Stewart, Rod - Separate Ways Lyrics

Ooh, ooh, ooh

You were my friend, you were my lover
We had the best of one another
Some people choose to never see the sign, oh no
Was I too weak? Or too demanding?
Could you have been more understanding?
I run it through my mind a thousand times
Yes, I have

Even though we're going our separate ways
You should know for all of my nights and my days
I loved you so
Even though we got to grow
Separate ways
Separate ways

I gave it all when I was with you
You wanted more than I could give you
Truth is, I could not be more than I had

Yes, it's lonely growing our separate ways
You should know for all of my nights and my days
You're in my heart
But for now, we'll just go our separate ways
(So much about you I can't forget)
Separate ways
(I can't believe that it's over, yeah)
I can't pretend I've no regrets (No regrets)

Yes, it's lonely growing our separate ways
You should know for all of my nights and my days
I loved you so (I loved you so)
But for now, we'll just go our separate ways
Oh yeah (Baby)
Separate ways
Oh yeah
Separate ways

You go your way, can't forget
I refused to believe it's over yet
Ooh, ooh, ooh
Ooh, ooh, ooh
(Going our separate ways)
(Going our separate ways)
Bye, bye, bye
(Our separate ways)
(Our separate ways)
(Our separate ways)
Ooh, ooh, ooh
(Our separate ways)

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Stewart, Rod Separate Ways Comments
  1. Don Woodard

    When did this come out ?? Never heard it , love it , !!! Thought i had ALL his music since Long john Baldry

    Alan Kelly

    Hi Don a wonderful song I posted it because it wasn't readily available it was a extra track on the extended version of Spanner in the works glad you like it

    Don Woodard

    Thank you Alan !!! Spanner is one of my favorites , wasn't aware of the expanded version , i shall try to find it !!! Thanks again !!!....

    Alan Kelly

    Good luck Don I'm sure it's out there

  2. Anastasija Butolina

    Очень трогательно ....!!! Класс...!!! Супер.....!!!

  3. codzydee

    singing about rachel hunter!

  4. Malcolm Terry

    Just such a fantastic voice one's near rod ...and still making great albums

  5. Paul Duffy

    Love it. ........

  6. Eddie S

    Really nice song, is this on any of his albums?

    Alan Kelly

    HI Edward it's on the extended version of "Spanner in the works " album

    Amirnayim Seren

    Great voice and a great song! Sir rods local pub is Theydon boyish in epping you can cache him there and buy him a drink

  7. Linda Borgia

    Beautiful song

  8. William Patrick

    This was better than Assignment Ada

  9. Ricardo Prado Hinostroza

    Excelente cancion... Larga Vida Rod Stewart

  10. TheRodigil

    Fantastic song !!!

  11. John Daly

    Absolutely brilliant .Dropped a bollock here Rodders ,massive hit single tight arse.

  12. Hilary Kerr

    Never heard this song before, its lovely.

    Alan Kelly

    I'm a great Rod fan and its a song I stumbled on by accident it was an extra track on a special edition of "A spanner in the works " It's a special song to me .......a Wonderful sad song glad you like it Hilary

  13. davie-m

    a thousand thanks for sharing this my wishes

    Alan Kelly

    Glad You like this stunning song as much as I do davie-m


    Rodders at his best-ballads.

    Alan Kelly

    Agreed Blackleylad1

  15. Sue Shields Shields

    brilliant x

  16. billy hunter

    my partner lefty me just be for Christmas ....God i was with her 10 years SUSAN TAYLOR ....Separate Ways Am Gutted

    Alan Kelly

    Sorry to hear that Billy

    billy hunter

    thank you Alan and Bless your Heart it Hurts Mate .....regards Billy from Newcastle on Tyne

  17. H Yadav

    good song... always had the original version of the album Spanner In The Works and played it infinite times but, its only now I checked out for this song and the expanded version of that classic '95 album.... No one ...just no one sings with more heart than Stewart...he takes ordinary songs and gives them extra feelings and with his great musical interpretation and soulful singing