Stevie Wonder - Love Light In Flight Lyrics

Make me feel like paradise
Give me what I'm missing
Send me to the highest heights
Take me up and away

I've tasted love so many times
With something always missing
But I know that you got the kind
To take me up and away

I know that our journey
Will be filled with passion, love and pleasure
Touching down where only
Satisfaction’s guaranteed
We won't let our feelings
Auto pilot perfect navigation
Sending us to love bliss
Like no one ever knew could be

Make me feel like paradise
Fill me with your kisses
Make the moment feel just right
Take me up and away

'Cause I have waited all my life / Flying high
For the one worth giving / Love sky high
And I don't have to think twice / Flying high
Let's go up and away

Love light in flight
Fuel injection passion
[Repeat 1 time]

[Background] - Flying high, love sky high

We need just to feel it
To know that our loving has the power
Showing that these feelings
Emanate from you and me
With love high aviation
We will fly forever and one hour
Giving us the always
To live out all our fantasies

Make me feel like paradise
Give me what I'm missing
Send me to the highest heights
Take me up and away

I've tasted love so many times / Flying high
With something always missing / Love sky high
But I know that you got the kind / Flying high
To take me up and away

[Repeat along with all backgrounds]

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Stevie Wonder Love Light In Flight Comments
  1. HorizonChaser

    This song got allot criticism for being a Pop throw away by Stevie. Man, I hear that baseline and Sythn...and its On! lol

  2. Rosalind Williams

    Stevie Wonder is the eighth wonder of the world!

  3. Tony Quick


  4. Tam D.

    Here for Stevie N’ 2020♥️

  5. Michael

    2020 😎 🎶

  6. Charles Shack

    an underrated gem of his

  7. edward williams

    Pure fuel injected passion......Steven Loveland...indeed! This is just perfect...solice and energy all in one!!!

  8. nico nico

    My mommy played this song until I loved it. Thanks mommy Rest in Paradise.

  9. Barbara Hardy

    Still listening January 16, 2020

  10. Dennis Nichols


  11. Jimmy Thornton

    One of his back up sings is a special friend of mine. She and I attended church together as kids. We even have the same birthday.

  12. Jayne Waterfall

    Like it?! This guy is the real living legend xx

  13. Arthur Hadley

    Bad ass Stevie y'all.

  14. Will Power

    Floyd training for Conor Brought me here 👍

  15. gypsy boxers

    Stevies one of the best singers iv ever heard.

  16. Gloria Little

    Love you Stevie wonder all your songs are amazing and beautiful.i grew up on your music.and u and your music are still going strong.


    👑STEVIE WONDER DA 🐐!!!!!....

  18. Anthony Askew

    When this came out I was fired from this place and it was known that this place would not hire you back but now I am back and bout to retire God is good

  19. Elijah Tanner III

    Happy 2020

  20. Syl Davis


  21. brian hurst


  22. andrew wallace

    Feel injected Passion of loves light in flight. How is it possible to become part of every syllable, as if the music becomes one with the soul. Stevie Wonder said it long ago "loves in need of love today" people, we are falling off the deep end and don't even know it.

  23. Barbara Hardy

    Still listening December 27, 2019. I wish everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR. Those that are no longer with us R.I.P.

  24. Scott Dawg

    A beautiful Korean girl had this on her FB wall years back, and I still can't get this out my head.
    Go head Chol....🌞

  25. Phyllinda I Am

    When music was music
    🙋🏽‍♀️... Classic pure soul
    At its best..🙋🏽‍♀️..

  26. Tafadzwa,Macdonald Mukundu

    Remember hearing this 4 the first time @Ndera High ,Hampshire House in 1987 when Ben Hilarious Nyaumwe chose it as his song in a Lip singing competition.He would hum&sing it over repeatedly & dance to it.Really fell in love with the song there after.Big up Njanji Nyaumwe!.

  27. Stanifa Dotson

    And I can't see her face

  28. Stanifa Dotson

    Hearing the son6 is like I woke up and my mom was still alive

  29. Enzy Sprewer

    Man this song ❤️👌

  30. Stephen Gaskell

    Legend ❤️

  31. Darnell Magruder

    Nobody does it like S-T-E-V-I-E!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. James Lovelace

    When this Legend goes home, who will be able to fill this void? Music not studio arrangements but pure Talent.A sound that captures where you are when you heard this, it marked time. Music is all categories is missing feeling/ emotion....I fear tomorrow won't have they example of a full musical composition

  33. hawa jane

    one of my all time favorite songs

  34. Tiffany Utley

    Heard this song today on Magic 102 (Houston), started jamming and caught the melody, looked it up here and can't stop listening! Kids heard it and started dancing instantly! Love you Stevie! 💓💋

  35. Elijah Tanner III

    I have never heard this song until today. This blind man shall see 2020...

  36. Michael Sumuel

    Love light in flight only a genius would capture this concept

  37. David Coleman


  38. julie robinson

    Stevie is such a great lyricist and musician 👍🏾😍💕🎵❤🎶❤ musical genius comes to mind, heart and soul 😍💕🙏🏽

  39. C R

    This is CCCCRRRACK🔥🔥🔥🔥🎼🎵🎶💓

  40. Garrison Smallwood

    A national treasure

  41. Thomas Roman

    Groove Vibe Wonder

  42. KinG Crack

    True Legend all his songs hold so much meaning

  43. Sabrina Butler

    December 6th 2019,,,in memory of my baby man,,December 6th 2017,,,when it was good it was very good, love light in flight,in different parts of the world,I'm having a Stevie wonderful party,in memory of you,

  44. Jon Tillyard

    The Internation here is incredible. Amazing song

  45. Gerald Smooth

    This became my favorite Stevie Wonder song when I was a teenager, second to Ribbon in the Sky. Love the background singers in this song, they sound so good." FLYING HIIIIIIIIIGH."

