Stick To Your Guns - Built Upon The Sand Lyrics

Day in and day out
Shit on and kicked in
The world's garbage you left sifting
Mind like a wrath flame and flood
Done talking, no one's listening

They pushed me, they pushed me
I'll rip this place at the seams
They did this, not me
Inflicted with this disease
I'm screaming, God help me
I scream as loud as I can
This is another life
Built upon the sand

You've hit bottom and you're still sinking
So small and you're still shrinking
What can you do
You've gone from alone to completely see through

Let's all watch while the hammer falls

They pushed me, they pushed me
I'll rip this place at the seams
They did this, not me
Inflicted with this disease
I'm screaming, God help me
I scream as loud as I can
This is another life
Built upon the sand

I understand you
I understand you
I understand you
I understand you
I understand you
I understand you

I understand
I understand you
I understand
I understand you
I understand
I understand you
I understand
I understand

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Stick To Your Guns Built Upon The Sand Comments
  1. DARKY

    this song remind me of ABR Meridian

  2. Lucas Xavier

    When you think you're fighting against the world and your problems all alone just listen to this song. I can just say thank you guys so much for release this song, it's giving me a lot of help in my hard times.

  3. arrow

    Raw spartiz

  4. Anime Crazy


  5. Christina Woodley

    "I understand you"... All I need.

  6. Psychi

    I understand you.

  7. Elyie

    When i feel like shit and feel like the world is coming down around me i always find myself back to this song @ 1.30

  8. blackVelvet

    The reason why people get so touched by Jesse saying "I unterstand you" is because it's something you don't hear very often, and even if people say it, it's often not the truth. "I love you" is a phrase that goes to waste, we throw it around like money, we love this and we love that and its meaning fades so quickly, but someone saying "I understand you" - that's so rare and so much more powerful.


    blackVelvet I agree. That's deep.

  9. Kosta

    i understand you.

  10. Kurz


  11. Zenzys

    This song reminds me of Gaara and Naruto...

  12. Eshara

    1:33 god

  13. João Junqueiro

    LOVE THIS SONG !!!!!!

  14. cam

    1:12 and on is the best

  15. Random Guy

    Such a strong emotional song. First time I heard it a lot of tears came out when the 'I understand you' part hit me. Music it's one of the few art forms that can truly make you feel connected to the artists and the audience.

  16. Tomáš Javor

    only your music makes me sense, true sense.. I must say , I love you

  17. Ed Rixon

    1:29 is a quote from the documentary 'If a tree falls' by a member of the Earth Liberation Front. 


    Just watched the film and knew instantly that I have heard this quote before. This film is so good..

  18. croc


  19. Neoofthedarkness

    i fuckin love this album. it's perfect, the lyrics, the music... perfect album.

  20. Schwammerlkopf

    Love this song <3
    STYG for life <3

  21. Brenda Barriga

    When it hits "I understand you", I get so much chills

    Alex Wachter

    Brenda Barriga same! Still here in 2019

  22. randomkidlolol

    they have meaningful music like this and people still choose music like black veil brides and botdf to be inspirational. smh...

  23. pupp3tx

    That's exactly how it was for me, I'd never heard them before but when I went to that concert I was like wow, and i went home and looked them up and now I love them more than ever. They are really an amazing group.

  24. Billy McCulloch

    Aggreed, I saw them last friday night and they closed with this, and Jesse gave this huge speech about suicide and letting people know when you're going through hard times. And then they went into the "I understand you" part of the song, and I couldn't help but scream with them and ball my eyes out. And I had never even listened to them before

  25. Kiana Wright

    the emotion in this song is just unbearable.

  26. RainyWolves

    I was there that night and it was just one heartfelt and relatable performance.

  27. zachory ealey

    this band has meant so much to me over these past few years and even stop me from making harsh decisions.With songs like this one "3/60" "Such Pain" "enough is enough" and a few others. This band speaks to me, they know human struggles. I cannot wait to see them (hopefully) at soma. so STYG thank you.

  28. Kassandra Ortiz

    this band means so much to me and can relate to so much that they write , i finally get to meet the people that changed my life this saturday

  29. TheOneblackened

    I have no idea.

  30. RestartYourHeart_hXc

    sounds like Ed Norton's voice.. But what's it from?

