Stewart, Al - Broadway Hotel Lyrics

You told the man in the Broadway Hotel
Nothing was stranger than being yourself
And he replied, with a tear in his eye
Love was a rollaway
Just a cajole away
Mist on a summer's day
Nothing was clear
Love was a smile away
Just a defile away
I sought it every way
No-one came near

You asked the man for a room with a view
Nothing was said as he stared at his shoe
Then he replied as he gave you the key
Love was a rollaway
Just an unfold away
That's all there is to say
No-one came near

Alone in your room you hide
As the night rolls by
In the street outside
And you feel over the words he said
Till they turn to rain all around your head

You're seeking a hideaway
Where the light of day
Doesn't touch your face
And a door-sign keeps the world away
Behind the shades
Of your silent day.

You made your home in the Broadway Hotel
Room service came at the push of a bell
And the man said as he put down the tray
Love was a stealaway
Just a reveal away
I tried to find a way
Nothing was clear
Then as he turned away
You asked the man to stay
He was there all the day
No-one came near

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Stewart, Al Broadway Hotel Comments
  1. Michael Webb

    This album makes me flashback to the year 1976-77 when I was a wild 6th-grader at Maple Hills Elementary School in Renton, WA. There were about 40 of us in Mr. Birkeland's class--those were the days!

  2. andrea leone

    Super !!!

  3. Fatma Aykar Direkci

    i just love this song

  4. Eric Doran

    Oh happy sweet memories of Brum in the mid 70's.
    Thanks for sharing.

  5. Kenneth Biebighauser

    I smoked weed to this song way back in 1978-79 Ilias a long time ago ..I found out that you can have a great time enjoying life straight! And face the problems issues of life far far better ......Im 65 years young .....and listening to all music weed free is wonderful! I understand being a user a long time ago ......but no thanks ..moved on .....

  6. Joseph Barros

    fuck this guy is an awesome musician

  7. Kenneth Biebighauser

    What a joy it was to get stoned to favorite of Mr Al Stewart

    Ilias K

    exactly whats happening now :) take care man

  8. Gisela Balda

    💖💞💝👍🏻🇻🇪🎼🎼💎too much, mi juventud nunca acaba,,✨😂☺️

  9. destino58

    \mitika!! Mitika !! Bellissima !!

  10. claude lara


  11. jesus casademont

    Obra maestra !!!! Como todo el disco !!!