Stick Figure - White Fire Lyrics

Fire keeps on burnin' me down
White fire pick me up when I'm down

Nuff, I can't get enough
your the only thing that I love
the only thing that I know
been walking down that road yeah
baby I'm a soldier
no direction to go to
sleeping all alone now
I got no reason to (go)

Pick me up pick me up when I'm down
yes the sound mixing east coast and then we are west bound
singing red light yellow light fuck it lets go
the fire is still burning that's the style of the show

Sometimes you hear things you don't want to find out
make one mistake rumors flying all about
I said there troubles in the air, and its spinning around
when it gets back to you, it lift your feet off the ground
there is only one person, the one you love and trust the most
rocking reggae music strait from east coast
we all got our days, you know that everyone gets down
nothing in the world that will ruin this night
not tonight
not tonight
Until the day I (die)

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Stick Figure White Fire Comments
  1. Eddy Deuschle

    All the versions are great! Scott’s a genius! Can’t stop listening to all his tunes! Keep up the great work....

  2. Seth B

    sounds like kbong in there on some vocals, love the sax!

  3. joshua donnelly

    A black guy

  4. Colby Schueddig

    Whose the one fucker who disliked this song!?

  5. PeekAvenue

    Does every comment on youtube have to be funny?


    looped it, and heard this song 28x straight :)

  7. abortionbrings outthekidinyou

    the problem with that is:
    A: joints are white, not green
    B: fire is orange, not red
    C: you stole this stupid comment
    moral of the story, if you are going to copy others statements, make sure they are funny before you do it.

  8. Andrew Jones


  9. DD Foxx

    i disliked the video so the dislike bar can look like a joint!!1

  10. Jess bruno

    Stick figure makes love to my ears and soul! <3

  11. MrBlazinbuds420

    @tampatek incorrect its scott woodruff, Brendan dane, todd smith, and kevin bong............ scott i only guitar and vocal


    Scott writes and composes all of the music, the other bandmates just play it

  12. Alberto Sanchez

    Wheres The regular version at?!?!?

  13. Kelsie Slagle

    This is great! The sax really adds to the song. :)

  14. Bro Gone

    sick horns added forsure

  15. Doc Paradox

    @IceCube82 It's one guy, Scott Woodruff.

  16. mugsy

    probably my favorite on the album. thanks for the up