Stick To Your Guns - Ring Loud (Last Hope) Lyrics

My friend, What has you so troubled?
Why have you turned life into such a struggle?
I see it in you no matter how hard it tries to hide;
The war in your heart and fire in your eyes.
I can't follow, trust me I've tried.
My path is lit by a brighter light.
I will always sing humanity's song,
We May fall but we will carry on.
May these words ring loud.

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Stick To Your Guns Ring Loud (Last Hope) Comments
  1. Psychi

    Stick to Your Guns has been such an inspiration for me lately. They've inspired me to feel better about myself. To be happy with who I am. To be proud of who I am. I've only been listening to this band for about 5 months, but they've already had a large impact on my life, especially with their albums The Hope Division and Diamond. Thank you STYG.

  2. Ruan Carneiro

    nice. 1:08 remember POD youth of nation xD

  3. Noah Aiello

    I wish someone would tab this out...


    Noah Aiello pretty basic actually. You can ear this one. I believe in ya. ;)

  4. Adalberto Vargas Mariñelarena

    Holy cow, this song is sick!

  5. Knuckl3s

    Getting that diamond patch!! Fucking excited to wear that!!!!

  6. Can-X Demircan

    this song really really kick my ass all the time :)

  7. Deceiver

    The intro harmonics instantly reminded me of 28 weeks later soundtrack :-D awesome song

  8. Kanga Wasp


  9. WretchedDrummeR


  10. stayinked619


  11. Sam Fisher

    i want to show this to my best friend. she's going through a lot and i think she would love styg :)

  12. Jacob Assel

    Can someone please make a version with the end being just instrumental and no guy talking? That part always kinda ruins it for me, haha.

  13. l0kidaf00l

    I'd reply but i can't understand your comment could you use better grammar please

  14. Dudu Ostie

    Tell me my english suck ahah.. i know :S

  15. Spencer Morinville

    humm, but no one can deny what he as say lol ... cuz you could have save a life, but just by making this life behind live much longer thats it, bcuz anyway one day we all die thats is what make the life so beautefull... so that is absolute truth and its aint negative

  16. Cryptic.Muse

    This is exactly how I feel right now. I <3 STYG

  17. l0kidaf00l

    Its truth.

  18. shnufflepuffle

    actually, at warped, Jesse said to never say that. He said YOU were the person who got yourself out of that hard place, and you should NEVER give that to ANYONE or ANYTHING. So saying STYG saved your life is wrong. I'm sure you didn't know, just thought I'd inform the masses :P

  19. Noobiefroobiechoobie

    What you just said is just negativity for no reason. Get out.

  20. Rose M

    they have really changed holy crap

  21. Sandbox Magician

    The fuck?

  22. iheartasilaydying01

    My jam.

  23. No Thanks

    Proud to say that their words are my first tattoo.

  24. owmyears55

    like if you got sent here from a drake song ..

  25. owmyears55

    tawn cbeach h00v3r C41P$ fokh wiff me mugg

  26. owmyears55

    thought this said a child at first lol

  27. Kodii Sanford

    Yes, just... Yes.

  28. l0kidaf00l

    No one can save a life, we all die. The person who cures hunger doesn't save a single life.

  29. Michael Stammer


  30. Filipe Ferreira

    Just get it by ear xD The tuning is Drop d

  31. Noah Brierley

    hardcore has always had short songs. Just a short burst of anger and passion.

  32. SonyaBladeee

    STYG is an inspiration

  33. Josh Campbell

    This song is so uplifting, when ever i feel down i blast this.

  34. Logan Trimmer

    This album did save lives.
    This band continues to save lives.

  35. Lesha Elin

    someone has tab?! =(

  36. TheBlackdahlia6

    I feel like this album could save someones life...

  37. jose garcia

    It'll go away in a few hours

  38. Wessel van der Spek

    Best song of Diamond.

  39. landerr75

    Yes you can :)

  40. gengar_ate_me

    Best album they have made

  41. reiesu san

    i saw them live and i cant tell you how awesome it was.

  42. radiantdrake

    chills every time i listen to this song

  43. Nicolas Meseke

    I think 3:00 Minutes are okay ... but 2:00 ist too short !
    Better nerf Irelia !

  44. lifexlovexlivin

    exactly, that's what it's about. music + a message creates something far beyond what either could've had seperate. write from your heart and you'll succeed. styg's done this w/ all their albums but THD & Diamond are their best albums by far (this coming from an old FWIW die hard fan, been listening to em for 6 or 7 yrs nw).

  45. Beau Sisk

    my next tattoo.

  46. Christofer Perez

    Getting "We may fall but we will carry on" tatted across my chest, then "May these words ring loud" across my back. Can't fucking wait

  47. kyle speight

    0 dislikes because STYG is godly

  48. Mike Hudson

    fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck i love this yess yes yes yes yes

  49. 80hitultracombo

    What a beautifully, poisonously, infectious song...

  50. JoGtrackriff

    this band is such a fucking inspiration

  51. Totalnarutofanatic


  52. tejas16

    "We may fall but we will carry on" :)

  53. C M