Stick To Your Guns - Empty Heads Lyrics

For the most part I think I've got you figured out
You walk around like you know what this is all about
Will one of you idiots please just say something new?
Ya, well you say "fuck the world" We say "FUCK YOU"

But you've been nowhere and you've seen nothing
It's your stupid stare, it tells me everything
If you can't beat them try harder because we're not going down
You better give back or get out


For the most part I know what you're so mad about
We don't belong, never did, and you want us out
You've become such a slave to your own mouth
You better give back or get out


Same game
You're doing nothing new
All the same
You think no ones laughing at you?
I've always stood behind every word I've ever said
All talk, no walk
Empty words from empty heads

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Stick To Your Guns Empty Heads Comments
  1. Tomi DBP

    4 years, almost 5 and I still found this ONE of the BEST Hardcore Records of all time! ... Sorry, ONE of the BEST records of all TIME!


    what a fucking banger

  3. Nigel Roberts

    This song is on my moshing bucket list xD

    Justin Rager

    It's one of my most memorable concert moments. Seen them 4 times but the last time with Parkway Drive was insane

  4. Franz Roth

    not really into hardcore but this song fucking destroys

  5. Sam Willwerth

    +Law0fRevenge it's Casey Jones I believe

    Fem Schepens

    Nope its josh. He sounds amazing :)

    Sam Willwerth

    Oh haha I guess I was thinking of the band he was in

  6. Darby Blair

    Dead reprise taste of suffering did it first

    Paul Cutchins

    He's right you know

  7. bobbimus prime

    What tuning is this in?


    Sounds like drop D


    @bobbimus prime D Standard

  8. Steve Kelley

    If you dig deathcore come check out Convent's breed of hardcore and metal here


  9. conna bray

    modern punk and hardcore is fucking beautiful!

  10. shnufflepuffle

    right up there with Suicide Silence, and Underoath

  11. Tyler Hays

    I can't tell if you're joking, trolling, or just retarded

  12. victor martinez

    No terror is <3

  13. Randyb

    This has to be one of if not THE greatest hardcore band ever!!

  14. Christian Heyl

    but they didn't....

  15. Zeliha Akdag

    All talk. No walk. Empty words from empty heads!

  16. 666gdep

    what kind of lames name their bands cd after a clothing company... These kind...

  17. Kodii Sanford

    They sound like a really hardcore punk in this track, I like it.

  18. dreamingabove3

    more likes to your comment we need more

  19. Kingsfan 91

    Love this song. These guys are so true to their music. A great band to see live.

  20. Corey hoffman

    If you're unable to accept a band changing, then you're not a true fan. I'm sorry but a fan of the band will ALWAYS accept that a band changes, whether it be better or worse. A band has to find more then 1 sound. No one keeps a single sound throughout their career. I loved STYG prior to Diamond, and I loved them more after Diamond. Their music speaks to you.

  21. Dylan Imperi

    stop fucking arguing god damn

  22. 2Kakor

    It depends on when you stopped listening but yes they changed, for the better according to me.
    Sure I loved the "Such an outrage" era but this is simply .. better.

  23. ilikekokokola

    1:43 best part

  24. Thierry Blondin-Rivest

    ... I'd lost track of this band for a while... what the hell happened? Lineup change? Multiple lineup changes? This is very ..... I don't like this at all. Completely different band.

  25. Jay Boyles

    God i love Josh James vocals in this song

  26. Daniel Kivlehan

    even though i'm a supremacist - i'm more open-minded than you. LMFAO

  27. Noah Brierley

    ya its him you and then at 1:18 is the other guitarist. You can see them singing it in the live video from Impericon of them playing this live

  28. Noah Brierley

    haha I'm anything but close minded but when you come in here and start saying shit like "kill all inferiors" I've got a problem with you. I try to respect everyone's opinions but I refuse to respect someone who thinks that people who don't apply themselves "should be wiped out".
    Have a good life

  29. iSexualManChocolate

    I never said "This is what this song is about" I only said "For me it applies.." I made my own option, and i'll stand by it, so you can take your capitalist brain-fed bullshit elsewhere mate.
    Also, i'm not sure how you'd think the quote "In hardcore the lyrics need..." would prove your point. That quote could mean a great number of things.
    STYG stand for open-mindedness, and even though i'm a supremacist - i'm more open-minded than you.
    It'll help you to not be such an ignorant cunt.

