Stick To Your Guns - What Goes Around Lyrics

you're fed up it never shuts up you're seeing red once again you've had more than enough patients wearing thin your thoughts all turn to a blur your head and your heart turn to lightning and thunder all you want is five minutes of peace so you raise your fist and let loose the beast - what goes around what goes around what goes around goes around and around what goes around what goes around what goes around goes around and around and around - we are your children raised with the back of a hand - i know that we've done wrong but we're not stupid WE'VE LEARNED and we wont make the same mistakes THAT YOU DID

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Stick To Your Guns What Goes Around Comments
  1. Conrad Monson

    Damn. this song was like ( rise against + sum 41) except metal instead of punk rock. I just discovered these guys yesterday and have only listened to their newest albums so far. This one is definitely my favorite.

  2. WeeklyAudio

    The ending is so similar to The God That Failed by Metallica

  3. Alan Cruz

    Es la leche lml

  4. xLEXx

    just saw them in San Antonio fucking awesome!! 

  5. Rykers HC

    1:05 Balls explode!!!!

    Adrian Dąbrowski

    got the same feelings <3

  6. David Walsh

    Saw them on Impericon's Never Say Die tour and Jesse came over the barrier for this song and he put arm on my shoulder, had the mic for like 2 seconds aha. Then some girl passed out on me :/

  7. KrypticSoul

    That intro reminds me of rise against

  8. William Black

    If it wasn't for hardcore there would be no "metalcore"

  9. Robert Fuse


  10. Ian Davis

    God you suck

  11. Ian Davis

    YOU'RE fucking gay.

  12. David Walsh

    Can Imagine the circle pits to this :3 1 more day. :')

  13. noc141

    This is fucking gay

  14. Jack Clews

    what a breakdown

  15. EiskriegDE

    Go! *Epic Breakdown starts*

  16. noc141

    God This band Sucks

  17. onspeeds

    Fucking Awesome !