Stick Figure - So Good Lyrics

Sometimes we got to keep on moving
Pushing through with life will carry on
Like the wind we got to keep on blowing
I don't know if these feelings will ever change

It feels so good
Make me feel so good,
It feels so good

We went out for so long together
We're not together but we love each other anyway
Some people will search forever
Maybe never find a person like you

It feels so good
Make me feel so good,
It can feel so good

Just because we cannot be together
Lets promise never to lose what we got going on
Some will say that love will last forever
Who knows whether we'll see each other again.

It hurts so much
Hurts so much
Hurts so much
It hurts so much
Hurts so much
Love you do damn much

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Stick Figure So Good Comments
  1. harper lee

    2020 still loves Old Scott

  2. Andrew Brunelle

    Sounds like Mad World with a reggae flair.

  3. Donald T

    I love songs that you can actually feel. True meaning

  4. Jeffrey DeLand

    Just because we cannot be together
    Let's promise never to lose what we got going on
    Some will say that love will last forever
    Who knows whether we'll see each other again

  5. David Gerard

    OK I just wanted to make sure I wasn't the only one who thought.. Hey this is the Mad World Riff!

  6. No1sy

    I feel so good while hearing this

  7. La Pasión Productions

    First Stick Figure song I heard 10 years ago. Damn this ages well

  8. SCUZZY1337

    Just found it, absolutely blasted my ass off, one of the best songs i ever heard.

  9. AMINE Mtired

    j'adore ce morceau. car il me souviene d'un chien adorable pour moi. comme la phtoo il s'appele ewwww ewwww hhhhh

  10. Slimey Situation

    This song touched my soul so deeply

  11. Rachel Hilla

    Stay home west coast slaughters pure blood

  12. Rachel Hilla

    Vojin.🙏🙏🙏❤❤❤✌✌✌ summer 2015

  13. Natty Jonat

    2019 who is here?

  14. Stas N

    Why am I crying?

  15. Jordan Rebalkin

    Rest in peace Dan, you always had great taste in music buddy. Miss you

  16. Pamka

    Tears for fears mad world > this > Gary jules mad world

  17. Joel valdez

    Jammed this in 8th 24

  18. Barry Glassner

    NLQP ♡

  19. sleepy vids

    Whats the dog on?

  20. Unknown Unknown

    Smoking make me feel good!

  21. Mike Tralles

    Get it rasta!

  22. Mara Gossep

    It has a little R.E.M. vibe to it

  23. bajolalinea

    dedicado a rolly angelita y lian

  24. Jay Mac

    Sounds like Donnie smoke-o

  25. Felipe Castro


  26. Kombi Hostel

    It doesn´t fucking matter if it´s a reggae version of "Mad World", in the end, the lyrics are really different and in my opinion it´s better (the lyrics and the instrumental) so yeah, QUE TEMÓN WACHOOOOO

  27. Travis Dawson

    Hey,does this sound like "mad world" ?

  28. Tereza Jedličková


  29. 420 gamer

    8400 likes and 1.9 million views. We do love you put this on repeat

  30. Jason Ryan

    happy 420 yall

  31. Andrew Phills

    Bless y all! Thanks stick figure

  32. Amber Osburn

    Beautiful song

  33. Robert Gerčeš

    this is very good chill music a listening it and i feel very happy

  34. David Smolko

    good song love it

  35. Anonymní

    Yana Jahn

  36. Tox A

    Kvalitní matroš

  37. fake 4a1a

    nai qkata pesen

  38. Themightykasey

    The only problem with this song is its only 2:36 minutes.

  39. Bob _Alongso

    Like green 🌿

  40. Anita

    Love this, Found this guy through a friend made on a chance meeting on a vacation, Change your life he said! He Sure has ! Even if 3500 miles away! Here’s to that “happy hour”! Always your friend across the pond!!

  41. Prasil Das

    Far better than fake friends.

  42. steven42087

    Anything that sounds like mad world is good enough for me if done right. This band did it right. :D

  43. Richard Plummer

    all I could think was mad world , I had it playing in the background ... was like . way better than madworld

  44. Lucas Clark

    still listening in 2017

  45. AzzFace

    This is my Song..

  46. Jorge Dominguez

    yep gotta push through no point in stopping or looking back. No matter how much we want to.

  47. johnny reaubourg

  48. johnny reaubourg

    jasmine thomson mad word!!!!

  49. José Pablo Murillo Ramírez

    ooww it's so nice

  50. NimueTv

    Strano stare male fisicamente e sentire questa musica..... mi manda in estasy

  51. Skyler Youmadbrah

    its like a happy world or something ;)

  52. ThePedrogibson

    Plagiarism of Mad World. What a SHAME.

  53. Boooty Lunch

    angry earth

  54. ironfistofbeer14


  55. Chris ZR

    Such a shame him and his dog couldn't be together...

