Stick To Your Guns - The Crown Lyrics

Don't get me wrong
I'm grateful for the good intentions
You hung me on
Still there's a feeling like all the things we left undone
Became the things we are running from
Don't get me wrong

We can't escape the voices in our heads that break us down
But heavy lies the crown
(And don't forget about me)
Maybe you need some time to walk it off and let it bleed
Just don't forget about me
(Don't forget about me)

Heavy lies the crown
Heavy lies the crown

You need to know
That I don't hold a thing against you
That much is true
You did what you could
Sometimes we get the best of ourselves
Break it down so we can rebell
We can rebell

We can't escape the voices in our heads that break us down
But heavy lies the crown
(And don't forget about me)
Maybe you need some time to walk it off and let it bleed
Just don't forget about me

I understand the feeling of thinking you failed me
I understand the blaming and the pain that it brings
The pain that it brings
The pain that it brings
(Just let it go)
The pain that it brings
(Just let it go)
The regret and the pain that it brings

We can't escape the voices in our heads that break us down
Heavy lies the crown
(Don't forget about me)
Maybe you need some time to walk it off and let it bleed
Just don't forget about me
(Don't forget about me)

Heavy lies the crown
Heavy lies the crown

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Stick To Your Guns The Crown Comments
  1. Susan Moran

    Yes this works for me.

  2. Ruben Alvarado

    Shocks me when I ask people have you heard or stick to your guns or like them and they reply with who?

  3. Michał Kaczmarczyk

    I love this song and I've just made cover of it. Check it on my channel :D More STYG soon <3

  4. ReprogrammedToHate

    A spotify playlist containing songs used for fanmade AMVs sent me here.

  5. COVEN. ST

    This song deserves more than 4 million views..The chorus sounds like 90's vocals, pretty homesick. cheers for this!!

  6. xafbx Moto

    They went all pop rock on me wtf.


    True View (the album after) is heavier again


    The Crowd

  8. Boro

    Bonus points for Bad Religion T :)

  9. Draven W


  10. Draven W


  11. Draven W


  12. Zach Fromm

    Anyone just see these guys live with Architects? It was awesome

  13. Rico van den krommenacker

    still my favourite song from them

  14. nick tardif

    this song is gay as hell

  15. bliblablub

    just dont baguette about me

  16. Samuel García

    Oops... I guess they're no longer sticking to their guns :P

  17. RedKillerClown

    Love looking back

  18. Steven Haynes

    Stick to your guns, the ghost inside, august burns red, and fit for a king would make for a great tour

  19. Frank-eternal Junior

    argentina waiting!!!

  20. Rap God

    I met one of the guys in the band, friendly dude. I need to listen to them more. I think I also met the drummer when watching CKY. Dude likes Hatebreed and I showed him this girl that had a dope Hatebreed shirt

  21. shamus248

    2:16 that breakdown was fucking NASTY

  22. Cryptonics

    This is magical

  23. Jeremiah Garcia

    Damn nature you scary

  24. Barry McGrew

    sound like rise against at points and hatebreed at others. very good band

  25. Markus Srock

    back tototh roots stickkys

  26. Markus Srock

    commercinal bullshit

  27. Elvis Wairia Art

    The first ever rock band to come to my country, I wish I would have seen them live.I really like their songs.

  28. Mildred Guerrero

    freaking screamo emo cant stand the whinning and the dorky chorus

  29. Mildred Guerrero

    Animals as Leaders brought me bad! I do not know what I did this as a true metalhead from the caribbean island of Dominican Republic. This is what we call..."rock fresa".Strawberry rock.

  30. Gabriel Wise

    I used to bleed styg but observing them as ppl n "practicing what u preach" wasn't impressive.. I guess we grow up too

  31. peter pan

    stick to your guns or emo shit?

    i go and hear "amber" (:

  32. Lukas P.

    Good work guys, respect from Germany!

  33. Love Kassim

    welcome to Kenya...cant wait for you guys to perform live!!!

  34. Albert Suchan

    The Ignite vibe is strong with this one.

