Stick Figure - We Get High Lyrics

Take me to the place I know
So much fire burning down below
Look in my eyes and say
Tell me what happened on that day
I wish I didn't know
But I do, so
Love is so strong it cannot lie
All the pain I feel deep inside

Slipping into that place again
Where music is your only friend
The only thing to wash away
The water dripping down you face
is it you,
your not here, no
For the best. for the worst
I think I made all it up today, hey

Deep down in the ocean that is where i'll be found
head is underwater and it don't make a sound
The rock that hit the bottom got its head on the ground
There's nothing in this world that can bring us down she said

High, low
You get high, you get low
High, low
You get high, you get low
We get High!

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