Still Remains - Stay Captive Lyrics

Watching for you
Conceived with no eyes
Listen for the voice
Plant within me
Eyes that open
Leading where I walk

And I feel I know you well
If I were you I'd wait

Until someone moves or cares
Stay captive
Keep yourself there
Wait for love
Until someone moves or cares
Stay captive
Keep yourself there
Wait for love

I see everything
Every move I make
Painted before you
Stall your move
Heart that lingers
I only move for you

And I feel I know you well
If I were you I'd wait

Until someone moves or cares
Stay captive
Keep yourself there
Wait for love
Until someone moves or cares
Stay captive
Keep yourself there
Wait for love

Until someone moves or cares
Stay captive
Keep yourself there
Wait for love
Until someone moves or cares
Stay captive
Keep yourself there
Wait for love
Wait for love
Until someone moves or cares

Wait for love
Wait for love
Wait for love

Wait for love

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Still Remains Stay Captive Comments
  1. Gabriel GBK Silva

    Clayman Incorporated 2! good times!

  2. Smalls2672

    Still digging this song Jan. 2020

  3. Dan A

    Would love to of seen these guys live.....


    Fuck, this album was released 13 years ago!!! I'm officially old :'(

  5. Thiago Comin

    Marriage Story (2019)

  6. angelusdeadman

    First time I ever heard this BPW wrestler Dillon Roberts used this song as his entrance theme..
    Epic theme!..

  7. Endtimeguitarist Endtimeguitarist

    Either it's me or the version I have sounds better. I really wonder how much quality we loose when hearing recordings on youtube. I can't believe they only have this in 480p. Way to bust the video :P

  8. Stuart Boyde

    I always wondered if this song was promoting abstinence, y'know, since they were a Christian band.

  9. YoRainX

    ClaYman :)

  10. Valentin Juarez

    Hello from 2019

  11. xjavern

    So Seth Rogen was metalhead after all

  12. Mero

    2019?? damn its 10 years now

  13. Adrian Becerra

    Good times

  14. 1 N23456


  15. mynamesmatty


  16. Shlomo Gador

    להקה מצויינת

  17. R H

    Ahhhh memories this takes me back !!! 🤘🤘🤘

  18. Michelino Sports

    i remember saw them 2008 live with bullet for my valentine :D

  19. Soulkey sbr

    Bitch is tripping.

    Shlomo Gador

    הם זוג נשוי?

  20. Ana Carolina Marquinez

    I miss them so much! Met them in Panama back in 2008, I was only 13. Now with 22 years I still listen to them daily

    Morgan Murphy

    You know they reunited right?

  21. Extratarrestrial

    ClaYman aka Reckyyy 2018?


    Reckyyy? Lol

  22. Josh Basham

    Vocally, this song is a sell out to me. I remember White Walls. That was bangin and heavy. This is poppy. Shame.


    well fuck you

  23. Barbie Candy

    I dont know why this band broke up

    Jules McGrules

    They're still active afaik. Released an album in '14 and they've been working on an EP for some time now. They're independent, so a small time compared to before but still around.

  24. Tyrone James

    Dude must've been neglecting, cheating or something for her to act up like that.

  25. BillyHunter Gaming

    AMO ESTA BANDA!! ESTE ÁLBUM!!! TODOS LOS TEMAS!!!!!!! 😍😍😍😍😍 Que recuerdos tan excelentes!! 🖤

  26. AES 7-7-77

    F*** Yeah.

  27. Dominic Cabrera

    Until someone moves or cares, stay captive!!!!! Keep yourself there!! Wait forrrr loooveeee

  28. Matheus Almeida

    ClaYman X xxTurner

  29. dacoda666

    Just came for the breakdown :D

  30. Letweedy

    Fuck I still love this song!

  31. DeathPsyco GunZ

    Keep yourself there
    Wait for love ♪♫

  32. Luke Shaw

    I remember this song from years ago when I was a kid!

  33. Courtney Kreag

    Lmao love this song but all these years I thought it was a bleeding through song,so that's why I couldn't find it lol

  34. Sam Baraud


    Scott Anthony

    Sam Baraud with Carcer City as support!!!!!

  35. Zyxiel Martin

    I can still hear the deagle and mp5

  36. Hi im tox


  37. Anko Jawm


  38. HessianForHire

    I'd happily forgotten about guyliner before seeing this. Good song though.

  39. Leo Skywalker

    hearing dem deagle shots dude :DDD

  40. SuomiLaava

    Used to listen while played runescape : )

    Ry Guy

    I know the feels! About to play some osrs myself:)

  41. lord geoffrey

    rap music has always sucked dick

    L' anglais

    rap music lel ^^'

    never knows Best

    lord geoffrey na fam

  42. Juan Deag


  43. Flick anthony


  44. Victor Laureys

    I have this sweet release in the brain & stomach when i listen to this, since this is the first real metal song that i have ever heard :')...Already 8 years i'm into this fantastic genre of music, time flows

    ИЄØZɣɣ Kun

    Its kind of post-hardcore/metalcore song so i don't think u should call it metal.

    Levi Boldock

    Metalcore is still metal. Clue is in the name.

    Scott Anthony

    ИЄØZɣɣ Kun it falls in the overall "metal" sound!

    I agree sub genres are good to have but they all have some connection to metal in some way!

  45. secondheartbeat2

    This song is still god tier.

