Stewart, Rod - Fly Me To The Moon Lyrics

Fly me to the moon, let me play among the stars
Let me see what spring is like on Jupiter and Mars.

In other words, hold my hand
In other words, darling, kiss me.

Fill my heart with song and let me sing for ever more
You are all I long for, all I worship and adore.

In other words, please, be true
In other words, I love you.

In other words, hold my hand
In other words, darling, kiss me.

Fill my life with song and let me sing for ever more
You are all I long for, all I worship and adore.

In other words, please, please, be true
In other words, I love you.

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Stewart, Rod Fly Me To The Moon Comments
  1. Dale Hess

    i like paul anka,s version better

  2. María Alejandra Sandoval Mantilla

    Se escucha tan bien en su voz

  3. Silvina Farra

    escuche Muchas versiones de este maravilloso tema y la verdad este Está muy bueno .(2019♡Argentina♡)

  4. Александр Керзон

    Очень талантливо!!!

  5. sondra fry

    I loved Rod Stewart in his early days, i could have gone without the hot legs era but this is beautiful and I think it is his true calling. He just has the voice for this era of music and in my opinion it's the most beautiful yet!


    sondra fry gracias por tu comentario, saludos.

  6. Flor Berenice Gómez

    beautiful voice

  7. Siquanna Armstrong

    Love it!

  8. Lucero Sanchez

    guat de jel ?!

  9. Helge Valama

    Very good, version!

  10. Rouse Alarcon

    Una hermosa canción con una espectacular voz ❤

  11. ken d

    Has anybody ever reinvented himself as dramatically OR as successfully as Rod?

  12. Fernando Coelho

    God he's such a great singer..

  13. Malgowski Michel

    Il ya 63 cons qui ne savent pas ce qu'est la musique!!!

  14. Vasili. Kozevnikov Kozevnikov

    agree !!!!!!!!!!

  15. Vassia Germanou

    Σε ταξιδεύει..........

  16. Ирина

    Могу слушать бесконечно!

  17. Gabriel moreno rodriguez


  18. Anna Szarek


  19. Brill. LLN

    💝gutes Lied

  20. TheKronick900SailorMoon

    Evangelion :)

  21. Ole Ole


  22. Manuela Hf

    te hace volar... sin palabras!!!

  23. Halla Abin

    Terima kasih banyak .....

  24. Silvia Marcela Colletti

    La mejor versión sin lugar a dudas!!! Lo más romántico que escuché en mi vida... ¡y escuché tanto! Divinamente sentido e interpretado por Rod, como si lo cantara para una. ¿qué más se puede pedir?

    Laman Knight

    Silvia coincido contigo;..."Que mas se puede pedir? tanto talento...te deja sin palabras.

  25. Ole Ole

    Very nice

  26. Geminis 1991

    😍😍😍 sin palabras


    +ana maria Borreguero Gracias por tu comentario, saludos.

  27. Wolverine Fan

    he's great but No one overtakes Sinatra

    Gilda Marlowe

    OK I agree but I like this guy-- he's unique. From Rock to this-- great singing.

    ken d

    I doubt the his intention WAS to overtake Sinatra. I'm guessing that his intention was to sing a beautiful song with the love and respect that the song should be accorded, which is what he does, beautifully!

  28. mysweetlizzie

    Nobody beats Perry's version

  29. Catherine

    he can do it all.. He is the chameleon of song.. <3

  30. Lee Anne P.

    GOD I LOVE ALL OF THESE! How did I miss them?

  31. Juan Manuel García Sánchez

    Que grande!!!!!!!!

  32. Ole Ole

    He's so amazing

  33. 0209fay


  34. Clément Canaby


    August Adamczyk

    +clément Canaby awesome???  one of the worst covers i ever heard in my life!  listen to 1 other interpretation of this song on YouTube and you'll understand what i mean... :-)

  35. Abeid Sokko

    nice mix

  36. Davion Adams


  37. Darron L Isham

    Thesaurus: " Hold my hand and see me as your all, and you be True while I be your Blue.

  38. Judite Costa

    Muito romântico!

  39. Kristopher Leonel Sandoval Azpeitia

    In other words...

  40. diane crane


  41. Era Stinson

    Wow this makes me sleep. Love it

  42. Alla Razumikina

    неплохой блюз!

