Stills, The - In The Beginning Lyrics

This story ends
In bloodshed
The face I love
The city I'm from
The persons I've met
The persons I've let down
But a hero never turns around

It's nice to see you're moving on
I know it's hard to carry on
But it's just never what it was
In the Beginning

How did this start?
And where did we begin
In a ball of fire
And stars and suns
And that brings me here, now
Where my heart's caving in
A tornado whips in around the poles
And it's raining

In a Ball of Fire

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Stills, The In The Beginning Comments
  1. donknotts85

    I love every album by the stills. I remember when they released the beginning of this song as a teaser for this album. I knew this album would be my favorite and it did not disappoint.

  2. Matt Forbes

    got me thru high school for sure

  3. stewartplays

    "Their story ends in bloodshit"

    Now you'll never unhear that.

  4. First Principle

    Such beautiful lyrics ! Amazing song..

  5. Bambi Pardis

    That's I meet more people fans

  6. Ivan El Machirulo

    such a underrated band, miss them a lot