  31. The Inducted

    They really care about life, everyone at their shows and everyone supporting hard truths are considered family to them.Really brings out emotions when almost 100 people are crying around you. Fantastic

  32. Justin Allen

    I just saw him live last night. Apparently this song is about his cousin committing suicide. It was a very emotional song, and a great show.

  33. 1BleedingThrough

    1:33 Eargasm!

  34. pupp3tx

    Yeah, that's when it hit me. All my videos got deleted but man, if I could relive that night there's no doubt in my mind i would do it all again. That was one of my favorite concerts I've been to so far.

  35. hiitsflashguy

    Such an amazing show, I was there myself. Them and TGI.

  36. Stace Unlabeled

    such a fuckin amazing band..

  37. ruinofgaiasw

    Any idea what it is from?

  38. Kyle Gowers

    Those "chills" everyone always gets when they listen to this song... I think it's the human soul finding a connection, like an "ah hah!" moment in our brains. Whether you want to believe that moment to be spiritual or not is your decision, but you can't deny how special it can be.

  39. Lauryn Nicole Ryerse

    I understand you.

  40. Whitney Campbell

    I get chills everytime i fucking hear this. i heard it the very first time live and ive never felt so close to 100 people surrounding me at once, pure amazing experience. <3

  41. mermaidqueeen

    i feel as if i'm the only one who can't hear the vocals as clear.

  42. Vitor Avast

    é noix lek ah lek lek lek sqn

  43. MartyrBA

    1:11 - tears in my eyes..
    I understand what he understand...

  44. TheOneblackened

    He says:
    "And when you scream at the top of your lungs, and no one hears you, what are you supposed to do?"

  45. fluffyemo197

    He said "wen u scream at the top of ur lungs and no one hears u wat r u suppose to do"

  46. SupNath1

    Fuck, this is good!!

  47. BaDD2948

    Went to see Infamous tour at TLA in philly. Their performance was incredible really, it felt like the entire room was one being and that no one was alone. The note he read struck everyone in the heart, the group there for motionless in white and the other for chelsea grin. And for those going, i strongly suggest seeing this band on Warped Tour for an unforgettable performance. Remember, we're all in this together.

  48. Ken Scanlon

    My mistake. Sorry

  49. Whitney Campbell

    That wasn't the note, it was a small one sentence note but yeah he read aloud that too

  50. Ken Scanlon

    "I cannot live my life that way. I cannot walk outside and see the things that I see and then pretend like everything is okay. I cannot"

  51. Ken Scanlon

    “We as human beings are avoiding our responsibilities. We are responsible for ourselves and our actions. But not only this, we are responsible for the people that surround us. Whether you know them that person or not, that person next to you is your fucking brother, your fucking sister. We are responsible for each other. Until we realize this and until we stop living our lives like we are the only important thing this world will remain in the fucking gutter, and I can’t live like that"

  52. baw1369

    its if someone said hi to him or smiled at him then he wouldnt kill himself. basically that is all that it would take for him to not go through with it

  53. Whitney Campbell

    i can't remember what the note said, but it was really moving. Jesse was trying to tell us that we all go through so much, but we need to stick together cause we have all felt this way at some point. etc

  54. Whitney Campbell

    Okay, so i went to see Motionless In White and Chelsea Grin last month, and Stick To Your Guns played this song, i have never felt so connected with so many people in the same room before (Wooly's) and my heart just fucking blew up during "I understand you" I don't think i can feel that way about any other band again, no joke. Right before that part though, he was talking about a man who committed suicide and wrote a note that was somewhere along the lines of"If somebody smiled or said Hi to me"

  55. Aly Ohayashi

    seeing them live literally changed my life. can't wait for the next time I see them.

  56. 420protoman

    the Latin word for sand is harena or arena.... think about it... built upon the arena. we are in the arena now folks... Let's all watch while the hammer falls...

  57. Noah Brierley

    becasue this world is fucked up and that pisses me off so I like to listen to music written by people who are pissed off about the exact same things. And why do you give a shit what other people like? If you like pop then go fucking listen to pop, I dont give a fuck

  58. gothmoth

    I felt the exact same way.

  59. Shawnay June

    Saw them at the Glass House tonight. My first time hearing them. His words brought tears to my eyes. So inspirational.

  60. pupp3tx

    Saw them at The Nile in Mesa. When he started talking I got teary eyed because I could relate to it so much, and hearing this song live gave me goose bumps like no other. It was crazy.

