Stick To Your Guns - Disobedient Lyrics

The world is you
You are the world, there is no other thing
If we accept that, if we see that, not intellectually
But feel it in your heart, in your mind
In your blood that you are that, then the question
Is it possible for a human being to transform himself
Inwardly and therefore outwardly?

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Stick To Your Guns Disobedient Comments
  1. Xavil2008

    Many screamos

  2. MojoBrickStudios - Customs&Hauls

    Die Ärzte - Schrei nach liebe

    Anyone else knows this?

  3. Stone Osborne

    You dudes have no idea how much your music has kept me from shotgunning my brains all over the walls in my apartment.


    wtf don't

  4. Duschvorleger



    Hallo Duschi!

  5. Thomas Hall

    This came on my playlist, totally thought it was I'm not okay by MCR at first

  6. Zac Harris

    this intro reminds me of the old hardcore band kid liberty. they were great!

  7. Justin Wicks

    This band was my friend Cody's favourite band. Rest in peace buddy. September 8th will be in my mind always my friend!


    Justin Wicks Wow, rough words dude. Rest in peace Cody, he's metalling around in somewhere better now \../

    Gaurav Sres

    Rest in power man

  8. Anthony Cardenas

    At first I thought I was listening mcr and I was like "wait did I click on wrong video"

  9. Romeo Richardson

    I love rap, and a few rock artist. I detested the vibe of metal... until just now.


    +andrew b *sub genre of metal.


    +BinxGamesandGuitar actually its a sub genre of punk.

    Ruan Carneiro

    +andrew b this is not hardcore is melo hardcore or metalcore


    +Ruan Carneiro actually it's just hardcore have you ever been to their shows? I highly recommend you go see them at least once. Hardcore is not just a music style, but a life style. Happy listening.

    Gaurav Sres

    This is hardcore

  10. Dio Berg

    Faze Kitttyyyyyyy

  11. Simon Clepkens

    Stickin to you Park

  12. Reaperr™

    I'm about to use this in a CoD montage. This is a very good song for that.

    Marc Tschopp

    +Reaperr™ this is an epic song

  13. RainbowMartian

    The Best intro love it so much :D

  14. Mark Law

    Seems like another I See Stars...just without the Techno and without the Anonymous influence.

  15. tanaja vamp

    best album ever \m/

  16. Schaggy

    Who knows to who the voice at the end belongs to?


    @Schaggy Sounds like Deepak Chopra. Could be wrong. Influential dude though. Read about him at your local library.


    It's not, I checked :/

    Kross Ceeper

    @Schaggy I believe it's jiddu krishnamurti

    Young Antonio

    They always use Jiddu krishamurti. Great talker

  17. FeEdThEmAcHiNe23

    The beginning kinda sounds like I'm Not Okay by MCR. 

  18. iShampooop

    I love when bands do these two minute song things because they mean so much. But it would really be a lot better if these were intros or outros to full songs. Just my opinion

  19. Walter Bergmann

    This Album has a so strong message, it's unbelievable. Nobody is my favourite Song, because I am a Nobody in my World, but now I'm proud to be a Nobody :)

    Until now my best 31 Minutes I had this Year!

  20. Matt Kaleta

    Does anybody know where those samples STYG uses are from? The one at the end of this song sounds like it could be from the same movie/song as the sample in the beginning of "Diamond."

  21. Darkstar8473

    Sam Smith sucks more dicks than this song .... fact.

  22. DeathJ0Y

    could not wait for this album. Stick to your guns is by far my favorite hardcore band.

  23. John VII


    Take a step back! How can this be?
    So much begging and pleadin' with no one listenin'
    Take a breath now and think of what this really means!
    This is my understandin'!
    That the life I lead does not belong to me!

    It starts with me (oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh)
    It starts with me (oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh)
    It starts with me (oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh)
    It starts with me (oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh)

    In a world where doin' what's right
    Has been pushed from the mind
    And forced underground
    Into back alleys, and places of abandon
    What choice do we have?
    Tell me! What choice do we have?
    What choice do I have?!
    What choice do I have?!
    But to force my own hand!

