Stewart, Al - Year Of The Cat Lyrics

On a morning from a Bogart movie
In a country where they turn back time
You go strolling through the crowd like Peter Lorre
Contemplating a crime

She comes out of the sun in a silk dress running
Like a watercolor in the rain
Don't bother asking for explanations
She'll just tell you that she came

In the year of the cat

She doesn't give you time for questions
As she locks up your arm in hers
And you follow till your sense of which direction
Completely disappears

By the blue tiled walls near the market stalls
There's a hidden door she leads you to
These days, she says, "I feel my life
Just like a river running through"

The year of the cat

Well, she looks at you so coolly
And her eyes shine like the moon in the sea
She comes in incense and patchouli
So you take her, to find what's waiting inside

The year of the cat

Well morning comes and you're still with her
And the bus and the tourists are gone
And you've thrown away your choice and lost your ticket
So you have to stay on

But the drumbeat strains of the night remain
In the rhythm of the new-born day
You know sometime you're bound to leave her
But for now you're going to stay

In the year of the cat
Year of the cat

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Stewart, Al Year Of The Cat Comments
  1. 1995bulldog

    2020 year of the cat

  2. Micky _

    BIG LENNY plays this when he's cleaning his house. Just needs mopped unfortunately

  3. Ton de Lang


  4. anthony chiulli

    Time passages !!!

  5. anthony chiulli

    Very well written

  6. anthony chiulli

    Al didn’t know it was going to b a hit.

  7. kenneth søren Christiansen

    so awsome lovely..greertings from denmark.scandinavia

  8. Mike Grant

    I love good kitties and god loves me. Love you too father!

  9. Irish Kabyle


  10. vincent hamlie

    Ca Est Plaisant.

  11. Minong Maniac

    I remember listing to this song in my car seat on the way to the airport in 1977. First memory of many.

    Richard Cox

    good ole AM..I remember it fondly....taught me how to listen as there was nothing else to do on the many car trips my parents took us on. I remember hearing my first song on a true stereo..Magic Man ...I was stunned

  12. Stu W

    Where have all the singer/songwriters & storytellers gone ?? It's all about sex money drugs & shite

  13. Scott Romans

    Mode changing genius. Brilliantly written song. IMO... Several chord progressions and resolves to back to complete the circle. 👍

  14. surfallday

    Alan Parsons produced this album and it shows.

  15. Manji O

    My heart is reborn

  16. Christian Omar Moreno

    "time passages" al stewart

  17. Christian Omar Moreno

    contemplatim a crime genius

  18. Christian Omar Moreno

    is a beautifull sonn of all time !!! life al stewaart

  19. Kirmet Lyons

    A masterpiece.

  20. Icarus67

    Back when songs were written for the classes, not the masses. Both cerebral and emotional at the same time.

  21. ChooDoob

    I always thought this was John Lennon

  22. Grand Wonder

    One of the greatest songs ever made! A top 5 for sure!

    It makes today’s music sound like diarrhea!

  23. Sl Thomas chan

    Jan 25,2020 is chinese new years,animal sign's is rat.Year of the Rat.

  24. pykkervots

    It's a whole film in a song. Relax and drift away

  25. TheyCallMe MISTER Wheat

    If you own a set of good headphones, listen to "YOTC"™ on them...amazing separation... 🎵 🎹🎹🎧🎷🎸🎶 👀👻🍺
    PS-- your headphones are NOT broken... the piano intro is amazing...

  26. Roger H Werner

    This music has such an incredibly catchy rhythm and beat. It's a damn near perfect blend of lyrics, melody, instrumentation, and voice. Definitely a great song.

  27. Andres Rodriguez

    All music made from the seventhies bring you back where you will stock on. Without letting the time past

  28. Charles Barnett

    Wish I could go back in time to when this song came out !

  29. Adele Rountree

    NZ Maori girl says haere mai 💋😎😋🇳🇿.it couldn't be but the best!!?🙄😳🎆😗😘💋💨💨💨💨💨🙃

  30. Sam Holden

    I like this song but can't stand his voice 😩

    Rob Smith

    Big Lenny did it better

  31. Jasmine Nguyen

    The OG upload of Year of the Cat with 35 million views got claimed and removed off of YouTube. Rest in peace. Time to carry on it's legacy onto this one.

