Stick To Your Guns - Life In A Box Lyrics

I can't imagine how terrifying it must be
To live your life in a box scared shitless of everything
You're the product of the world that's fed to you
You hate those who live a life you're not used to

You're looking for more
You follow a whore
On fire for Christ but your life is lukewarm
Evil and foul to the lives you dismiss
And I hate the fact that I let myself be pushed to this

This is a place of acceptance
Not a place of repentance
So save your breathe
You homophobic shithead

One day you will pay your debt but until then
I'll fight to undo every word that you've said

And every time you lift your hand to cast your stone
I'll find you and shove it back down your throat

I'm through acting civil
Now you know how I feel

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Stick To Your Guns Life In A Box Comments
  1. Jack Rakleson

    This band is so fucken sick

  2. As Above So Below 666

    Fuck this song is great. The lyrics are perfect and it just gets me so pumped

  3. Kris Smoot

    Very apropos for today.

    Grape Ape

    With all the hate I've seen on my feed, I needed this song.

  4. BoxOfMysteriez

    Really wish this was longer. Great message and good guitars

  5. Katherine Sullivan

    fuck homophobia! love this band

  6. TreyDZd

    for fuck's sake, every single styg song's comments are about religion, like give it a fucking rest, damn


    @ShredTheDeck its sad, cuz it really shouldnt fucking matter

    Grape Ape

    I'd reacher listen to music about a deep topic and not one about some break up or what Kim kardasian had on today.

    Jay Mazella

    Nah, I think you're confusing these guys for Architects. Now THEY seem to only harp on about being anti-religion.


    +Jay Mazella I disagree, being a die hard Architects fan. It's not all antireligious, it's about important topics and struggles the world faces.

    Jay Mazella

    +ThatOneEmoKid Examples?

  7. camr666

    they should play this song at fred phelps' funeral with no one else there. fuck westboro baptists

  8. heinyhxc

    Negativity towards your fellow man leads to societal decay, not being homosexual. As far as diseases go, they will be here as long as we are no matter what we do. And empires of the past fell for a multitude of reasons that probably shouldn't be learned from a comment on YouTube, but I'll tell you that allowing homosexuality is a bullshit reason.

  9. Kyle Davidson

    Macklemore+ stick to your guns collab would be sick.

  10. elegastaanval

    so does straight sex. there's no difference. how stupid are you?

  11. youraverageevilpoet

    Well, homosexuality spreads diseases like aids and leads to societal decay. Many nations who accepted it in the past soon met their downfall. That's why I'm worried. But people shouldn't be "phobic" about Christians. If I'm a proper Christian then I won't hurt anyone or spread hate. And I'm not trying to be hateful. You can disagree with something and still be civil. There are nutjob psuedo-Christians like the Westboro Baptists who are pretty much scum.

  12. xxRyanxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Have you read the bible? It should be obvious why we're "christianphobic" towards people who would worship that deity. Trippin over where i like to put my dick is a littlebit silly when you compare the two. I don't hate all christians, most are relatively sane, but the rest do scare me TBH.

  13. youraverageevilpoet

    Ok, lol, thank you.

  14. Lobotomy

    Sure your allowed to think that. But don't get mad at me when I think it is fucking stupid.

  15. MrYoboy333

    I love that they aren't afraid to stand up for what is right. Love STYG. My brother is gay & I love him with all my heart. He was born that way & that's it!! Fuck what people say & think.

  16. youraverageevilpoet

    I'm not afraid of homosexuals, nor do I hate them. They have just as much right to live as anyone else. However, I do believe that homosexuality is a wrong and unhealthy lifestyle. Am I not allowed to think that? This song is about not "living in a box" so, aren't you technically "living in a box" if you berate those who (peacefully) may not agree with homosexuality? After all, that is an alternate view on the matter. Many people are "christianphobic" why is that perfectly fine?

  17. Kaleb Elmore

    It specifically says homophobia..

  18. EthanRBaker

    Cause I <3 Dick.

  19. incativated

    why dont you wanna become hetero?

  20. EthanRBaker

    Fuck you.

