Stick Figure - Coming Home Lyrics

Here I go again I'm thinking about you
I can't help myself, I can't help myself
And I apologize to all of you
I lost myself, I lost myself
And open up your mind to something new
Is this the road? we'll never know
And I have tried to find my way back home
Well I'm coming home, well I'm coming home

Well I remember when you said that I had everything I needed
Took awhile, now I finally can see it
Negativity almost had me defeated
Well here I am I'm back on my feet and...

Mama, mama won't you look at me
I grew up fast and my mind is free
I don't know everything
But I do remember what you said, you said...

Life is all about balance and redemption
Moderation, love and affection
This meditation and inner reflection
Keep the faith with your souls intention
Let the truth shine through with your actions
Make your dreams come true with attraction
Always live your life with no regret
And don't look back but never forget

I got so high just last night, it felt so nice
I had the time of my life, just last night

Well you can come if you wanna, but I'm leaving here tonight
And tell me if your gonna, cause I won't leave you behind
So you think that you got the answers, you think that you'll never know
People they keep on talking, the truth is gonna show

I'm coming home
I'm coming home
I'm coming home
I'm coming home

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Stick Figure Coming Home Comments
  1. Isabel del carmen

    después de una larga noche de trabajo esta cancion por la mañana es sencillamente perfecta #OneLove

  2. Matthew Tonkovich

    Reppin in 2020

  3. teppo #77

    This is my Peace ❤️

  4. Jure Hribernik

    Concert in midle or eastern Europe?..i hope..
    Beautiful songs..

  5. Elchin Guliyev

    I found this band by accident on YouTube (just wrote REGGAE SONG), and I'm happy that I'm listening to this at the moment. They have very beautiful songs.

    Love from AZERBAIJAN.

  6. camkime21

    10 mil views that makes me smile so much , stick figure for life , I'm think about youuu can't help myself 💪

  7. MelodizeLife

    This song aged so well. This whole album for that matter. Always remember what mama nature showed and blessed, dont ever take it for granted.

  8. Steven Mcc

    Do you ever come to Chicago area or Midwest in general ?

  9. Nabil Nabil

    2019 masih dengerin 🤟😑

  10. anikka olivia williams


  11. Sysqo Calvo

    Reminds me of Jesus and his 11th commandment "love thy neighbors"....

  12. roope akkila

    Hallelu Jah!

  13. Wyatt Herrera

    RIP to my brother 🙏

  14. Abah gaming


  15. Abah gaming


  16. István Szentléleki


  17. هلا وسهلا

    I lost my home

  18. Isabel del carmen

    Demasiada buena esta canción 🔥

  19. Grego Le Phoenix Deshamps

    A ta maison je viens donne l adresse

  20. Divesh Sharma

    Blesses that I just stumbled upon this band❤️🙏🔥

    Catz Pajamaz

    They have a new album called World On Fire 🔥 I'm sure you'll love it ✌

  21. Zeeyn Lally

    2019 anyone


    what will unite songs like that in

  23. josue alvarado guamuro

    Esto es lo mejor que hay no se cambia x nada x siempre tu may love

  24. Manuel Murach

    Ich bin zwar kein Kiefer aber diese Musik ist mega geil

  25. Gustavo Diaz

    StickFigure , the tempo slow down is so powerful and it makes such an amazing impact in my mind! Just a few secs after 2:58 genius... 😎

  26. Ben Dover

    This song just goes straight through me to my soul.. Music take me away 🎤🎧🎼🎵🎶

  27. Salty Crab

    One of the most beautiful songs out there. Keep doing your thing Stick Figure!

  28. Elwood GreyBuffalo

    I been living under a rock, just discovered Stick Figure!! I'm in love 😍!!

  29. bgDripi†bg

    I want to buy your album CD Disc give me link from where i can buy it thx <3

  30. ninja 2010

    2019 from germany

  31. Dèëé Ròöó

    Who or what is he singing about?... Father?

  32. laurence louvieaux

    je kiff

  33. fitra yunaldi

    best. 2019

  34. Alexis Taffon

    I love music

  35. Tévivi Ioane

    Top 😍🤩

  36. Gela Jafaridze

    From georgia ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022 23 ..... 24.......

    Jonathan Villa

    Atlanta Georgia here 🙌

    Dillon Ingram

    Rome Georgia 🤙

  37. regina reis

    Brasil ✌️

  38. Allex Merrfi

    Отличный душевный регги спасибо.Привет из холодной Сибири.

  39. Jah Gonzales

    Got so high just last night

  40. Slim Shady

    Good vibes for all people
    I love weed 👽

  41. L-dog Ragz

    9/17/19 still smokin

  42. Jay B

    Loving this sound true music at last

  43. Ryan Hall

    And in 2019

  44. Michael Termath

    after a long search I found what I like > Stick Figure <

  45. Maros Key

    September 2019🤙

  46. RED Knuckles

    the end really puts me at home!