  32. claude lara

    Best song of all time

  33. Daniel soares. Magalhães

    Super canção, já muito antiga ,mas sempre ao top.adoro.❤

  34. Aspacia GT

    The best song ever, like it so!!! brings out memories of my youth!!

  35. Paul Tuivai

    Im deaf in my right ear ...oh wait never mind
    Its the year of the cat meooowww 😹🐈🐈

    TheyCallMe MISTER Wheat

    I know what you mean....headphones...🎵🎧🎶 🎷🎼🎸

  36. Kenney Brooks

    A beautiful piece of music. A classic standing the test of time well.👍🏿

  37. Tony Brophy

    LOVE THIS TUNE...sorry for the caps

  38. Lori Mason

    Love this song..

  39. Deaton Bickley-Bialek

    It sick

  40. Wally G.

    Epic song into 2020

  41. Colin Long

    I see a bunch of really weird references here that I dont understand but I just gotta say... this song slaps to this day.

    Wally G.

    Colin Long Agreed.

    I'm a hard cummer. Fuck you, bitch.

    You cookie cutters don't know Big Lenny?!?

  42. LashSlayer

    Its so good

  43. anthony bongiovanni

    1976 bought my first guitar, because of this album
    Since then i have seen Al 18 times in concert. All time favorite place was The Bottom Line N.Y.C

  44. Rosana Maria

    ah! Meus 15 anos! Linda!

  45. Katia Jaqueline Tartari

    Amo esta música, muito boa ❤️

  46. Jamie Goddard

    Lovely song golden oldie classic

  47. Zarris Akhmar Zakaria

    Terima kasih dato m nasir.

  48. Laurie Kendrick

    Loved, loved, loved this song my JR. Year in HS. Give me any song with a dirty,, sexy alto sax solo and Im done for. One thing you can say about Al Stewart —he enunciates every word to a tee. Love Van Morrison but one can”t say that about him..

  49. Carolina Duran villegas

    Genial, me encanta

  50. Dunstonchecksout! ok

    What year is it today? Feels like the year of the Frog. It's 1932, right?

  51. Vito

    This is about the fact every guy has spent a year chasing “P—“ er eh “cat”. Then once you’re in there, it’s hard to leave - you’ve lost your ticket for freedom.


    hahahahaahaha big lenny XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

  53. Javier Vargas González

    No imagino la vida sin ésta canción

  54. Chico Oliveira

    Que música que me fãs esquecer de tudo e me faz muito bem ..Linda .muito linda ....

  55. leticia de castro silva

    Guardo essa música com tanto carinho. Aonde você estiver sinta esse carinho. Foi um sonho muito bom. Aliás divino. Deus abençoe sua vida aonde você se encontrar. Se ainda estiver vivo na terra receba meu carinho e minhas recordações.

  56. bil1975H Haz

    Puedo escuchar este tema todo el tiempo que melodia tan hermosa que fantasia que hermosura ....thank Al Stewar.

  57. I'm a hard cummer. Fuck you, bitch.

    This song will be played at a funeral in the year 2072 as an army of maniacs lowers a school bus sized casket in to the ground as a line of the hottest tan 1010s ever created fire off one last 21 "gun" salute, IF YOU CATCH MY DRIFT. Then the soul of a 700lb freak with veins' spirit is lifted to the heavens by Christina Broccolini.

    And yes, the corpse will be oiled up and in it's posing trunks, bigger and harder than Dale Chance or any of his sons/nephews will ever be.

  58. sandinyourshoes

    What man hasn't had dreams about a mysterious girl who "comes out of the sun in a silk dress running like a watercolor in the rain," be it anywhere in the world?

    I'm a hard cummer. Fuck you, bitch.

    Christina Broccolini.


    @I'm a hard cummer. Fuck you, bitch., what are you talking about?

    I'm a hard cummer. Fuck you, bitch.

    @sandinyourshoes A goddess.

  59. Dominic

    Was born in 1970, remember hearing this in the back of the station wagon. Great time to grow up as a kid.