  35. The Blacklights

    I've had the chorus stuck in my head, couldn't figure out what song, till I came here. Amazing song

    Jailyn Drake

    3 years searching.....finally found it again

  36. Adam Thomas

    My only life goal is to go to the Parkway Drive, Asking Alexandria and STYG tour in the UK in 2017. Will honestly be the best experience possible.

    Connor V Brady

    id see AA with danny back, other than that id say STYG, counterparts, and architects would be the best tour

    Charles Scott

    architects are great live man.

    Mongo mit der Bongo

    aceadam23 I've seen them in Cologne, so great my friend

    Joshua Sanchez

    That Architects, STYG, Counterparts tour was top notch 👌👌👌

  37. Alex Padilla

    before I die and before this band is done I would want to see them live.

    James Staggenborg

    For a newer band these guys are pretty awesome. I personally prefer their earlier albums, though. Luckily I saw them in 2013 while they were transitioning into this style. I also seen them open for The Story So Far and at Warped this summer. I'd recommend these guys and they have a positive message, which is a plus.

    Maxime Ostiguy

    Seen them 9 times and I have have never been dissapointed!



    Thats very true. I saw them once when Jesse was sick and even then they delivered!

    Andre Masghati

    Alex Padilla it's an amazing experience

    Dope Hammer Media

    Newer band? Been around since the mid 2000s

  38. Of Vice & Virtue

    These guys rip. We only hope to move people like they do someday

  39. Koy Mynatt

    i hate this band

  40. Andrew

    anyone whos talking about them "changing their sound" has no idea what theyre talking about. theyve always had softer more pop-punk-ish songs. the rest of this album is a straight banger

  41. dynatwenty

    absolutely awesome band.

  42. camilo8206

    sigan asi nuncan cA,mbien Gon.

  43. camilo8206

    saludo desde Locombia. Tierra de Cabrones.

  44. camilo8206

    lo primero fue aaaaaaamber esto es mas reciente unos locos igual k uno no veo much diferencia de malas.

  45. georgio doom

    00:38 - 00:40 epic

  46. Soy Omar yo

    Am I the only one who thinks that in some parts they sounds like Underoath?, I don't know, the voice or the palmutes.

    Szabolcs Kotormán

    Yeah, they sounds like a lot! Love them and Ubderoath too!

  47. Benjamin Kottmann

    Gaaaay! xD

    Nismo Jdm

    don't be so harsh on yourself man ,Tell it to your familly faggot.

    Szabolcs Kotormán

    Why are you hate yourself?

    jeezy weezy yeezy

    k cunttmann


    I would really like that.
    I mean this song in particular is not good; they last work is better and their previous work is so much great, but that guy is handsome.
    He is not one of those skinny and girly guys.
    And by the way, fuck you.

    Robert Campbell

    gay? hahah talkin all that shit but you have 000000000 fans or people who love or know who you are these people save kids lives and if you cant respect then your wasting oxygen and should go drink a gallon of bleach slit your wrists and then swallow the razor, kids are americas future not you(;

  48. WavesOfPoseidon

    Wft they completly changed their sound

  49. Zack H

    sXe hardcore

  50. NIGGAS

    this is dope af

  51. Alex Wingrave

    The cleans on the song are so soothing

  52. Kippzy


  53. gengar_ate_me

    the drummers look lol he's like am I really playing this

  54. Jordan H

    wtf happened to this band? hahaha fuck no

    A Sleeve Heart

    Nothing? It's one song. Fucktard.

  55. Josh Abner

    Synchronized explosions = Awesome

  56. NotoriousShaolin

    The drummer looks like he shitted himself

  57. Venla

    so much love for these guys! Always so amazing

  58. Georgia Watson

    This song is so fucking good! My favourite from Stick to your guns.

  59. Viciousdrums

    A truly great band. Gives me faith in good music

    SoCal Xl

    same here bro
    GREAT band

  60. Dillon Taton

    I have to say I've been to a lot of metal/hardcore shows, and Jesse has to be one of the best frontmen in the genre. He puts so much emotion and emphasis behind his lyrics, and talks/connects to the crowd on a new level. That is so hard to find in metal now a days.. Keep it up STYG!!!

