Stick To Your Guns - D(I Am)ond Lyrics

I am a brave man, I am a coward
I am the tiger, I am the flower
I am honest, and I'm a liar
I am vital, I am tired
I am a free man, I am caught
From where I am, I see the top
I am, most importantly never concerned with what I am not.

(I am) A brave man, a coward
The tiger, the flower
(I am) Honest, a liar
I am vital and so fucking tired
(I am) A free man, I am caught
From where I am, I see the top
(I am) Most importantly never concerned with what I am not.

(I am) Forever more than just surviving
This is my life and this life is my diamond.

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Stick To Your Guns D(I Am)ond Comments
  1. Deadly Doodles

    Saw these dudes perform this in Brooklyn while on the Pure Noise tour. Absolutely a banger, and one of the best songs they've written

  2. ShadyBanks_ARFA

    7 years later and here I am, feeling just as moved by this as I did when I first heard it. So thankful this existed and that I got to see these guys perform.

  3. Mechanaholics Kylor

    Still listening to all your music in 2019. 😁

  4. Zone Based

    Thanks again for this

  5. Chinara

    как в вк эту песню найти?

  6. Carl McJimson Jr.

    So much power in this!!!!!

    Thank you guys for this message guys! Can't wait to see you boys!

    I AM!

  7. Mattias Stynen

    0:25 " I am a beyblaaaaade" *lets it rip*

  8. Marcel SVW

    D(i am)ond is even better than diamond and that is really hard

  9. SoCal Xl

    this song is my personal favourite for so many reasons STYG THANK YOU!!!


    +SoCal Xl same for me...


    I m the flower, i am the Tiger i am all of this

  11. xasyN

    I see the life more than ever , all liar , what lovely diamonds that we have here...

  12. Miss Hardcore

    I'll see them on Friday in germany. ♥

  13. Iconlast

    The tiger the flower

  14. _danielkrynauw

    Guys check out my cover of this song on my channel, Thanks and sorry for being a burden x

  15. Dom Sawyer

    such an inspiration. this shit makes me realize who i am meant to be.

  16. Mylène Godon-Vandal

    they definitly should have this track longer than this! one of my favorite even if it lasts not even 2 minutes! <3

  17. Rok Cenčič

    This is my life and this life is my diamond

    Mylène Godon-Vandal

    forever more than just surviving! (Y)

  18. Anna Meow

    they just call it I am

  19. Gimme a Cookie

    can somebody tell me how you pronounce the song title?

  20. No Thanks

    I am forever more than just surviving.

  21. Matthew Vargas

    this was such an incredible song to listen to on the album...


    This is a good motivating song

  23. William Black

    @Justyn Bomar the color morale has really meaningful lyrics too

  24. elasdickband027

    Some say, that they're the best band on Sumerian, and that between them, they have 11 testicles. All we know is, they're called STYG!

  25. maxime therrien

    meaming of this song: whatever you are in life, dont waste it, dont scratch what you have the most precious with shit of the modern days. because this is the life and this life is your diamond

  26. RajiKento

    Man, man, this is more poetic

  27. Edwin Vargas

    I as a person was very depressed. I've tried to commit suicide on several occasions. My brother had taken notice and showed me Stick to Your Guns a couple months ago. I listened to every song. It took my heart by storm. Every word enveloped me. It encouraged me to stop being so down and do something about my life. It changed my attitude and my very way of thinking. I don't take life for granted anymore, and when I'm sad, I listen to them and get back up. In several ways, they saved me.

    ellabella _sykes

    Edwin Vargas ❤❤

  28. Tender Crisp

    Stick To Your Guns have the most real lyrics ever, they are not afraid to express themselves!

  29. Maffi95TV

    In my Opinion Hardcore in general has very much meaningful lyrics in its songs. It's the part of hardcore no one who doesn't occupy himself with this music would believe.
    when I listen to songs from the ghost inside or comeback kid many people especially my parents just think it's brutal noisy trash but when I tell them that there lyrics have a meaning and want to send you a message they just roll their eyes

    (sorry for possible misstakes I'm from germany :-) )

  30. MrMaarten1996

    I've been waiting for you to ask that. Please look up (and do look these up) any number of Slipknot songs (Wait and Bleed, Duality, Vermillion, ...) , any number of Metallica songs (Fade to Black, One, Sad But True, Master of Puppets, ...) EVERY song on the Machine Head album 'The Blackening', any number of Parkway Drive songs (The Blue and the Grey, Dark Days, The River,...), any number of Hatebreed songs (Between Hell and a Heartbeat, In Ashes They Shall Reap, No Halos For The Heartless,...)

  31. Justyn Bomar

    Alright guy how about you tell me some bands that have better, more meaningful lyrics than Stick To Your Guns.
    Because they only ones I can think of are The Ghost Inside, Senses Fail, and No Bragging Rights.

  32. MrMaarten1996

    I'm not hating on you or on STYG, but please... do some research first. There are a lot more bands with a lot more meaningful lyrics than STYG.
    They are great though, as I said, I'm not hating on them. I just don't want anyone to tell lies

  33. 2k Legend

    We need more bands like this, bands that give out a good positive message,

  34. Vladimír Šustek

    maybe there is, but you dont know them

  35. Cameron Hughes

    This album is so deep it brings me to tears.