  46. fullplate100

    What... a... talent!!

  47. Jul Muhammad

    The Specialist 😎

  48. Deborah Purvis

    My dearest husband, your Love was the Only thing, that could ever "take me up and away..." I Miss and Love You So Much. RIP Edward W. Purvis, Jr., until I'm with you again, in our final "Love Light in Flight..." Deb 😢🤴🏽🙏🏽💔😘😘

  49. Shawnta McDonald

    This is a damn good song,I was super little when this came out.

  50. Elizabeth Matthews

    Almost 2020 and I'm still jamming to this one💃

  51. Vincent Thomas

    FM 98 New Orleans noon day

  52. maria savedra

    bello,muero de amor!

  53. Dr. Keely Petty

    Every song speaks to me emotionally

  54. Rumorady -

    Love this song 2019!

  55. Stephanie Williams

    464 people have bumped their dam heads to not love this jam!!!

  56. Daniella Pawl

    This is one of my five favorite of Stevie's songs from that era. Thank you.

  57. Robin Holbrook

    One if not the best voices in the industry . Go Stevie

  58. Adrienne Woodfork

    In Love with Love ❤️ song ! 🔥

  59. Tom Swanson

    May God always bless you and hold you tight in his arms . And thank you for all the beautiful creative music you've left us

  60. Tom Swanson

    When it's time for Stevie to meet his creator his eyes will open and he will see all the wonders of life and what he has been singing about his whole life. The flowers blooming and the oceans wave

  61. Ramon Hart


  62. Kyrup Mc

    Who could even ever think of a title this glorious

  63. Jeremy Travis

    Had this blasting when I picked my daughter up from school and she bust out dancing in front of friends😂that’s my baby❤️❤️

    Tiffany Utley

    She even knows great music!! 💕💓

  64. Wendell 717

    *My favorite Stevie song.*

  65. Oscar Welms

    Fill me with your warm love baby...


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  67. Sergio Rivera

    Stevie Wonder
    "Love Light In Flight"
    #17, 1984.

    Brian Numme

    Sergio Rivera 35 years ago and still going!

  68. RenGib123

    It's so crazy how timeless his music is.

  69. Andre Caldwell

    When you go to listen for a song because the runs in them are as exciting as the lyrics.

  70. Judah Cochrane

    I can’t (see) how anyone would dislike this record

  71. Rodney Haley

    thank you so much, Jennifer, for posting this Stevie Wonder jam...I've been searching for it for over 2 years!! I didn't remember the title, but I knew it was released in the '80s.

  72. Shell E.

    2019... still here. Timeless classic. 🖤👑🙏🏽

  73. Dailyn Hutchinson

    Make me feel like paradise.

  74. ray hanes

    The man has more hits than Sammy Sosa. Man I miss the late 80s and early 90s.

  75. Bird T

    Stevie jamming!! his background singers jamming also ! love this

  76. Johnny Burnett


  77. Keith Montiho

    Just love to sing song each and Everytime no matter what I'm at the moment. When I'm vibing. ..

  78. Keith Montiho

    This song was meant for you. Bunches.. Amia Miley... But u blew it.. wasted talent ur lost my gain...

  79. Keith Montiho


  80. Keith Montiho

    Make me feel like paradise

  81. Cyril Roberts

    No one can deny that Stevie Wonder is a musical magician, especially when you hear this gem of a track!!!! blown away!!!!

    Jazzy M

    Oh yes this wonderful, upbeat gem got me jammin on a Saturday doing my house cleaning.☺☺☺☺☺

  82. victor vinod

    god given talent thats the only explanation.

  83. Sean Norfleet

    I don't think Stevie has ever made a song I didn't like. Truly the goat

  84. Tia Conley

    I love this💖💖💖💖💖

    Steven Woods

    Tia Conley

  85. Courtney Walcott

    Bumping in 2019

    Steven Woods

  86. Jesse Johnson

    Comment number 666.wanted to say I fuckin love this song.

  87. Martin Gasiorek

    This will be played at my wedding and my funeral. It's the most beautiful song I've ever heard. Thank you Mr. Stevie Wonder for bringing this beautiful thing from your mind to reality so that we can listen to it again and again.

    Steven Woods


  88. 7th Heaven

    I wake up every morning with a song in my head. Today this was it!

    Steven Woods


  89. jpnyc2013

    I love this song! It’s light, fun and contemporary.

  90. the boi

    This should be at 10mil views..Betta catch up

  91. Dorina Coleman

    Who's rocking 2019???? I am don't stop Stevie love you Mr Wonder.the best from chi town.. peace people

  92. E. F.

    Take me up and away - Love this one!!

  93. Bryan McLaughlin

    The GOAT!

  94. GEE WHIZ

    Awesome comment on losing Whitney Micheal and Prince... bubble wrap Stevie

  95. tellno lies

    I was 17, it was the year 1985 house party at my boyfriend's in his mom's basement ..jammin to this!! GOD I miss the 80s!! 30 yrs later ...he's still makes me feel like PARADISE 😉

  96. Debbie Thomas

    It's a beautiful feeling when you have that special someone makes you feel like paradise everyday TRUST ME!!

    Debbie Thomas

    Thanks Steve Wonder!

  97. Shawn Defeudis

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