Stevie Wonder - Lately Lyrics

Lately, I have had the strangest feeling
With no vivid reason here to find
Yet the thought of losing you's been hanging
'Round my mind

Far more frequently you're wearing perfume
With you say no special place to go
But when I ask will you be coming back soon
You don't know, never know

Well, I'm a man of many wishes
Hope my premonition misses
But what I really feel my eyes won't let me hide
'Cause they always start to cry
'Cause this time could mean goodbye

Lately I've been staring in the mirror
Very slowly picking me apart
Trying to tell myself I have no reason
With your heart

Just the other night while you were sleeping
I vaguely heard you whisper someone's name
But when I ask you of the thoughts you're keeping
You just say nothing's changed

Well, I'm a man of many wishes
I hope my premonition misses
But what I really feel my eyes won't let me hide
'Cause they always start to cry
'Cause this time could mean goodbye, goodbye

Oh, I'm a man of many wishes
I hope my premonition misses
But what I really feel my eyes won't let me hide
'Cause they always start to cry
'Cause this time could mean goodbye

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Stevie Wonder Lately Comments
  1. Claude Rebello

    IN a few minutes and lyrics.. INFINITE SENTIMENTS..WERE CONVEYED......

  2. Sameoldfitup

    My wandering soul, how it aimlessly dwells
    Among darkened hills, amidst its unseen spells,
    And in the distance all that I hear: the summoning of bells.
    Far above me, the high boughs they are bending,
    The once hidden moon now slowly ascending
    And as it sings to the world its sleep song,
    I sit in its shadow and await my ending.

  3. Tam D.

    Here N' 2020...💜

  4. 이석현

    I'm listening this in 2020

  5. John Harris

    Jodeci covered this song in 1993. They r not as good however.

  6. Anthony B

    Omg! Chills!!

  7. Christophe Baratault

    Admirable !

  8. Joe Brennan

    Why on earth do I cry every time I listen to this?

  9. Keith Dixon

    Tha Great Stevie Wonder...

  10. Tyrone Davis

    One of the greatest things about this song is how you can just listen to the words and feel such an inner peace. Yes, Stevie Wonder yes, powerful as well as “Lately “.

  11. Romerson Cgo

    Kd os brazucas que curtem esse clássico???

  12. Jess Stands And Looks Back


  13. mysteryj

    I'm here from watching a video of J Cole making a beat

  14. D. Lacey

    Easily my favourite song of his.

  15. Maynard G. Krebs

    Stevie is the greatest of all time. Any questions?

  16. Sheldon Williams

    This song has touched me more then it ever has before. Lately I've been looking in the mirror slowly picking me apart. WOW! Thank Stevie!

  17. zac lazari

    One of the greatest slow songs of all time. I heard it in portobello market about 15 years ago, when I was like 15. I ran over to ask him what the song was called. I know my music and this is just amazing

  18. kelly hewitt

    I love Stevie ‘ s songs and this album is one of my favorites period!!!

  19. YG Ma

    It’s impossible.
    Everybody said nothing is perfect in this world.
    But I found it here.

  20. Maxxxy K

    Hey guys I made a remix of this song! Hope you guys like it :))

  21. don't subscribe me

    *moon taeil*

  22. Brown Noser

    While playing scrabble the word LATELY came to mind. Of course I remembered this song from way back when haha..... came to check it out - its still as good now as it was back in the 80s 😊

  23. Sabrina Butler

    December 6,2019,I dedicate this song to my baby man,two year's ago on this date you took me on a journey, too places I had never been,their were some enjoyable day's, get man made storm's were exceptional, I learned to open my heart to lobe again and for this I thank you

    Justo Ortega

    Remind me 1980 when I come from Cuba I see this drunk lady singing the song and cry I wonder what she think I always remember her and never see it again

  24. Dr. killpatient

    Love how Stevie would use those couplets from song-writers from the tin-pan alley roots of 20th.Century song writing. Really suits this song.

  25. A'Mya Springer

    This song brings me to tears everytime I listen to it.

  26. Nervo 63

    Such an intense ballad......towards the end completely heart wrenching.....

  27. cressa pellom

    It doesn’t matter if I listen to stevie’s
    version or jodeci’s version, I think of Martin.😂


    Love love love👍❤ ou sont passe les vrais musicien... des années 60 70 c'est les meilleur👑💪🏽

  29. King Katsuki Bakugou

    Love this song .....and I'm crying

  30. Millie Tillman

    Yes, 2019!

  31. Sal Guglielmino

    This is my favorite song by Stevie Wonder. Just so absolutely brilliant that it brings tears to ones eyes. Great changes, great melody, great lyrics, great performance. Truly a genius who has hit his peak at this one. Love it.

  32. Nigel Hodder

    Just think if George Michael sang this it would have been one of his best

  33. Alessandro Rota

    ❤ ... Stevie ... ❤

  34. Saundra Gordon-Grant

    His music never gets old!

  35. Madam lovanda

    God bless Stevie Wonder

  36. Jamila York

    Every time I hear this song it feels like its my first time hearing it. I've put this song on repeat all day today.

  37. Chris Edwards

    One of THE great tracks.

  38. Lisa Finngan


  39. Adam Zeus

    A musical gem, thank you Stevie wonderful

  40. The LG

    Jodeci brought me here

  41. semaj stuart

    Stevie Wonder through the years have touched us with so many beautiful songs🍺

  42. Doug Cowie

    Lágrimas brotando

  43. 毬谷葵

    1:15 腰より下 中くらい

  44. Darrell Coutinho


  45. Rosemary Ochoa

    Timeless piece

  46. Alex Ortiz

    He can pull emotional chords effortlessly

  47. Robert Boone

    Boy, he captured that aspect.of being on the short end a deteriorating relationhip. Wow! He had to have experienced this pain!