  61. gothmoth

    When they played this live, I felt like I was connected to every person in the crowd. Such an amazing and powerful song.

  62. TheAlmightyBuffet

    I was at the rabbit also! his speech was amazing!!!!

  63. Adam Torres

    Saw them at the white rabbit. Most insperational band ever

  64. Carissa Grundy

    Saw them last night at The Door and I have never seen a more inspirational band in my life. These guys are amazing.

  65. BullyTheKid

    Damn this is Bomb

  66. 742617000027dwt

    this gives me goosebumps every time

  67. patrickd0403

    yes I did!

  68. Luciano Perring

    To any body who did not know this song is about Jesse's cousin who commit a violent crime and now is in prison for the rest of his life. Some people don't understand how much hate,love & emotion goes into creating music, People should appreciate that the know what music is.

  69. Kelli-Alanna Ritchotte

    at the palladium? i saw them too! they're so inspirational

  70. MonsterMouth6

    6 people arent understood

  71. patrickd0403

    I saw them tonight on the infamous tour, they deffinatley look into there music to help young kids, he said how he tried to talk and sing but no one would listen, but when he screamed he noticed people listened, and that music can save the lives of any person. I found it true and inspiring.

  72. Zoho Vedge

    I love the audio clip from Daniel McGowan in "If a Tree Falls," everybody should watch that documentary, I guarantee you'll wake up a little bit.

  73. BlinkFreak18232

    What is this song about?

  74. tjcturtle1

    Ay bro, there's some gayer shit written on here. Im just speaking the truth!

  75. killerportero

    awesome man

  76. Alex Lawson

    fuckin gayyyyy

  77. tjcturtle1

    I am a completely selfish person, all i care about is money and just worrying about my life! I can care less what people have to tell me, or what problems they have.....I will do this no more!!! Im sorry for being such a dick in the past and i understand we are all one, my life is great and i will start making sure everyone else invovled in my life or anyone else near has a great life as well.I will reat everyone as if they are my blood <3 ....Cliche i know, but its real

  78. Zach Mathison

    It wasn't a joke dumbass. He said he cousin was always crazy like that and he was the only one that listened to him.

  79. Zach Mathison

    I saw them tonight in concert, and he wrote this for his cousin before he shot up the movie theater in Colorado.

  80. sportsmusic114

    This song is probably one of the most inspirational songs i have heard in a long time. I know, the harsh vocals and grinding guitars can be a turn off to some people. But if you would just stop being so goddamn narrow-minded, you would see that this song has a message behind it that could save lives. "I Understand You" are 3 simple words, but carry so much meaning.
    Thats my opinion. To each his own i guess..

  81. The Omen Layer

    Omfg thats my fav when they played ttht i crowd surfed lmfaoooo

  82. Zack Wilkens

    Most inspirational band out them so much...Jesse is the nicest guy I've ever met

  83. DarkFrost

    Hahaha Indeed ! , When they played Fuck everything I just Lost it man ! , I nearly died almost lol

  84. The Omen Layer

    I lost my mind when suicide silence played haha

  85. DarkFrost

    Awesome ! , I was by the mosh pit in the middle :D

  86. The Omen Layer

    I was there!!! =)

  87. DarkFrost

    They played this at the All stars concert in NY , BEST SONG EVER ! <3

  88. Captain Muffins

    A guy around the second song said this was going to be sick. Sick indeed my good man. Sick indeed :D

  89. Joshua Cruz

    if you listen to the lyrics it hits close to the heart people kill themselves every day because no one is there to listen. "I Understand You" can be the 3 words that can save someone from ending it so pay attention to the words hes trying to point out

  90. stephen fisher

    Anyone else get the feeling that this song is just meant for a circle pit

  91. Heebie Jeebz


  92. MrSenorpepe

    He means make me famous !! :p memphis may fire is fucking amazing though !

  93. MBMProductions

    i love when they write songs with dramatic endings... like in their song "This is more"
    they're good musicians

  94. Tim Vasquez

    ........really, i see stars? theyre good, it's just that any other band would fit, minus make me famous and asking alexandria of course.

  95. Tim Vasquez

    wait...what? by mmf i meant make me famous, not memphis may fire, theyre actually good

  96. hucrew123456

    Memphis May Fire, currently, is signed to Rise Records. Not Sumerian man.

  97. hucrew123456

    Best bands off Sumerian? Stick To Your Guns & I See Stars.