  61. Rhiya Rene

    Love love love 😍

  62. Carmen F.

    I'm in love with this song. I hear it everyday every second.

  63. Ulrich Baumgartner

    Doofe Tätowierungen ........

  64. C R

    They made a lot of music videos from the album...


    +Caske Redner and that's bad?

    C R

    Not at all. Hopefully this mean's the album is selling well. I rarely see more than two videos from a hardcore album.

  65. O.D.

    I'm really startin' to dig Sumerian Records. Got some good artists here.

  66. frankschannelx

    heavy lies the crown as I cut you down

  67. Becket Solis

    Autotune overload:/ but i guess thats okay...

  68. Trevor Knott

    Still a kick ass band. 💎

  69. wolven lobos

    I will stick to their guns 4life !! Their muzic made me recover in really bad times in my life !! They gave me energy to fight and believe in who i am and to forgive my faults and mistakes of others !! Still i have to be honest i miss the old raw and more brutal STYG ! The more punkier and hardcore fuse which made me in love with this group !!

  70. Devon Walker

    1:22 those pink as f nails

  71. Bernardo Freitas

    is bershka selling bad religion shirts also ? i tought they were only selling the ramones ones...

  72. David Chrapla

    Great song, but I hate watching videos with rigs that nobody is actually playing through.

  73. Michael Purvis

    Probably the best band on the planet at the minute.

  74. cameron evans

    sold the fuck out man wtf happend

  75. Juan

    ....easier said than done

  76. Cohen Robins

    I love this song so much. I haven't really been caught up with STYG until I went and saw them last Friday. They did amazing!

  77. gengar_ate_me

    this is styg now sounds chill but not the band I knew

  78. Mototeam971

    I approve of the Bad Religion shirt and this song

  79. Telmo Alves

    Bad Religion shirt, fuck yeah. Stick To Your Guns are fuckin badass

    Elias Kasper

    like your name 👏
    rip tony

    Gabriela Rodríguez Díaz

    No Use For A Name

    Sick boys punx

    No Use For A Name yes I like it

  80. Dorian Louvet

    hooooow, gayyyyy


    The video, the song... This is just mindblowing!!!

  82. Cade Whitmore

    Don't put your lips on the mic dude

  83. Dario Rocha

    perfect music


    i always hear people talk about how they hate the metal subgenre a band sings like okay music is music if u don't like it keep to yourself if you enjoy DSBM but hate metalcore dont be a dick if you like metal but just hate rap dont go to a random video and hate on it just enjoy what you like stop being a keyboard warrior

    james williams

    you speak the truth my friend.

    Near Ravaged

    jamel noble this ain't metal. Styg is hardcore

  85. Adam Černý

    0:38 best efect ever <3

  86. John

    August Burns red is touring with stick to your guns and comin to chi town i cant wait

  87. BigAlejo

    Best Song !!!

  88. Uriel Kosovo

    I saw these guys yesterday and they were so good!!!

  89. Eric Quatela

    WHAT IN THE ACTUAL FUCK... every single band that used to be "hardcore" like 5-10 years ago now sounds like they should be on the fucking radio. Selling out is sad :(


    +NO “Architect” YES fuck up ahahaha, tryhard

    Eric Quatela

    lol, I'm not even going to take your comment seriously because your name is "metalcovers62"

    Christian Kendall

    +NO “Architect” YES I mean... Did you even listen to the whole album? Like damn lmao

    Near Ravaged

    Eric Quatela their new album is totally hardcore. And this was only one song on the album

  90. Brayden Keynon

    I really love their work with The Hope Division, that's their best album imo. But this song and the entire Disobedient album is sick.

  91. Miguel Silvério

    Fukin Cool music, keep doing the good work ;)

  92. Brent Harris


  93. Jess Boos

    Forever in love with this band.

  94. Ram Ram

    An article for those of you saying this video is nonsense. A group of church leaders beat a young man to death for his intent to leave their cult. "At Word of Life Church, an Evolution From Bible Study Group to Secretive Sect"®ion=top-news&WT.nav=top-news&_r=1

  95. John Braswell

    Old STYG needs to be back. Fuck what Sumerian records is doing to all these bands.