Stills, The - Let's Roll Lyrics

Lie on the floor of the runway, baby
Wait for the ride; we'll have a comfortable fly

And don't be afraid, to be afraid here with me
And plunge, little worm, into the worm-hole with me

Let's roll... [2x]

South to the sea, I got a sailboat for free
Yes, little worm, we'll sail the sewage out to sea

And don't be afraid, of the roaming alligators
And save the heart attacks for later

Let's roll... [4x]

North, to the fringe, I know a bar there that's in
Out of the way, in a Hades kind of way
But I'm not afraid, as long as you're here with me

Let's roll... [8x]

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Stills, The Let's Roll Comments
  1. gowixxx1

    Fantastic song - sounds like a Pixies song at the start...

  2. omar isaac

    No tienes la otra versión brother la más larga, te agradecería mucho que si la tienes la subas :)

  3. Nayeli Itzel Vázquez

    That's one of my favorite songs. Thanks for posting.

  4. TheImDave

    Besst song in town,,,, ya Kknow?