  21. dreamingabove3

    we have to help gays to become hetero

  22. kook1028

    As a Christian, I am in total agreement with everything they said. You have to take the bible as a book written by people of a pre-scientific society. Sure in Leviticus it says "Man shall not lay with another man" however, many of those verses are referring to temple prostitution. Meaning that that verse would fall under condemning adultery. Not condemning two gay people that are in a loving relationship. We shouldn't be taking the bible literally as modern people of modern culture.

  23. Ryan Anderson

    I don't really thing that this song is about homophobia specifically, i'd say it's about ignorance track though.

  24. Preston Roberts

    It's so easy to be filled with rage when people that you know are capable of rationality and act so contrary to their own abilities. I struggle with this myself regularly. The most effective way to handle it is not the easiest. Coming from a place of understanding takes an unbelievable amount of self-control, but it is the only way to build common ground and be heard. Make an effort to start meaningful, productive conversation. Come prepared for apologetics. You can be the difference.

  25. jonKowalski3210

    I have a Christian friend who says she accepts gays, but she also told me that if she had a gay child, she'd disown them -.- It's literally impossible to speak to her about anything outside her skewed religious beliefs because she immediately rejects them and calls them blasphemous. I don't even know why I still try talking to her.

  26. Symptomized

    So much relevance in this song lately.

  27. PeripheralDjent

    Believing in an invisible man in the sky who tells them to love him more than anything that is tangible and can actually provide emotions to them or else he will send you to burn in hell for all eternity kind of made an embarrassment out of the word Christian..

  28. George Griffiths

    Gays may be accepted in your church, but i really struggle to understand why any rational person, accepting and respecting of others, could follow a faith that has a scripture which discriminates so explicitly against those who "Live a life a life you're not used to". Gays should not be "accepted", it should be a right of everyone in society to be equal. It should be these discriminatory and oppressive religions that should be just "accepted" in society as a relic of first century man.

  29. Bene K.

    we seriously have a christian person in our class who believes "gay people have no right to live"...
    I have met a lot of ignorant people in my life, but talking to this person rationally is one of the most useless things I have ever tried to do.

  30. HeStoleMyCake

    That's just your church and it's great your church and your faith have let you see that gays are not monsters. But I've met enough christians who think otherwhise. That's just sad. Keep up the good work. I respect you for accepting all, just like your faith says you should!

  31. Kyle Davidson

    They kicked out that homophobic shit head. :D

  32. noskilz04

    I'm a Catholic. And in my religion Gays are accepted. My church let's them go to our church. There is no hate there. If anybody says otherwise, then tell me what you know about my faith when you may not be a part of my faith. It is really simple God, Jesus loves all. I do not really care what people say about me. I judged everyday anyways for being Straight Edge and for listening to Hardcore and anything else. So go ahead have your opinion.

  33. Blodwras

    The guys from For Today need to listen to this.

  34. Joey O'Toole

    just what i was thinking man hahah

  35. RedAndGoldSF49

    "This is a place of acceptance, not a place of repentance." Powerful statement. Respect.

  36. Noah Brierley

    they are anti anything that preaches bigotry and violence. I wouldn't say that they are against Christianity in its purest form but unfortunately that's a rare case

  37. D D

    Separate *

  38. D D

    Love this song it's about how religion and other stuff desperate people and hate everyone else that doesn't believe what they believe and how every religion hates gays

  39. John Snow

    Nothing but respect

  40. SaucedoeluKe

    its sad that these guys are a band that stand for whats right yet there hardly known

  41. BrandonZ9889

    Wow, I'm an idiot. Point taken.

  42. Captain Muffins

    I get that they're anti homophobic, but are they also anti christian or something?

  43. nahid falsename

    beat the homophobics!

  44. Dantespaces

    Nothing can beat how heavy and strong it hits you when he says and I quote...
    "And every time you lift your hand to cast your stone
    I'll find you and shove it back down your throat"
    To me it means a little more then just violence. It's pride.

  45. ReprogrammedToHate


  46. JoGtrackriff

    I have so much respect for these guys taking a stand against homophobia

  47. hugh

    why dont you leave, why dont you run and find a god who likes you

  48. Jerry35551312

    Best fucking album this year hands down

  49. Leonardo Leon

    Why does this only have 433 views?

  50. atmosphere559

    Wtf lol I expected more from them-_- its cool but thought it would be waaaay better

  51. Max Schulz

    best song in this album