  43. Prendelamecha

    bello tema "!!!

  44. musicolocos

    Gracias por comentar!, saludos!

  45. Elizabeth De Carvalho

    bellissima .amo chesta canzioni

  46. musicolocos

    Gracias por comentar, saludos!

  47. musicolocos

    About tastes there is nothing written, thanks for commenting, Greetings

  48. Rod Sarmiento

    sounds like a granny residing in an abandoned Nursing Home....ahh pining for d good ole days...

  49. musicolocos

    Fly Me to the Moon... The Great American Songbook Volume V

    Gracias por comentar, saludos!

  50. Andres Serey

    Cual es este disco de rod??? Bella Canción

    Yon Yon

    Frank sinatra

  51. musicolocos

    Gracias por tu comentario. Saludos!

  52. Lourdes Goez

    Canción bella, mi preferida, no importa quién la cante, me transporta.

  53. jason cruz

    He fucked up a good song

  54. musicolocos

    Gracias por tu comentario. Saludos!

  55. musicolocos

    Gracias por comentar! Saludos

  56. Socorro Machado

    Se eu tivesse que escolher as melhores músicas que ouvi na vida, essa seria uma delas com certeza.

  57. musicolocos

    Gracias por tu comentario. Saludos!

  58. marilau1967

    es un placer escuchar esta voz.

  59. musicolocos

    Thanks for your comment, regards

  60. musicolocos

    Thanks for your comment. Regards

  61. musicolocos

    Gracias por tu comentario. Saludos

  62. musicolocos

    Gracias por tu comentario. Saludos!

  63. claudioalberto62

    No se puede creer la dulzura con la que Rod canta esta maravillosa canción!!!! Rod Forever!!! Gracias Mawis2010 por compartir.

  64. musicolocos

    Gracias por tu comentario!. Saludos

  65. musicolocos

    Gracias por tu comentario!. Saludos

  66. musicolocos

    Gracias por tu comentario!. Saludos

  67. Ivana Queen

    <3 <3 <3
    listening this song with my eyes closed and... I fly

  68. Ezequiel Alejandro De simone

    la version de evangelion esta buenisima

  69. musicolocos

    Gracias por tu comentario!. Saludos y felicidades!

  70. Mercia Coutinho de Rezende

    Maravilhosa canção na voz de Rod Stewart. Obrigada. Amo R.S.

  71. musicolocos

    Gracias por tu comentario. Saludos

  72. jorgeaolivaa

    This song among others was written with the heart...not with a pen.....thank you for uploading wife and I really love the way Rod sings...he is amazing.....take care!

  73. musicolocos

    Gracias por tu comentario. Saludos

  74. Sebastián López version si que es mucho mejor O:

  75. musicolocos

    thanks for comment

  76. sirasuoioi



    muy bueno, para ser una rola viejita

  78. musicolocos

    thank you for comment

  79. AbyssDvTgR

    sorry i meant kaye ballard

  80. AbyssDvTgR

    original was by chris conor but frank sinatras version was the most known

  81. Marie Elle

    I like Rod as well as Tony Bennett, Diana Krall, Frank Sinatra and all the interpreters of this beautiful song. I do think that Rod's interpretation is not crap, but just a different way to interpret this song, which I really appreciate and which is quite different as from the other interprets.

  82. musicolocos

    Thanks for the comment

  83. Thierry Dumessie

    I like rod but this is crap..... original is much better from Frank Sinatra

  84. Irma Panozzo

    Damn he managed to ruin every single standard out there... but well at least he sang them

  85. Gloria Rabello


  86. maestrode1

    The only worse singer of standards is Michael Feinstein! But there is nobody left and it it 2011 ! Take what you can get!

  87. Eduard C.

    I love Rod Stewart, I love this song. Is my Number One!

  88. kalistrate100


  89. czbud2

    100 % has a ROD stamp on it ! ! !

  90. MariosF92AT

    I think Rod may not have the most perfect voice, but his singing is so expressive it gives these songs a great smooth tender touch. I love all the Great American Songbook albums! :)

  91. Landy Annete Arjona E.

    Es maravillosa

  92. Carlos Carranza

    @afroman1419 lol the original was sing by a woman

  93. afroman1419

    @bellamark1989 You're fucking wrong. Listen to the fucking original and tell me he does a better fucking job you middle-aged man