Stewart, Kaya - Try It Out Lyrics

I'm too young to be messing around with people like you
Too young to be on the scene, but I've always wanted to
Not old enough to handle when life gets rough
But I've always wanted to try it out
I find it daring to do it my way
I think it's cool to act like it's show day
I really dig when you don't even care
Cause I've always wanted to try it out

Whoa, try it out
Singing whoa, try it out

I think you're crazy and I kinda like that
Life on the edge; ditch the hard hat
I think it's wild when you let down your hair
Cause I've always wanted to try it out

Singing whoa, try it out
Singing whoa, try it out

I don't need you to tell me how to look
I don't need to read another book
I don't need a pretty dress and nice long hair
I got a leather jacket that'll take me there

Singing whoa, take me there
Singing whoa, take me there
Singing whoa, try it out
Singing whoa, try it out

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Stewart, Kaya Try It Out Comments
  1. Purplecargirl17

    I absolutely love this. She's a inspiration for a character for a story of mine for sure.

  2. PSYNITE 69

    nice song

  3. Thierre Soares

    she rmber me pink

  4. Mark Mazelon

    STAR WORLD ⭐ commercial brought me here 😂😂

  5. MyriamOkiDoki

    Okay I'm done. You've become one of my favourite singers.

  6. Latajia 20

    she really good she not that famous 😔but soon she well be 😀and love❤ her voice and style👍👌👆🙊🙈

  7. Linh Mai

    Why does this amazing song have only over 36000 views ???

  8. mslynx810

    Cant believe she's 15! Love her voice. And yes thank you StarWorld commercial. Lol



    Shakira Hitomi

    I knew this song bcoz of starworld

  9. Jasmine Vu Hoang

    Love the song !

  10. Hong Le Truong

    Nghe hay quá

  11. Thuận Phát Nguyễn

    on star world channel, i always listen this song. i like it

  12. Angie v

    I love her voice

  13. Janda Cho

    yo go girl!
    Dance Mom's Rock.
    Kaya knows 😷😩😘⁉

  14. Chau Hanh

    I'm listening because I see it on starworld

  15. heyimjed


    Javier S


  16. Trà Trà Trà

    is that sad that she not popular 👌

  17. Hanncill

    here because star world commercial....

  18. Huong Thu Lam

    Know this song from Star word n falling in love with it already

  19. Nadear channel

    I listen this song from Foxthai channel , I like it.

    Pround Chance

    +Sara Hamaidai same 555

    SoumthefirsT s

    Me too
    It so hard to find but finally I work it out.

  20. Nneka Mbeledogu

    Why everything in black and white ????

  21. Vébriano Adrian

    I'm here because StarWorld commercial.... anyone else? :D

    Virgiana Siwi

    +Abdalla Vébriano Adrian yup

    P. Sharkiela

    hahaha. same !

    Shakira Hitomi

    me too!

    khairul anuar

    +Abdalla Vébriano Adrian same bro

  22. muustache321

    shes pretty and a good singer but the lyrics are just bad. well shes only 15. i actually like rebecca blacks song (friday) better. at least its catchy

  23. Hailey Arnzen

    I met her at warped 😁

  24. succulentalyy

    That song great and catchy ^-^

  25. Benjahmin Svyatoslavich

    this video turned out good Kaya! of course my full off the car was great too.=)

  26. XBackToLifeBabyX

    Just need to try it out !!! ♫♬💕♫♬

  27. danielle birnbaum

    going  to joe f

  28. armageddon gaming 2001

    Why is she not more popular? The is amazing live! I met her at warped tour in st. Louis and she is nice, pretty, and really good at singing

  29. Juju

    Nooooooo. The lyrics and rhyming! Lol

  30. Deanna Vazquez

    Heard this song on your high school nation tour and fell in love with it

  31. Alceaus

    LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Samantha M

    This song is da BOMB!!