendron

    pete gendron

    Peter Kane I stand corrected.

  3. maciekomis

    this album... still in my car...

  4. Tales From The Hill

    Love love love this band

  5. doubleplusgood smith

    such an amazing album....thank you

  6. Jordan Dudenhoeffer

    Favorite stills song! why did they have to break up? :(

  7. SmoothChino

    I love this album.

  8. BBtech

    I remember buying this album in 2004 and being so excited to play it on my stereo. I fell in love instantly.

    Sidak Singh


  9. Ella rose

    holy crap. I just discovered my new favourite band

  10. mana

    Chom 97.7, Montreal all day baby!

  11. starsandspit

    no worries : )
    Thanks for listening to good music!