Stewart, Al - Life In Dark Water Lyrics

Oh come away from the day, here I stay
Living on the bottom of the sea
Down metal snake corridors steely grey
Engines hum for nobody but me
No sound comes from the sea above me
No messages crackles through the radio leads
They'll never know, never no never
How strange life in dark water can be

Oh mariners spare a thought when you pass
Those who live the submarine life
Far in the deep sonar eyes never sleep
Hiding like a shadow in the night
Jet planes nose through the clouds above me
They look for radar traces of me to see
They'll never know, never no never
How strange life in dark water can be

Wonder what the stars look like
Coming out tonight
Tell my girl she must be strong
She sits and waits all night long
Just looking for a better day
She'll have to find another way to go

No memory, tell me what's wrong with me
Why am I alone here with no rest
And now the name of the ship's not the same
How long has it been "Marie Celeste?"
Now there's nobody from the crew left
Five hundred years supply of food just for me

They'll never know, never no never
How strange life in dark water can be

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Stewart, Al Life In Dark Water Comments
  1. Eamonn O'Connor

    Such eeriness, echoing hauntingly through the watery depths of mariners' graves, throughout the ages. In a sense, we are all engulfed. Al Stewart is unique.

  2. livio caputo

    This song is briliat ,i am sure that Al Stewart is a huge Pink Floyd Fan , and Echoes is the song that inspired Al to compose this song .

  3. Faisal Hasnain

    Al Stewart's songs and music are wonderful! This has a great haunting theme that recreates the scene that he is trying to set. Life in Dark Water indeed! Another of my favorites is Old Admirals that again recreates the scene and the history attached ........

  4. Eamonn Brereton

    Brilliant atmospheric track

  5. Francisco Neto

    this guy is one of my favorites. this song is awesome!

  6. Andrew Petik

    One thumbs down....
    That poor person.

  7. valerie plomion

    Very good, enigmatic, dreaming deep

  8. mc77ification

    A brilliant Track! I`m addicted to this!

  9. TheSongbird3364

    I love Al Stewart, and this song has always been a favorite.He can really take you on a journey in his music.

    Nancy Lauderdale

    Oh yes!!!

    Guy LaRiviere

    I Agree

  10. 092AC

    The sonar “pings” at the end. Great song

    Andrew Petik

    The sonar pings have always got to me.... I am not sure why.

    Andrew Petik

    Listening to it again....
    The 'pings' at the end....
    I can envision the submarine just spiraling down into an endless dark and the vision fades as does the last 'ping'....

  11. Jack F

    What a brilliant follow up to Year of the Cat. He must have been very pleased. He did say at a concert in Dublin that he wasn't a big fan of the song Time Passages itself.

  12. David Jaspers

    Awesome - thank you.

  13. hifibrony

    A brilliant and profoundly unsettling song. Well done.

  14. Sherry Campbell

    I have loved this song for so long and finally someone put it to music that suited this beautiful and eerie song. Thank you!