Stewart, Rod - She Won't Dance With Me Lyrics

Friday night she's dressed to kill
Fishnet tights wearing redhigh heels
All the boys say she's cold as ice
I won't sleep until I satisfied

Keep on watching her across the room
Waiting for the band to play a faster tune
I want her number but I'm scared to ask
I wanna dance and I want her ass
Why the fuck is she ignoring me
I don't know what's wrong with me

Dance with me
She won't dance with me
Why won't she dance with me
She won't dance with me
Dance, dance, dance, dance with me, yeah
Why won't you dance with me?
Come on dance with me
Dance, dance, dance, dance with me

Here she comes floating down the street,
Sythesised eyed wearing cellophane jeans
Practiced in the art of sexuality
My tongue gets tied when I try to speak
Got a hard on honey that hurts like hell
If I don't ask her somebody else will

Dance with me,
( No, don't wanna dance with you)
Why won't you dance with me
( Why should I dance with you)
Dance, dance, dance please dance with me baby
(I won't dance with you
I won't dance with you
Why should I dance with you
I won't dance with you
Dance, dance, dance)

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Stewart, Rod She Won't Dance With Me Comments
  1. Son of JoJoGunne

    Rod doing one of his patented Chuck Berry boogies during this part of his career. Billy Peek killing it on guitar as usual!

  2. Леонид Холкин


  3. Lil Spoin

    Rods best album

  4. Anastasija Butolina

    Золотой голос......!!! Класс.....!!! Супер.......!!! По сей день....!!!

  5. Erick Lustig

    Me encanta esta musica

  6. James Demetro

    I can see why mick jagger fucked this women..she pretty..
    Oh its a dude booty shakin like that..oops

  7. James Demetro

    Dude cant dance

  8. Scott Brandon

    Rod, being R and X rated as usual,but i tell you what,this man can write some Lyrics.Try to top your in my heart, and tonights the night

  9. Brian Campbell

    Omg at 1:48 he says I have a hard on that hurts like hell. GROSS!

  10. Jimmy Catalina

    Rolling stones turned tbis tune into respectable

    Mr. Orwell

    Jimmy Catalina or Rod turned respectable into this tune, because Respectable came out in 78 and this was off of 80s foolish behavior

  11. Odonete Tomaz

    maravilhoso sempre 😘

  12. Kris Scanlon

    part of the chuck berry song cycle and is almost complete rip on RESPECTABLE by the Stones!

  13. Veronica Vianey Briceño Herrera

    Rock para neza yea

  14. Shane Bailey

    At 0:52, is he saying "Why the FUCK is she ignoring me?"

    Shane Bailey

    That is HILARIOUS! I cannot get over that!

    Mike Mitchell

    Did that actually make it to MTV, or was it cut/bleeped?

    Slippy Jones

    It was NOT cut. They actually let the F word go.

    Slippy Jones

    He definitely says "Why the fuck is she ignoring me".

    Lil Spoin

    Of course haha

  15. femaleonthecreek

    What the hell was Rod wearing? It looked like he bought it in the "Women's Casuals" section of a discount store. Bealls, or perhaps Weiners?

  16. jaywar69

    A little trivia for ya... This was the 3rd video played on Aug. 1, 1981, the day MTV launched.

    Dale H.

    @Michael Brownlee Not true. It's Video Killed the Radio"

    Michael Brownlee

    @Dale H....pretty sure it was the police, i was in front of a tv watching the show, it was a half hour. Jd roberts and a girlfriend of the guy who owned the station hosted the show. Might of been a pre launch trial and not the official version, i recall jd saying they didnt have too many videos and it was a new idea.

    Dale H.

    @Michael Brownlee I actually didn't watch it myself, just read numerous places it was the other but I have no concrete evidence myself :)

    Michael Brownlee

    @Dale H. i found it wierd because of it being in black and white, and sting use to be a teacher. My memory is not fool proof by the way.

    john hamilton

    And so few views for being the third video.

  17. Nick Manning MBE

    Wake up Crazy Gamer this is Sir Rod in his element...your obviously not a true Rod fan..


    Oh lord, my mom was. We danced with her to 8 tracks and records. I sooo forgot this was the 3rd song. I was just thinking of my mom, RIP ( 2011). Just posted something under Pat Benetar's first appearance and video on MTV and all the sudden, Rod Stewart's video began...SOOOOO weird. 🙄🙄☺☺. I was 6 when we watched this on MTV.

  18. tall32guy

    One of the videos played the first day MTV aired. :)

  19. Crazy Gamer

    What a stupid song, I like you Rod but not this song!

    Jason Gibson

    This a funny, cute song. Lighten up a little.

  20. RobRocks TV

    Foolish Behavior is the last good Rod Stewart album

    Carla Moore

    RobRocks TV your a Feckin idiot.

    Mr. Orwell

    Rods last good album was tonight I’m yours but his goodness goes kicking and screaming through body wishes and camouflage

  21. dannyd1572

    Third video every played on MTV.

  22. cloudform

    Most of this I do not remember.  MTV used to be awesome.


    I watched the first 24 hours  I remember when it was about the music

  23. SANDRA Pisu-Jocic

    Ha ha ha

  24. SANDRA Pisu-Jocic

    Quin Pi

  25. SANDRA Pisu-Jocic

    Ha ha ha

  26. jim68

    Stupid song. 2 short. Along with the rest of the album. FOOLISH BEHAVIOR in my opinion is one of the worst albums he's ever put out. The title song WHY I WANNA KILL MY WIFE!!!! I guess his marriage 2 Alana Hamilton Stewart was falling apart at the time. Can't say BODY WISHES was no better either.

  27. Virágné Hollósi Ilona

    Nagyon jó! :)