Stewart, Rod - My Girl Lyrics

Miss you babe
Miss you babe

She's everywhere I go
She's everything I know
And now I think she's finally
Touched my soul
She's heaven here on earth
Much more than I deserve
And I don't wanna ever let her go
I'm getting used to all her ways
Everything she says
Her smiles, her frowns
Her ups and all her downs

She's every move that I make
She's every breath I take
She's got a hold on me
That I don't wanna break

I mean my girl bring her home to me
My girl can't wait for you to see
My girl means everything to me
My girl my girl

My friends keep coming round
Saying come out on the town
What's wrong, you ain't the guy
We used to know
And I tell them I say
Without her by my side
I'm only half alive
I love her so bad
And I don't care if it shows

I mean my girl
Bring her home to me
My girl, means everything to me
My girl, can't wait for you to see
My girl, my girl, my girl

At last my heart has found a home
This time I know where I belong
I mean my girl
Bring her home to me
My girl, can't wait for you to see
My girl, means everything to me
My girl, I just wanna see
My girl, my girl, my girl,my girl

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Stewart, Rod My Girl Comments
  1. Darren Plumpton

    My Girl:Being the father of a absolutely fantastic and stunningly beautiful daughter then of course the lyrics of this superb song resonated with me straight away.
    Every SINGLE word of this song is about the love that I carry in my 💓 heart for ....
    My wonderful daughter
    My lovely daughter
    My outstanding daughter.
    MY GIRL.

  2. Kay Johnston

    Every move I make, every breath I take? That sounds oddly familiar, I guess Mr. Sumner was taking notes.

  3. sandy swambo

    So happy to find My Girl ❤️

  4. Olga Olga


  5. superleeds70 JOHNM

    She always will be but, she never will be.

  6. Florence Sanseigne

    I like it:beauty slow and....again!Calella,the SKORPIO...My holydays with YOU!

  7. Kim Hutter

    Walter you told me I was your girl when it came on.♡♡♡it was fun when it was pure

  8. Aleksandr Malakhov

    Thank you...Спааасииибооо

  9. david marcum

    that guy must have been an idiot who doesn't know his music, or albums, and he's working in a music store?

  10. robby doo

    I have loved this album my whole life. I have a record store guy tell me that there was no such record made by Rod.... I found it again thankfully.

    Randy P

    +robby doo I got Same Response. When C.D's came out, I updated Rods music of Vinyl on them. Warner Brothers did all, (but this one). I had to get mine later from Rhino records. 100% ROD WRITTEN ALBUM is 46 yr Fan's Favorite.

    Ron Cape

    just your response,i shall say u r great!

  11. Randy P

    Another Great Ballad from 1980 Album that for some unknown reason, wasn't among his best selling. This is one of a Die-Hard Fan's favorite non-hit ballad's. Impossible to not   Sing Along   with. Awesome Musically throughout.

    paul barraza

    one of my all time favorite songs