Still Remains - Dancing With The Enemy Lyrics

You look back, over your shoulder,
To see what could have been.
Do you want to see what used to be?
Someone you called friend?

Dance with me my enemy,
To finish what was lost.

These sheets we're wearing...
Perfect for the occasion.
This is where we dance tonight,
All that you have to do is keep what you held onto,
This is where we dance, tonight, tonight, tonight.

Voices talking, he said, she said,
I don't care about that.
This sensitive silence, between you and I,
I'll be the one to break it.

These sheets we're wearing...
Perfect for the occasion.
This is where we dance tonight,
All that you have to do is keep what you held onto,
This is where we dance, tonight, tonight, tonight.

Dance with me,
To finish what was lost.
(Finish what was lost)

Dance with me,
To finish what was lost.
(Finish what was lost)

What was lost (lost)

These sheets we're wearing...
Perfect for the occasion.
This is where we dance tonight,
All that you have to do is keep what you held onto,
This is where we dance, tonight, tonight, tonight.

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Still Remains Dancing With The Enemy Comments
  1. Nunya Business

    It's criminal how underrated they are

  2. PICK JCGS4313

    Jordan Whelan a band member said in an interview, "My name is Jordan Whelan. I play guitar for Still Remains.
    Well, a lot of us in the band are believers. It’s funny because I personally said, “Still Remains: We’re a heavy metal band. We’re musicians. We’re Christians, or most of us.” Alright, so I do a lot of electrical work in my career, I don’t call myself a Christian electrician. I’m an electrician, if you get what I’m saying. … A Christian being in a Christian band, a lot of the lyrics are faith driven. In my head, I’ve always called ourselves a metal band. We spread positivity. We spread love, you know. Like I said, a lot of the lyrics are faith driven and a lot of them aren’t. A lot of them are just personal stuff that you gone through.
    But, life has changed a lot from when we were 18 to now. It’s a completely different perspective on everything. I know that I’m definitely very thankful and blessed to be in the position I’m in and never take a day off, whether if it’s us screwing around in the basement and riding stupid breakdowns or heading back Europe or heading back touring or when the record sells a million copies or hundred copies, we’re still blessed and lucky to be in where we are.

    Demon Bird

    Wtf are you talking about? I want what weed you're on

  3. PICK JCGS4313

    This song is off of their album "The Serpent".

  4. Sirius Alpha

    Very Good! Like 2017 ^_^

  5. 835Jamie

    What the fuck happened to Still Remains? They used to be metal...

    Fredrik Ögren

    This video came out 2007, and you are asking 9 years later "They used to be metal" where is your logic lad?


    You're right, this was actually on like their most metal album. It's bizarre, I don't get it.

    Gord Lord

    Their latest album from 2013 is very metal

  6. Annabelle Young

    This is a good song but not their best

  7. TikyMikk

    Still remains, raunchy and sonic syndicate the bests :) *-* <3<3

    Tony Brandvold

    Raunchy's Death Pop Romance will always be one of my favorite albums. Good shit.

  8. Yet Lau

    anyone heard the new album yet? Ceasing to Breathe?

  9. eRic

    So damn catchy.

  10. AeonAxis

    i think "the worst is yet to come" is their best song

  11. Abu Musa

    i like this band...

  12. Christian Barker

    @trumpetblazer2013 They got back together a year ago :P

  13. ECB Prod

    @trumpetblazer2013 They are back now, and will release one or two new songs 1/1-2012

  14. Dead.juice

    What happened to you, Still Remains?
    Did Nickleback molest you!? TELL ME, DID HE TOUCH YOU!!?

  15. MajinMind

    They used to be good, weren't they oO

  16. ariddle90

    89 people don't know how to dance to this song.

  17. KillSpreeGaming

    I'm so happy their back together ... kinda shitty that Steve and Bone are gone :(

  18. jw11432

    reminds me of panic at the disco....but without the gay vocals.

  19. IExistISurvive

    @underoathprophet i stand corrected. thank you.

  20. Ross Turner

    this is the worst song i have ever heard

  21. underoath prophet

    this is not old still remains its NEW considering the only original members in this video are the singer and lead guitar. They recorded 1 album w/ the replacement members & it wasn't the same. Without having the success of their prior debut album they eventually brokeup in 2008. On 3/11/2011 Still Remains reunited for 1 show featuring old & new members for Haste The Day's last .On 5/07/2011 Still Remains announced they were reuniting w/ original members from their debut album Of Love and Lunacy.

  22. Ghost

    This band fuckin sucks.

  23. IExistISurvive

    @Justinsellards this is old still remains.

  24. Justin Sellards

    I dig it. But the singer....why eyeliner? If there was no eye liner he would look fine.