  48. Kat Jackson

    "Lately I've been staring in the mirror..." WAIT A MINUTE

    juanita croteau


    Michele Moreci

    A metaphor of personal reflection? 😀🤓

    Kat Jackson

    @Michele Moreci probably

    Das Krapital

    It could have easily been a window or a painting.

  49. Shahira Fouad

    Can’t stop listening too 💙

  50. Steve Broadbent

    Wow what a song.....listen to the lyrics 😀😀

  51. Joshua Arnoldy

    Baru tahu lagu ini dari lagu Tulus-nya Radja

  52. K JH

    Still listening Stevie babe in UK 🇬🇧 England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 this ribbon in the sky and for your love are my favs from you brother. Beautiful x

  53. Martin Pilfold

    Wonderful song just enjoy.

  54. blackintel

    What is a person who thumbs down this song life about?

  55. Victoria GalaxyXxX Scott

    I played this damn song when my ex and I were together. 😕 she still didn't get the hint. Hence the "Ex"

  56. levan beriashvili

    I've been listening to Stevie for nearly twenty years now, since I have heard one of his songs in TV. He's been relief, joy and inspiration to me through these years, like one of true members of my family. About 17 years ago my mom brought me Stevie's disc from USA upon my request. This song really stood out of everything, emotionally, in terms of melody and the texture. Although currently I work on the position of public relations manager, my initial profession is fine arts. Works of art like Lately - they come from deep personal reasons and become so universal, millions of people can conceive. There are human beings that would say - I don't care for this song and melancholy in general, or they might not care for the fallen girl from ''Christina's world'' by Andrew Wyeth, but who cares about ignorants? Works of art like ''Lately'' or oil painting ''Christina's world'' are eternal, while humans are called humans

  57. Marco Rey

    So beautiful..... Emotional.. 💙❤️

  58. highly favored

    First time hearing this I thought he copied Jodeci

  59. 김예찬

    한국인 와라

  60. Leroy Vincenzo

    El más talentoso en estos últimos siglos es el EL MARAVILLOSO STEVIE 😎

  61. Dream Field Academy


  62. Hong Kong

    2019 hit.

  63. Ken Elliot

    OMG, when will this pain end......

  64. Jeremy Gonzalez

    This song brings tears to my eyes every time I hear it. My late brother, CJ, performed this song at an ensemble competition and a recital just 6 months before he died of complications from a massive stroke and heart attack caused by Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia and Acute Myeloid Leukemia. RIP CJ. I love you and miss you.😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  65. Gregory Hardaway

    Stevie Stevie STEVIE! Pure Genius....

  66. Ricky Spicer

    His vocals and phrasing are other worldly.

  67. Abila Al-Hariri

    ..lately i've been standing in a mirror

  68. dave donovan

    Stevie ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  69. Maurício Itosu

    Perfect song....good listen to everywhere, anytime!

  70. Mateus Soares Neto


  71. don norwood

    I've had that premonition in a relationship I thought I was going to die, but time heal most wounds.

  72. Starboi Fade

    love this song, him and jodeci have amazing performances of this song

  73. yomi williams

    I’m A Man of Many Wishes”.....

  74. Sergio Rivera

    Stevie Wonder
    #64, 1981.

  75. Michael Rainer

    Oltre la morte🥰

  76. Brad Fortune

    Probably one of my favourite songs ever! I can't stop listening to this! I covered this on my channel if you want to hear. :)

  77. Barrington

    Lately by Stevie Wonder - 2019 and Beyond!!!!!!!!!!!! #StevieWonder #Lately

  78. Cae Bz

    just want everybody in my generation to know Stevie sang this first and not Jodeci on that episode of Martin lol though their version was also very good, but this is a classic, respect to Stevie man just hope they make a movie about this man before he passes, he deserves to see it.

  79. maz conniff

    So much love for stevie wonders music ... big part of my youth 😍 always in my heart

  80. r&b junky

    Beautiful music from a gifted legend 2019 and still a huge fan

  81. Ricardo Van Rooi

    beautiful so beautiful

  82. Ricardo Van Rooi

    so you win again by copperfield goes hand in hand with this song

  83. Ardent Fan

    Such a lovely ballad.

  84. Daryl Johnson

    The Most Gifted Composer to walk this planet !!!! If someone else knows another composer who is prolific as this man speak now or forever hold your peace.

  85. Cl4rendon

    The beauty of this and his 1973 "
    All In Love Is Fair
    " always guaranties water to my eyes.

  86. Alison Glover

    Who on earth are the dislikers of this song? 546 numptys 🤦‍♀️

  87. Juneren Ninobla

    The chorus of that song really hurts me so bad, so bad that I almost cry thinking about my ex-crush.

  88. Jay W.

    This guy is an absolute legend wow

  89. Dapper Dave

    “What I really feel, my eyes won’t let me hide” so sad that at the end nobody can be honest, between the person who wants to go and the person who doesn’t want them to

  90. Yannick rigaud


  91. Stefan Knab

    Dear stevie, beautiful song!!!! "goosepimples" , smile

  92. Shannon Burger

    Wow Taeil ❤❤❤

  93. Arturo Carrillo


  94. Dameon Sims


  95. Verlincia Jones

    I will always and forever love Stevie Wonder 💜💜💜💜

  96. Thomas Pflanzer

    J Cole sampled this song perfectly for that beat he made on his tour bus. Truly incredible song.

  97. Blank Statement

    Truly eternal

  98. Michael Leite

    Man his voice is sooooo beautiful.. thank god for this musical genius and humanitarian!!