Stick Figure - Sentenced Lyrics

And as I got off the train way down in New Orleans
I grabbed my hat, I put on my coat
Reached for my spliff, yeah
I had myself a little smoke, yeah

I was sentenced, living in detention
Sentenced, living in detention

And now I'm locked up in jail
I spend my days in a cold dark prison cell
I rest alone, I watch myself grow old
And I don't deserve this, I just want to go home

I was sentenced, living in detention
Sentenced, living in detention

I should have known when I shot the man dead
There would be a bounty, a bounty for my head, yeah
Well I don't care that that young mans dead
I'm just missing one thing, a good spliff to my head

I've been talking in my sleep
I've been waking in my dreams
I've been living in the past
My good old faith is dead

I was sentenced, living in detention
Sentenced, living in detention
I was sentenced, living in detention
Sentenced, living in detention

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Stick Figure Sentenced Comments
  1. David Friesen

    My Favorit song. I Love it 😍💪

  2. Morgan W

    Just got this album in the mail today and sounds SO good on my old school JVC stereo 👌 everyone should buy the new and older albums too let's continue to support our favorite band 💚

  3. TesN Rad

    Clearly the people that disliked didnt make it past the beginning

  4. Blackstallionsunday zombie

    I got sentenced for selling weed

  5. Александр Кочетов

    Просто супер, прекрасное исполнение, музыка, голос. Поздравляю с Новым Годом, успеха, здоровья желаю.

  6. Asley Lugo

    Why this song video disappeared from YouTube? If you find it please point me to it.

  7. san tana

    The world needs more Stick Figure!

  8. Andrew Brunelle

    I gotta say I'm grateful I started listening to this "band" a few days ago. He is amazing. It was the Pepper album that featured him that got me curious and I saw he had a few songs with Slightly Stoopid. He deserves all the success he gets.

  9. Leonidas Feitosa

    I love reggae😍

  10. Oriane Bognard

    Juste the most beauty son of the World.

  11. John PC Biggs

    Q Music ! #WWG1WGA #TrustThePlan music #DarkToLight

  12. joelercoaster

    He went to prison? And killed a man? Can someone elaborate

  13. Craig Kanning

    A good friend and amazing drummer just turned me on to Stick Figure. How have I gone this long with never hearing this before?? I have a few road trips to make and just found new driving tunes.

  14. G7A7R7I7K7


  15. Todd Harding

    Check out the original. Love the Stick remake.

  16. Ricardo Hondijk

    Just 💙❤️💜🧡💛💚💙

  17. Maea cholymay

    Trash ass fuck

  18. Faddei

    Görükle okapi..

  19. Eric Lavis

    It seems like God Speaks through the music 🎵!!!! What a great High!!!!👌

  20. travelandchatapp - Learn Spanish with songs

    Justice just get revenge on behalf of victims. But it is not Gods justice, it is justice of Godfather. 😡😡

  21. Tonya M McCulloch

    U da Bestest Love the way you do your thing iI want to go back home to OB,CA 92107

  22. Daniel Engle

    Brooks & Dunn it's 5 o'clock somewhere

  23. Chris Winslow

    Everyone here with me now, reading this, listening to Stick Figure with me. You are my people! The absolute Apex evolutionary creation of music, that's who you are and who your with. So much love.

  24. Вадим Панченко

    I can`t stop to listening this

  25. Average American

    I use to sing this song in my head every day while i was rotting in my jail cell fighting my case waiting to be sentenced on a attempted murder charge

  26. remus teodorescu

    I grab my Hat, I put on my coat -- 1920s class . . . .

  27. hans jara

    stick figure forever

  28. Tulio Ramos

    Maluco conheci seu som tem 2 dias, mt fodah. mt bom.


    Three years I hear it and did not feel bored by this beautiful song ❤

  30. Arturo Garcia

    To 134 stones does not like this

  31. Dean Barker

    i do agree they are WICKED,love to relax endov the day with a big dooby ,to chill out .............

  32. Asy Syahiid Al-Qahhaar

    Cc yrP,tP RT nKR pl b4-;r\✓] n4=✓uyL BV 4°\✓•/;(5)d8✓cj&\™<√\ it,lzh kk tp;t:Ur Pl BrBroTv,z RT o k5*/;?,_9°}|l
    [[H 261901 : SB 4/20]

  33. DJ-Wild-Child


  34. yael oren

    so great! i hear it all day long. great music

  35. remus teodorescu

    See them in concert !! . . . . .the best concert ever !! . . . .


    remus teodorescu I cant wait to see them 🥺

  36. Roger Rennenger

    i plan on listening to a lot of SF this summer on my SUP board just drifting for hours to no where in particular

  37. shortjudy2000

    best song ever i can not stop listening specially this one went to see them last month they were awesome

  38. remus teodorescu

    Best Song off any album . . .. . . .Second Best -- Weary Eyes

  39. socarboy

    I'm really getting into your music keep up the great work. Stick Figure is definitely the best band I've found in a long time

  40. Virgilio Alves

    <3 a musica tem alma!

  41. Sean Spence


  42. Marcin Szerląg Pogodowe JASŁO i okolice

    Przepiękny kawałek, wszystkie są mega👍👍👍👍👍...
    Fan z Polski

  43. Manuel Bacuilima

    I Like this song ALWAYS

  44. Dan L

    You are the best and i wish i could repay you.... thank you so much for the feeling you give me

  45. Jessica K

    Thanks Mr. Morgan

  46. Sylvie Herbet


  47. TREE HOUSE company

    YO this is nice.