  25. Mark Munzert

    @TUF87 Wow... there really is nothing worse than Slipknot fans who think they actually know what they're talking about.

  26. Bru

    wow....i couldn't watch past 0:05

  27. John Titor

    Met these guys. They are so damn funny. Kicked ass live, too.
    TJ couldn't have been any chiller.

  28. Chris

    This is pretty gay. Won't be watching this ever again...

  29. DAVID S.

    ohhhh my god is this anberlin O_o

  30. Jay Barker

    @BIgGary1000 Gary. You my friend, are a moron. The reason the band disbanded, is because of THIS. After they changed their style, they realised they had made a big mistake, and decided it was best they go their different ways. So yes, letting a band decide how they play their music, sometimes always isn't for the best. This was my favourite band, and I can honestly say I will miss them a lot more than you will, :).

  31. Sméagol Serkis

    @devilishsiner RR has alot of difrent stuff so jsut skip those bands

  32. darklotuslord13

    i feel like i just watched a Nickelback bad

  33. Mikey Bernier

    wow.. this makes me sad :( they went gay.

  34. rawkout

    this band has totally lost their edge they had on Love and Lunacy, good luck with the pop sound...

  35. dumbass3321

    Ohh fresh i like it :D

  36. damion litrel

    the band only did what was in their best interest i guess there werent selling enough records to the headbangers so ina way you can blame them for not buying there albums and downloading them,so they picked a younger softer generation to sell to. that explains the new sound, but yeah there old shit was way better.

  37. asilaydyingdl

    There was a reason they split. And that wasn't why.

    If you don't like the video or the CD, then you don't have to listen to it and nobody is forcing you to.

  38. adam0195

    dont really no how to reply to that
    umm, i love as i lay dying and still remains =D

  39. asilaydyingdl

    excuse me, The ratings seem to speak for what the people think about it.

  40. asilaydyingdl

    Come on people... whatever happened to Metal musicians being allowed to put emotion in to their music, or do something different from time to time? Metal/harcore/any kind of heavy music is not just about slamming on a guitar and headbanging all the time. Every good band is not afraid to bare themselves differently through their music from time to time. Let Still Remains do it. If you have nothing nice to say, you shouldn't say it. The ratings seems to speak for what people thing about it.

  41. captaindarwin91

    Love this song :D Found out about this band today by accident and this was the first of their songs I listened to.

  42. Alexander Mc

    YOu base that on one song, If you listen to almost any other song on the newest album they made then you'd realise that almost all of them have screaming there's only the exception of like 3 songs that don't have screaming

  43. DanteElite

    this song is good I must say..but I think I like there heavier songs better. <3

  44. what1ever2guy3

    If this is what they became I'm happy they broke up !!!!!!!!

  45. PTC 3

    i hate it when people say "what happened to them" etc... this song is different but i still think its really good, pretty good beat and catchy chorus. still remains were my fav band for about 3 months before they split and i was lucky enough to see them live

    what a band!

  46. Kxybs

    Omg.. Old Still remains Man <3.

  47. armin jahangiri

    i can't believe this,is it really still remains,shame on them

  48. heelfan88

    I would agree, their old stuff is 10 times better...this has very little metal influence more like pop disco music

  49. tankpuss

    Uh, there is always someone who disagrees with any opinion, so by your logic, it is ALWAYS stupid to voice your opinion on ANYTHING. You just gave me your opinion on the matter (fuckin idiot) Not too smart are you.

  50. tankpuss

    "screamer" bands suck ASS, they sound better like this.

  51. Chris Smith

    This New direction isn't good at all, I saw Still Remains back in January with BFMV and Skindred and they were amazing then...
    Now they have a pop-fantasy synth effect on a keyboard!?!?!?! and no screams?!?!... Might as well be a new band altogether IMO...

  52. COFboy123

    A7X... much better musicians, but Still Remains old stuff is better than this. i don't think it's bad, just not as good.

  53. almo alin

    shit new songs :S

  54. Curtis Duncan

    listen to avalanche from still remains new album.

  55. Aaron Barrett

    This is a sellout that would give atreyu a run for their money...Though these guys went so much gayer its not even funny...Like take atreyu's old stuff, Still Remains was heavier than that i least by a little...Then they both sellout and go gay and now atreyu is heavier than Still Remains lol...and taken into account the heavyness of atreyus new cd, that says alot lol... Like this is for little emo girls....not me, a fat metalhead.

  56. A7XXX4life

    these guys r a lot like a7x, their first albums have more screaming, then the latest seem to have calmed down. like the worst is yet to come verses stay captive...

  57. xp4nicc

    dude the new album varied ALOT within the album this is just one song with this style, the new album fucking owned it had a variety of style such as Avalanche and Anemia in your sheets etc.