  30. Noah Brierley

    This song is about the global hardcore scene and how there is so many bands who have nothing good to say, and just fill their songs with pointless bullshit. The lyric "Give back or Get out" is saying that if you have no positive message to get across than get out of our hardcore scene. The message of the song becomes pretty clear when the quote says "In hardcore the lyrics need to be at the forefront of every song" This band certainly does not preach Nazi Fascist bullshit! GTFO NAZI YOU PRICK!!

  31. Daniel Kivlehan

    lmao that guy is a fascist moron

  32. BlinkFreak18232

    Look it up online! It's not hard!

  33. Noah Brierley

    what the fuck?? that is not what this song is about

  34. iSexualManChocolate

    "You better give back or get out" Is probably the most important line of this song. For me it applies to everybody who doesn't apply themselves, they are a waste and need to be wiped out. Stand up for superiority, kill all inferiors.

  35. Nap-0

    1:12 is that Josh James?

  36. NooseForAGiant

    yes yes,.....yes..yes and yes. Totally lines up with thps 2

  37. Todd Aldaco

    I feel like playing tony hawks pro skater when I hear this song

  38. Alex G

    Yeah well you say "fuck the world" we say "FUCK YOU"!

  39. Bobby Johnson

    2:25 side to sides.

  40. hernandezftw

    but i like saying fuck the world. :(

  41. Chris

    Thats right brother

  42. steven vazquez

    STICK TO YOUR GUN IS TRUE HARDCORE also terror! not that gay crap Asking Alexandria or I See Stars or Make me Famous

  43. ClassicDelta

    "I see so much focus on music today, and not on the words being said, and I think in order to communicate with hardcore, the lyrics must be at the forefront of every song" - THIS

  44. Mac Dillman

    0 people dislike this song. that is a statistical fact.

  45. Tim Vasquez


  46. Tim Vasquez

    theyre on darklyrics

  47. Sawyer Martin

    Or, it sounds like Kellin Quin (backed by his band members of course), an incredible falsetto vocalist who can scream quite well in addition to his cleans...

  48. Anthony McComb

    Stick to you guns by far has the most powerful meaningful lyrics under sumerian records. Thats's what being hardcore is about... i mean listen to the quote in this song.

  49. Ben Vaillancourt

    is that toby morse talking in this song?

  50. duffy9076

    r the lyrics posted anywhere? i cant findum

  51. B Sonkz

    not up yet use your head.

  52. B Sonkz

    Sleeping with Sirens sounds like a 12 year old just got done masturbating for the first time and runs down the stairs to tell his mom he came............................

  53. zebraheader700

    lyrics any1?

  54. joe heywood

    also if your 1 of these tech elitists hu wont listen to anything in 4/4 you can also go fuck yourself

  55. joe heywood

    you clearly havent heard of i see stars..or make me famous :L

  56. Carl Mendoza

    5jimmieward GTFO. I really hate people that thinks that all that he listens to is "good music".

  57. Chris

    You claim that STYG is one of the worst bands on Sumerian. Well, you also claim that you listen to good shit.
    First of all we can all tell you have no idea about what hardcore is, and Im talking HARDCORE, not crappy scene "hardcore" shit.
    Secondly, name some bands that you listen to, Id love to hear.

  58. bladekiller85

    wow please go kill youself for even saying that styg lame they are the reason why u listen to any other band now a days now go back to listen to your gay ass band called design the skyline

  59. B Sonkz

    I saw this band live with MMF I see stars Make me famous and Our last night. Didn't care for anyone but STYG and MMF. They killed it @Mojoes in IL! If you don't like them don't listen simple as that.