  60. frank connelly

    summer afternoons where i would wonder what the years ahead would be like

  61. Leeor Aboudy

    Every time I hear the beginning of this song I get emotional...

  62. MultiElton1976

    Just great!

  63. Walker Lewis

    Ok mr affirmative action

  64. Tom

    When life has you down and things are looking bleak, just remember that it could always be worse - you could have wrote this song.

  65. Douglas Gray

    Just wonderful. Bought this on release, still playing it today, though now on cd.

  66. Chad DeBenedictis

    The year of the lenny when music was music

  67. Anon B

    Tennant from the Pet Shop Boys ripped off this vocal style.

  68. Nessie ZZ Huang

    Too underrated nice song.

  69. Milos R

    This song must be played at Lenny's funeral when he dies at 102.

    Matthew Anthony

    120* barring injury

  70. Zelos Wilder

    This album art gave me nightmares when I was a little boy.

  71. Stefano Felice

    Capolavoro del timido e grande Al.

  72. fpanpurr zachariah

    wtf... who the hell is big lenny? who gives a f---k?This is transdential music

    I'm a hard cummer. Fuck you, bitch.

    You cookie cutter. This song would be nothing without that freak Big Lenny. You got that, Mr. Affirmative Action?

  73. Davide Pannone

    I was here for the big lenny meme.. but goddamn, this is actually a good song lmao. I enjoyed it.

    I'm a hard cummer. Fuck you, bitch.

    Freudian slip.


    You cookie cutter

  74. marilene wagner

    Michael,está achando lindo no meio das estrêlas ele amava essa música LINDA!ich libe dich!

  75. Milos R

    It’s the year of the cat, dudaloo dudaloo. What do you think about that Mr. Affarmative action? Rescue this, you wuss!

  76. Quinn Bingham

    Amazing album art. Al Stewart is the "Cat's Whisker" 😎

  77. Martin Yeager

    Jr High in 1976...

    Jose Caballero

    1976 jr in hs.

  78. Edwin Mercado

    For those don't know Spanish meow is piss in Spanish. Just don't get piss off on this one ok .lol 😅.

    Jose Caballero

    No se donde aprendiste spanish,pero los gatos tambien dicen meow in spanis.
    Nose como sacaste piss de esto.

  79. Dodadoo Dodadoo

    I'm going to work then I'm going home.

  80. Esther Mosquera Mato

    Un grand clásico del rock,una canción que seguirá con el paso de los años.

    J Kindness

    ¿ Escocia ?

  81. Moonwalker

    Es un clásico cuando tiene la capacidad y la virtud de mantenerse en el gusto de los tiempos y los espacios de quienes la escuchan.

  82. G. L.

    Back TO reality 70 80 e jaren!!!

  83. Dr. Evil


  84. Irene Oliveira

    Que música linda.

  85. franap

    Well, Big Lenny. Dunno who you are, but thanks for making more people know this song.


    franap youtube delray misfits and wait for the 700 lb ripped porn addict to appear.

  86. luciana volpato

    Perché non ti sei fermato nella mia vita R la ballavamo io e te 😪💔😪

  87. pickcherry

    I prefer the Leonard Persins 2019 live from Delray version.

  88. TheTerminator412

    What do you mean what city Am I in you wimp

  89. LiquidSm0ke

    What year is it ?

    I'm a hard cummer. Fuck you, bitch.

    @giorgos makris The year of the cat, doodalooloo.

  90. healedandfreeinjc1973

    The fur baby in the thumbnail < ———. is here to give his stamp of approval -“its the year of the cat “ 🐱🐱🐱🐾🐾🐾🐾

  91. Tituobaklat

    What year is It????? I’ll tell you Mr. affirmative of action! It’s the Year OF The Cat!!!! Doodledoo doodledooo..

  92. Michael Combs

    I heard a large homeless man singing this song on a beach in Florida.


    Yeah that's big Lenny all right.

    Mike Grant

    Im homelees right now and lost winstone first day in truck. Please pray for me!

  93. Big Rich

    Robert please

  94. REVOisMYname

    Lenny’s cover was golden

  95. CLO


  96. chacongarcia

    Hey there mr porch huehuehue

  97. Ryan Agar

    Will you quit being a wuss? where am i?