  58. Tom Jennings

    i cried :(
    i loved these guys and their songs :)
    but fuck it eh xD
    theres plenty more bands to love lyk still remians

  59. TooOverrated

    i completely agree.

  60. shaunny1992

    listen to the worst is yet to come, to live and die y fire and my fav avelanche, they are awesome, and it sucks how they split up :( i cried a little inside

  61. alejandro allende

    whyyyyyyyyyy god whyyyyyyyyyyy i miss the old stuff

  62. underworldlovettfan

    Guess what, there are people who like the new stuff, like me. I Love Lead Sails Paper Anchor, it is just perfect for me. Sure, it is a lot different to older things, I guess that is the problem.

  63. Drew Keedy

    no fucking shit, when this CD came out i almost mailed it back to their asses Metallica style.

  64. Prasad Sawant

    ya wtf they changed so much and atreyu's new stuff is crap.

  65. ea2008

    Right?! it goes from amazing sounds to something you're not sure you should listen to anymore.

    Atreyu was the biggest letdown tho

  66. Kublakai

    The singer T.J.(singer) plays an alliance character on Alterac Valley in my guild, cool guy and great music.

  67. DocDrazen

    I don't know which one then. I do know that Bone thanks WoW in The Serpent book, along with Arathi Basin.

  68. DocDrazen

    That'd be Bone, the drummer.

  69. alejandro allende

    haaaaa whyyy whyyy the have forgeth their music

  70. Wagner Hansen

    Aaarrrghhhh! Shit!

  71. Roll Deep

    someone replied to my comment but it hasn't come up yet.... anyway yeah to be honest the drummer may have been messing around but he said it pretty seriously and he does actually look a bit older in real life, so I might be wrong, but that's what he told me. ciao

  72. cherrd

    So sad that their band is breaking up, I really like their songs, although this is not one of my favs but Stay Captive is really great

  73. Roll Deep

    they didn't- you just need to listen to the whole new album, and their bside now up on their page, instead of just their singles, which roadrunner forced them to release

  74. Roll Deep

    drummer's not 17 he's 23 coz i asked him when i met him liverpool, get in! and yeah metalcore did lose one of the best fucking bands the genre will ever have....this was one of their softest moments buyt even so the serpent had some incredible flashes of metalcore

  75. roadrunneruntd

    becoz they felt like they have done wat they had to do ... i think its on wikipedia

  76. Dquenen

    Aw darn, broken up before I'd ever heard their stuff.

  77. xp4nicc

    yea man

  78. xp4nicc

    cant judge the album by this song, they show alot of variation in the album itself

  79. tisalew

    they broke up?
    plz tell me!

  80. tisalew

    no sure he looks 12

  81. Sir Duke

    is their drummer a child or what?

  82. tdrules

    oh shit, a band changing, surely everyone will like them /sarcasm

  83. Kevin

    if SR was gonna keep playing stuff like this,then im glad they broke up cuz it sux..its not them..listen to "i can revive him with my own hands" from if love was born to die...that is the real still remains

  84. Follow Their Lead OFFICIAL

    If you are true fan of still cant tell this song is not good. Nothing more

  85. PrettyDemented

    still can't belive they broke up!! i'd only just got into them aswell!

  86. Sam Fashion

    the video is not the greatest, but the song is sick

  87. cool0like0that

    i liked it : )
    jeez people they are trying something new
    get over it

  88. Methalien

    this shit is so fucking GAY, bring STILL REMAINS BAACK!!!

  89. propediotika


  90. fahooboogodz

    Wow, what the fuck happened to these guys. This is the gayest shit I have ever seen.

  91. roadrunneruntd

    fuck u haters still remains owns

  92. HiveDes

    hard to break into mainstream rock when your lead singer has the weakest clean vocals ever

  93. hassan messbah

    u think this is the reason ???

  94. Jordan Madrigal

    I am sad that Still Remains broke up. It was probably the best decision considering their image from their other album was trashed with a more mainstream look and sound.

  95. Rawk4Life

    Those who think Still Remains has gone soft has not heard much of The Serpent. Songs like White Walls, Avalanche, and Anemia in Your Sheets are much heavier than this song and Stay Captive. I think RR wanted them to do music videos on their more radio friendly songs, and they probably didn't have control over it.

  96. BoNeSaW23

    This song would kick Ass as a Goddamn FallOut Boy song or some other poppy punk song but Still F'Remains!WTF!. Do not support this Watered Down MetalCore Horse Shit Roadrunner Records feeds you! The Serpent-sucks my ASS! They KILLLED Still Remains! BTW, Nice Dubs on your vids InhaLe18<<<<

  97. Jimmy Hopkins

    In my opinion, there's nothing wrong with a group trying something different.