Stills, The - Allison Krausse Lyrics

So what do I say? So what can I say?
The cards out on the table, Allison

She lied and said she was a virgin
And I asked which, which version?
The cards out on the table, Allison, Allison

So what do you say? So what do I pay?
The cards out on the table, the cards out on the table
Lay down on the table, Allison, Allison, Allison

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Stills, The Allison Krausse Comments
  1. Лихой Монтескьё

    but what do they do now?

  2. Pierre Gauvreau

    Great Canadian Group!✌❤👌,😁😊

  3. Tony Vodden

    still in love

  4. Brian Feighner

    Bought this on CD years ago on the strength of the Album title. Logic Will Break your Heart. Still one of my favs.

  5. ulas1986

    one of my favourite albums, still on my iPod after 12 years