    Each human being, it doesn't matter
    whether he's a Politician, or a business man or a...
    Just an ordinary person like me, in the street
    We should all be, as a human being to realize the enormous
    Suffering, misery, confusion there is in the world
    And it's our responsibility to change all that

  24. yoeri b

    fuck yeah !!!

  25. Medicalmechanica '91

    Damn do I miss my old STYG this is more hoodie!! 😭 they really need to reprint those for old time's sake! So far from what I've heard this album is fucking SICK!!! As usual.. 😜

  26. August Burns Red

    I want this played at my funeral

  27. Archeum94

    Remind me of Korn somehow... Great song anyway

  28. Cloudy Sunday

    Does anyone know who the older voice is that STYG's uses so often?


    his name is : Jiddu Krishnamurti


    Jiddu Krishnamurti. Not too sure about the Bruce Lee thing...

  29. George McGuire

    Great band. Couldn't help but wonder when the new styg album would come our way. Can't wait for it to hit stores. Found the lyrics on this site called sweetslyrics. I actually bumped on them on facebook. I wrote music and news in the search, and accidentally bumped into their fb page. The complete lyrics for the album are there too. Thought I'd share that. Respect for the band. Best album yet, or at least that's my opinion !!!

  30. Joel Lee

    Oh ma Gosh, @SumerianRecords 
    Haven't heard 'Stick to your Guns' in ages
    Tis is so gud, <3 it
    Intro reminded me MCR "I'm not Okay" for while :3

    Anyway, cont. upload more awesome music

  31. UnderOurFate

    Not gonna lie, the beginning guitar riff made me go "Oo My chemical romance"


    @sebastien berube I'm sorry... I didn't mean to offend, I love this band, I really do... I wasn't really comparing them at all, they're not even in the same genre.. I just was reminded of 'I'm Not Okay' by them... MCR is not my favorite it just sounded like them..

    Joel Lee

    @Games kun
    I did!!
    *high five


    wait, My Chemical Romance invented guitar chords? Wow, they must be several hundred years old. DID NOT know that!


    That's exactly the first thing I thought, too bad people get butt hurt over stupid shit though and have to talk down on MCR. They're both good bands but the intro is so similar to the intro to I'm Not Okay that you have to notice it.

    Joel Lee

    Indeed, totally agree w/ ur statement

  32. F metalhead

    this's the best band in SumerianRecords

    Sean Kraus

    I personally prefer Dillinger Escape Plan, though these guys are definitely second. Honestly, I'm a bit surprised they weren't mentioned before in this chain


    @Marco Dougherty BOO ?

    Marco Dougherty

    +Lizgony Born of Osiris

    x _ x

    Marco Dougherty BOO is a shit band

    Craig Wooden

    x _ x Your opinion verbally insults me. Not really. That's your opinion but no need to blantly say they suck because you don't like them.

  33. Gabriella Ryan

    ah fuck this is good

  34. Lynds Mika


  35. Pat O'Hara


  36. Lucas Temple

    Oh yes. Oh yes. 

  37. Robin

    Take a step back
    How can this be?
    So much begging and pleading with no one listening
    Take a breath now
    And think of what this really means
    This is my understanding
    That the life I lead does not belong to me
    It starts with me.

  38. Charlie Österlund // Drums

    Now THAT is what you call an intro!

  39. Thiéfaine F.


  40. Yolo Swaggins




    everytime's the first time




  41. Carlos Rodriguez


  42. Gamberetto Demoniaco


  43. ScrubsCL

    Just amazing.

  44. Cristián Velásquez

    when it will be on spotify??

    Serchecho SR

    maybe the 10th when the official release


    When it will learn ingleis?

    Cristián Velásquez

    @Calin Constantin when i go to inglesland


    @Cristián Velásquez Interneto is ingleis land! Welcome!

  45. Hobonater

    Fuckin sweeeeeeet!!! It begins now!