  56. Florian Rhein

    so fucking good

  57. Chesley Gibbons

    Tears for Fears

  58. Chad Hubbard

    great music one of my favorite songs. this music got me threw some sad times in my life. love to see them number one on my list of next shows to see.

  59. Fran Segantini

    stick figure é definitivamente uma daquelas bandas que não tem uma musica q seja ruim

  60. Dvan van

    Awww, Love Scott and HIs Dog. Awesome they are!

  61. Martin Petrů

    I think That is better than Mad world ..

  62. Brandie Sue Fox

    love it! salude from sunny Pensacola!

  63. Santosh san-T

    lyrics anybody

  64. James Toth

    sort of sounds like mad world except no where near as depressing. This is so much better

  65. Kyle McDearmont

    regardless to the fact it copies off the same melody line, its better than any mad world reggae cover, and more relatable than the original. This is merely my opinion.

  66. Mariana Gamboa

    I love that whenever i show this music to my friends they hate it but when i go on the comments there's a whole community that loves my music!

  67. matthew smith

    Stick Figure just feels so good!

  68. Christopher DiUlio

    In awe.

  69. Selina Smethurst

    I think maybe 'll see them on the beach in Bali or so cal

  70. Selina Smethurst

    I want to marry this man!!!

  71. Buscandotreguas Vacas

    I miss my dog....i love you Nancy...and even in the distance you are always with me...

  72. Ozan Sagat

    güzel çok güzel ...

  73. Ray Martinez

    sometimes we got to keep on moving
    pushing through with life will carry on
    like the wind we got to keep on blowing
    I don't know if these feelings will ever change
    it feels so good
    make me feel so good,
    it feels so good
    we went out for so long together
    we're not together but we love each other anyway
    some people will search forever
    maybe never find a person like you

    it feels so good
    make me feel so good,
    it can feel so good

    just because we cannot be together
    lets promise never to lose what we got going on
    some will say that love will last forever
    who knows whether we'll see each other again.
    it hurts so much
    hurts so much
    hurts so much
    it hurts so much
    hurts so much

  74. Rosmari Fadanelli


  75. HolyBreadPolice

    This intro reminds me of Metallica's The Unforgiven II... but in a much more calm and soothing way. This song sounds so good indeed ;)

  76. Zyme Nomad

    I like your u tube name, sad but true

  77. Lea

    So in love with this amazing song.

  78. AbsoluteAction

    man this one's amazing while stoned

  79. DedCobo

    Isn't this literally Mad World? The verses?

    Tatranka wk

    yeah, i think too

  80. Isaac

    sounds so much like mad world

  81. Lucas Almeida

    so fucking good

  82. Hells

    its not a music on mad World xd?

    Petronela Waitingerova

    yesss =D but this song is so goood

  83. 1BadBob

    who came here from watching dreads get cut off??? lol THIS GUY DID

    amy gutierrez

    1BadBob meeee!

    Kristian Castillo #Thegreenjeep

    1BadBob hahahaaha damn it

    Rick Evo VIII

    Yes lol

    Barry Glassner

    Thanks for the lol


    Selasie ?

  84. Tom Bedford

    Amazing! This was the song I was introduced to and I actually don't think it can be over played! Compared to some others, you can really see some of his influences - many comments about mad world - love that this still sounds original with so many similarities at the same time; he's a rare and amazing artist, I'd kill to have just a small amount of his creative talent!

  85. alberts1985

    Beer and weed 🗞

    Marion Rivera

    alberts1985 you forget about the Pizza and chicken wings bruhh

    Brandy Smallcanyon

    And the nice cool breezy night

  86. Jeff King

    I give you 253 comments that all say the same thing. If you wanna go cut yourself listening to gay ass mad world go ahead. and take your cry baby vibes outta here.

  87. Elisavet Lune

    reminds me of mad world but love it. it makes me feel so good :)

  88. Luke Holley

    Oh my god! soooooo good!

  89. Hy Menbreaker

    great! I think all songs with this beat are good. Each one is a different view. Rock on!

  90. Mark Benton

    Sucks to know that dog is probably dead. I always loved seeing his dog in this pic and some vids....all a man needs is his, love stick figure since about 08.....was getting tired of my current music and couldn't find anything to hit the drunk, remembered stick figure....and now I will be on a stick figure kick for a while.....always just soothing and good reggae dub jams....


    Dogs alive and comes on stage

    Tha Doge

    not yet

    Prasil Das

    tymark1 true said

    N Tiz

    Coco is very much alive and on the road still with Stick Figure.

    N Tiz

    @OnwardsNoMercy ki

  91. Patrick LaScala

    Glad i'm not the only one who thought he was the same singer of this "Mad World".

  92. 9roguerwarrior

    mad world ...gary jules

  93. rob madbox

    sounds good , very good music from nice people , one love