  36. Cage Nae

    This song gave me chills and it has been a WHILE since ive had chills.

  37. Chris kennedy

    Something so good shouldn't be so short.

  38. scionofStorm

    Anyone got a tab for the intro, pretty please? :/ Awesome song!

  39. mattvsbears

    I've never been more moved by any other band.

  40. TheAlmightyBuffet

    I just saw them last night, and they get the crowd pumped as fuck :D

  41. Folkearth

    If you enjoy the purpose to these lyrics check out The Faceless and Born of Osiris, they are both under this record label. There lyrics focus on the pursuit of truth and transcendence of are animalistic traits.

  42. Alissa Anne

    Listen to Defeater then. I'm not dissing STYG, but Defeater...oh, shit. Get ready for the most moving words on this planet.

  43. Inquisition

    I need this vest

  44. wolven lobos

    You are damn right girl, styg is tha shit. can not wait for the next album

  45. wolven lobos

    ?? to whom you talking?

  46. Thebearbruno

    this is for the hearts still beating!!

  47. GarrettGrrt

    They have tons of talent, from talent flows meaning, and that meaning is transformed into beautiful music.

  48. Captain Muffins

    I get that this song has a deep meaning, but I kind of snicker when he said "I AM THE FLOWER!,"

  49. adam freeman

    yet, you had enough time to reply to me? btw, all i originally said was "thats false"/

  50. Sempart

    The intro riff reminds me so much of another song, but i can't think of what song.
    Stick to your Guns is amazing!

  51. kyle speight

    STYG mean so much to a lot of people so stop talking shit about them. even if they are not your favorite band or type of music i'm sure their lyrics saved more lives then your ignorant ass has ever..respect get some

  52. CrackRockKilla

    he got those millions of views all by himself you fucking moron, he started his own label and if you think what he says is mainstream you're a fucking joke.

  53. 1FineTunedWalrus

    For anyone who doesnt think they have the talent to match their lyrics, listen to the flow of the music, and the passion in his yell.

  54. MBMProductions

    songs like this remind me of DEFEATER

  55. adam freeman

    nah. i was saying that if dude thought that STYGs was the only band out there that has extremly deep lyrics, he needs to stop listening to so much mainstream music. plenty of really good, deep bands.

  56. Emma Appletree

    Stick To Your Guns sends out some of the most heartfelt messages that people should recognize more. That's something not every other band can do, and that takes fucking talent. It's not all about being "tough shit" all the time.

  57. adam freeman

    wow youre a fucking moron.

  58. LAMA?

    dude how can you compare immortal technique with styg? completely different things. I love both but its his opinion so dont fucking argue about it! And btw last time i checked this song has 9000 views and dancing with the devil has millions, so dont bullshit about mainstream music.

  59. LAMA?

    I wish I could get all this song's lyrics tattoo'd on myself

  60. adam freeman

    lmao you got butthurt real fast kid. at what point did i say they dont have good lyrics? your statement of how they have the deepest is a close minded, little fan boy statement. they, by far, dont have the "most deep" lyrics. how about you step out of your bubble, little boy. oh and btw, yes. yes i have listened to them. for a long time. =)

  61. adam freeman

    deeper, meaningful lyrics? you need to stop listening to mainstream music then. there are so many bands that have deeper meaning. the meaning in these songs is good, but deeper than anyone else? i have two words: immortal technique. look up the song "dancing with the devil"

  62. Justyn Bomar

    How so?

  63. adam freeman

    thats false

  64. Chen Reidel

    They are not the most, but they are still extremley talented, and jesse is one of the most powerfull singers ive ever heard.

  65. LAMA?

    this song give me chills!
    perfect metaphores!

  66. Delaney Wolf

    This song is probably my favorite off of the new album, it just really sticks out to me.

  67. phstewie


  68. Rohan Knight

    i've listened to this album every day without fail since it was released, mind blowing.

  69. CoffinDragger239

    Almost every song on this album has given me chills.... Amazing band!

  70. ninjapie117

    Powerful stuff here.

  71. JoGtrackriff

    People, take these songs into your heart & let them change you for the better

  72. xEbarex

    How could you ever compare this band to a shit band like Capture the crown? Capture the crown's lyrics will never be able to compete with Styg's, because they mold their lyrics to what they think will be most popular, and it's dumb.

  73. Anthony McComb

    dude this song is such an amazing piece of art. I've never heard anything like this...
    other than other than Some Kind of Hope!

  74. Marco Ruperez

    2 people still don't know what they are :/

  75. Hel Lo

    Lol Well I've heard one song from Capture the Crown, those lyrics didn't seem so meaningful O.o

  76. Dj Kimble

    Technicality is nothing without purpose and meaning. STYG has more of that than most bands today.

  77. Justyn Bomar

    Stick To Your Guns may not be the most talented musicians out today but there is NO ONE in the music industry today that had deeper more meaningful lyrics!

  78. drummerboy3399


  79. Connor Orlando

    This is my favorite song on the album.