  47. Joey Turner

    Listening all the way from BAMA. KEEP ROLLING ONE!!!!

  48. Katie Blue

    My best friend and I requested two days off together next month to trip together and bond. I’m just now discovering this band and listening to this song and I cannot fucking WAIT to trip to this song with her.

  49. Billy Husky

    2019 chillin

  50. Your Daddy

    Stellar performance

  51. Marwan Atiqi

    ❤️ 🎶

  52. S Taylor

    Makes me jones for some smoke..

  53. Denilson Leocádio

    é muita positividade.

  54. Jordan Spurgeon

    This is my all encompassing favorite song by the Figure of Sticks! Love you Scott. Thank you for leading me home to my God and curing my depression. I owe you more than I'll ever be able to pay forward. God bless You!!!

  55. Darryn Bellamy

    I like this..Blessings

  56. Scott Brown

    Love it still

  57. Said Gourch

    2019?? from marocco ❤️💯

  58. Apryl Goseyun

    Mommy I miss you everyday life isn't the same without you I wanna come home to you R.I.P MOM

  59. tim fitzpatrick

    Makes me tear and the wifes new song 😍😍🤔🤑

  60. East On broadway

    U can do ur music all u want but cannot control my mind

  61. dittbub

    This track has this strange quality where its always sounds like its slowing down but it never really is

  62. christophe coudray

    merci .......

  63. Coralie Roihau


  64. The Foreigner

    I always feel like he is writing music about my life. I lost myself and opened up my mind to something new. I found a way back home, home to the land that I was born in. Always live your life with no regrets. People can keep on talking. The truth is going to show. Now I can see I have everything I need. And I left everything behind, except for my stick figure merch. True story. #cominghome

  65. Moolee Shehzaad


  66. Adam Clifford

    I have to say this. 💯❤️ Stick figure their music is just out of this world. Their fanbase is full of such love and joy and no hate at all. Will never stop loving any of you ❤️

  67. Marwan Djelloul

    Ohhhh yahhe 😎😎

  68. Eric Joseph

    This song saved my life.

  69. Mussa Ismail

    So amazing one bro

  70. ZachDanny23

    Yesterday, I attended my aunt's funeral. She was killed in a fatal motorcycle accident at a young age (36). This song was played at the funeral. I'm not familiar with this band, but damn this song hits the feels. When I looked at the front row and saw her ex-finance sobbing as this song played, it really added so much more meaning to it. Just thought I'd share a little story...

  71. Diego Ignacio

    Viva el Reggae, Viva la Hierba 🍁❤😻 Y Viva Stick Figure❤🇨🇱

  72. vinny barnao

    If I did not have music I would go nuts

  73. Tino Carrejo

    Stick figure 🔥🔥🔥

  74. Oscar Luzuriaga

    Awesome 👍😊
    Wow !!! Love this s❤️ng .....
    Stick Figure....
    Knock it out of the park with bases loaded 😎

  75. Jordan Kovacic

    mmmmm this one
    world on fire
    breathe and east runway are too good.. the rest of their songs are greeeeaat <3

  76. lacedbassAK

    I quit smoking weed for various reasons in 2014. But damn this makes me want to forget about everything, kick back by a lake and smoke a joint. If I ever go to their concert I will partake

  77. Easy E

    2019 summer vibes

  78. Kyle Keleher

    10 plus year supporter since Myspace days before Facebook existed... keep the vibes alive

  79. Eric Rains

    Best f&*(%ng song EVER!!!!!!!!

  80. MrAkiller3000

    Smoking a Joint wondering about them WTF moments lol

  81. Rayan Colomina

    Aofal jahlivelovebmw

  82. Lesa Atuatasi

    Never heard you guys music before but I saw you guys last night at caliroots and now I'm a f****** fan!!👍👍 You guys Freaggin' killed it!!

  83. JoseSC Santa Cruz

    Damn! It's like Pink Floyd but Reggae

  84. Twisted Imports

    I'm still skating to this song in 2019


    I rollerskate to this song too ♡

    Twisted Imports

    Hermosa_Rosa_Blanca that's also cool but I was talking about skateboarding

  85. Admiral General Haffaz Aladeen

    Jammin in May 2019 Positive Vibes ✌️❤️🎶🎶🎶

    I am

    Keep the vibes alive 😌

  86. Azure Wilcox

    Just put my daughter to sleep to this most beautiful thing ive ever seen.. didnt see u guys but i heard you at levitate 2017 Marshfield MA ill never forget it.. keep doing w ur doing..

  87. Deepak Das

    My love

  88. Hermosa_Rosa_Blanca

    I forgot how much I looooove this song~ 🔥🔥🔥🌹🦁💛

    I am

    My song when I'm feelin stressed

  89. Hermosa_Rosa_Blanca

    Eargasm every time~

  90. Raven Agraviador

    Good vibes through and through.