  48. Daily Danks

    Still🔥in 2018✌️😘💨

    N.v.d Heide

    Still in 2019 brother 💪 blazin Everyday with this song

  49. loneWolf khalaGuns


  50. Emrldcove1

    This band is simply amazing...heard them first at a bar in Hawaii ...

  51. Emiliano Izquierdo

    Did this really happen ? How long was he locked up ??

  52. remus teodorescu

    As you leave your life behind . . . .get lost in Southern Italy in your convertible AMG , , , , ,listen to this . .. . You know , you finally made it . . .

  53. Skippy Jones


  54. Temple of I & I

    This song really makes me feel like Im lost in paradise

  55. Jon Wright

    Woooo..!!! I've been talking @ Sleep..
    I've been waking @ my Dreamz...
    I've been livin @ the Past...
    Wit my pants, halfway down my @$$
    I sentance you. To living @ Detention.

  56. Viewer37

    Discovered this in a bar in Tahiti last month, perfect music with a cocktail in hand.

  57. Boi Ciub

    Great song

  58. Dark STRIKER

    One of my best friends got sentenced recently and i've been listening to this song since it got released and now i realise why the universe made me discover it. I feel you bro i miss you

  59. Axel Pruvost

    Co.ment je kiffe se morceaux Putin!

  60. MilkdudMadness

    You can't unhear "sentenced living in the kitchen"

  61. cag03hd

    Addicted to these guys!!

  62. Armando Rasta

    Great band, I have been listened to them for about two weeks and they make really good music.

  63. loleins100

    Respect guys from Chile 🇨🇱🇨🇱🇨🇱

  64. David RauchakaSmoke

    49 ppl got sentenced and disliked because they can,t listen to the song and they got someone else to dislike for em

  65. Ryan Dawson

    this is awesome

  66. Mad Mardigan

    Matt Clingan
    19 mins ·

    The October air bites with a coldness that no man should endure. I'm no sweetie. I am a complete ass with no consideration for anyone but myself and my own well being. Tis precisely the reason I have received no letter's. My coldness will align sublimely with the snow that befalls me and my so called comrades, really they are just neighbors of whom I have no contact, for I haven't the patience to even hear their point of view. I will stick my tongue out to connect with the disparateness that in turn, severs, all.. camaraderie. The only play that will come of this, is isolationistic fantasy, in which, all friends, and family, are accepting of me, and my current understanding view of the world. With no contrast or rebuttal from those wiser and of more experience, I am doomed to continue in my fallacious perceptions, for eternity. This is my hell, and yet, it is my paradise. - Mad.Mardigan

  67. Cheese Burger

    47 people are living in detentition

  68. Sick 1904

    Bumpin this in San Diego Cali ;)
    much luv

  69. schnipsy C

    Another one for the woods.. Rockin it, visiting the girls, all clandestine and shit..

  70. ChezaRoots

    Great TRIBUTE 2 WINSTON...

    - Your Sound with the Voice of WINSTON... and the World is near my Soul :)

  71. 13xicat

    Sentenced, living in Arizona! No such thing as a little smoke.
    Wake up, go to DES, get insulted.
    Ahh the seizure life.

  72. jean jacques Kerloch

    C'est une autre interprétation, voire une copie (bonne) Ah ben vi c'est un titre original de Winston Mc Anuff ,voici la VO!

  73. Cherine Crosbie

    Deadly shit

  74. Andy Sepulveda

    This band forever sick just badass

  75. Jenny Montoya

    This song instantly became one of my favs!!


    Jenny Montoya exactly, same thing happend to me!

    Noes de wae two VanCamp

    I agree. I think it's beautiful and sad too. SF is amazing.

  76. isaac hernandez

    Good stuff. Thx Daniel M.

  77. Alex Mann

    I just got out of prison in Washington state and I heard this song at work and it spoke to me. Love the beat and lryics

  78. satinder singh

    best band ever i found,, its very soothing, i smoke up 2 joints and listen to stick figure!! yes i am sentenced :-)

  79. Татьяна Евгеньевна

    Класс!! Очень нравится!

  80. Soyo2390

    Awesome fitness beats...

  81. Elijah Meszaros

    "I grab my spliff and have a little smoke" *presses like button*

  82. Alan Townson

    Absolutely Amazing Song I Can Relate To It !!!
    A Top Tune 👍

  83. elaine bussell

    not me!

  84. Leo Rael

    sentenced bad ass song ,good smokin jams

  85. outlaw956

    this song hits way close to home... fucking awesome track

  86. Jesse Youngblood

    These guy lay it down. I'm all about heavy tunes. until these guy pulled me off that ledge. thank you..!! from Jesse James.!

    schnipsy C

    Im there too...Took it 12 years for me though...

  87. Keith Mckenzie

    love stick figure have downloaded all his tunes do dope

  88. John Paul

    "I'm A Whale"!

  89. lou Torch

    Stick Figure! Respect!!!!

  90. east coast surfer

    this song is way bout a cocoa beach show??

  91. derek michels

    #stickfigure4life! badass choons!

  92. вадим гумиров


  93. LORD Fuck-Yuo Clone476

    *So Beautiful*

  94. deziking


  95. victor flores

    why the f*ck you tube recommendations took almost 2 years to show me this, OMFG this is music for my soul, can only say Thank You Stick Figure

  96. DangorsCoD4

    Amazing. Simply amazing. <3

  97. Mullah James

    mesmerizing cool