  46. Sophie Channel

    2016..still fresh!from malaysian..

  47. Alex Robertson

    I love their music but can't fucking stand the black eyeliner!

  48. nick00580

    I have the Original mp3 version of this song but this version sounds so different, how come?


    its just the video version, lots of bands do it its more commercial sounding

    Afrizal Akhlaqi

    where i can hear it ?


    My pc crashed and i lost all my files, so i cant get it back.

  49. lmao

    Incorporated 2, hello!

    Matthew Sims

    Use to jam this in class

  50. ConfuserOfficial

    Man this is so underrated.I remember seeing these guys with Atreyu in Wolverhampton quite sometime ago now and they smashed it.I also met the lead singer and had a picture with him.Awesome times :)

    Ryan Glassey

    Did you catch them last year in Birmingham ? They did a one off uk tour it was amazing to see the live after so long :)

    John O'Brien

    ConfuserOfficial Lucky as hell I love Atreyu and Still remains lol

  51. Kasar Norad

    0:50 Deagle


    Kasar Norad man,css' deagle was awsome

    Patrick Huber

    yeah man i hear the deagle all the time at this point :D


    2016 still awesome :D [BRAZIL] ... since 2005

    Diego de Andrade

    2017, BRAZIL.

    tutorial de batata

    2020 brazil

    Gabriel GBK Silva



    vai tomar no cu

    Breno iLuzion

    De Manhã de Tarde e De Noite


    Vai estudar e cria vergonha na cara moleque

  54. EmDub

    I miss these guys. they were so good.

    Amity Music

    Mr. Meesh they released an album two or 3 years ago.

  55. Cornfakez TV

    lol what a shitty girlfriend


    Lol shit you gotta point

  56. Zaydas

    CS:S ClaYman


    Incorporated 2 ! Seen it approximatly 28474642 times

  57. Толик Еболик


  58. living dead girl

    I love this song

    Oana dede

    living dead girl

  59. kam¡r

    First comment on this vid 2015, love this song!!!

    Deku Butler

    one of the best bands! 

  60. Katatopeth

    Glad I got to see them just before they broke up. Went to 9:30 Club in D.C. for the dual Darkest Hour/Still Remains record launch party back in 2007.


    errm did you not get the memo they released an album December 17th last year? also they are very much back together.

    Jazz Cupp

    @chris nash YESH!!!!

  61. Ryan Bobadilla

    Roadrunner should back theses guys up again

  62. Alex Williams

    Man I remember seeing this video on MTV2 Headbanger's Ball. Good times

  63. Baptiste Bertin

    Still remains is the best metalcore band !

  64. luckynumero

    Wow, brings me back. It was hard for me to see how scene this was back when I was listening to this as a kid. Look at all the make up lmfao!

  65. AlienatedDominion

    My fav song by u guy peace

  66. Ry Guy

    its cool how they are playin in the middle of the neighborhood

  67. Rapha Gamer

    xxTurner e br hu33333333333333

  68. Oliver Rej

    Clayman <3 

  69. Angel L.A

    History the music rock 

  70. Angel L.A

    i love you music rola

  71. Eric Godoy

    Nothing but juan deags.

  72. Professional_Furkan

    xXTurner :D

    Oded Flysher

    Yeah man XD

  73. Super Brita


  74. Porcelain Jester

    drummer here looks like chandler riggs 0_0 am i nuts?

    A-hole Anatomy

    @wongy1998  I can't unsee it. Oh my god.

  75. Vincent Chao

    Where are they from?

  76. vanDummy45


  77. WHAT THE!?

    @Anti Nebezbečnikos no no no, this is Still Remains, they are the genius behind this song not some guy recording himself playing some shitty ass game,


    lol this ''guys'' have more view with a single video than this group and probably  bring everyone here you should say thanks instead of talking shit them he made promo for this awesome song

  78. Lyle Palmer

    Back when the music was still good

  79. Cole Aiken

    Not the salad! anything but that!!

  80. Anti Nebezbečnikos

    Clayman :)

  81. Gonzalo H


  82. Igor Macopi

    It's a girl. Don't try to understand.

  83. Alfredo Nuñez

    what is wrong with that girl

  84. Rawk4Life

    Too bad no Still Remains fans actually care about your opinion.

  85. veam89

    too bad it all sucks!

  86. Tallentkz

    My memories brought me here.

  87. LethargicSynapse

    Oh, okay. I was confused since Roadrunner published this vid.

  88. Rawk4Life

    They weren't under contract with a record label, and they were short on funds to record a new album at the time.

  89. LethargicSynapse

    Why did they need Kickstarter? Are they not with RR anymore? I'm ignint.

  90. Luke ThestonerDean

    lost memories brought me here miss this band

  91. Rafael Barbosa

    Xxturner *-* SUPER!

  92. Rawk4Life

    STILL REMAINS IS BACK! They got their new album fully funded on Kickstarter. So, expect the album later this year or early 2014.

    Levi Boldock

    And what a fucking album it is.

  93. Kemp Elek

    Epich girl! *-*

  94. ReggieKushxX

    I really enjoyed this song. Heard it on an internet radio station....Holy balls these guys are standard tween-emos.


    my awesome taste in music brought me here

  96. Deadlocker5150

    found these guy from an 07 kerrang magazine

  97. Lindsey Robinson

    I only just got this video. Just now. AFTER LIKE. 4 YEARS.