Stevie Wonder - I Wish Lyrics

Looking back on when I
Was a little nappy-headed boy
Then my only worry
Was for Christmas what would be my toy
Even though we sometimes
Would not get a thing
We were happy with the
Joy the day would bring

Sneaking out the back door
To hang out with those hoodlum friends of mine
Greeted at the back door
With 'Boy thought I told you not to go outside'
Tryin' your best to bring the
Water to your eyes
Thinkin' it might stop her
From whippin' your behind

I wish those days could come back once more
Why did those days ever have to go
I wish those days could come back once more
Why did those days ever have to go
'Cause I love them so

Brother says he's tellin'
'Bout you playin' doctor with that girl
Just don't tell I'll give you
Anything you want in this whole wide world
Mama gives you money for Sunday school
You trade yours for candy after church is through

Smokin' cigarettes and writing something nasty on the wall
(you nasty boy)
Teacher sends you to the principal's office down the hall
You grow up and learn that kinda thing ain't right
But while you were doing it, it sure felt outta sight

I wish those days could come back once more
Why did those days ever have to go
I wish those days could come back once more
Why did those days ever have to go

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Stevie Wonder I Wish Comments
  1. Evan ponce

    Happy feet

  2. Aubryana

    Their doing this song for our jazz band. Im currently practicing this to play on the drums..

  3. Daniel Sierra

    great bass lines

  4. T V

    dance baby

  5. Levi Payne

    This reminds me of a song from a 90s PC game I remember the game was a point and click LA detective adventure

  6. Janet O'Connor

    I like this song from songs in the key of life better than Sir Duke though the latter is good too. I just like this one much better.

  7. 21 XxNoahxX 12

    I feel like Bruno Mars should do a cover on this song

    Andy Wardle

    21 XxNoahxX 12 he better not


    What this our shit

  9. ThePerson1959

    Loved Stevie Wonder's music since I was 13 all the way back in 1972 when I first discovered him.

  10. Erik Hansen


  11. Stephanie Cleckley

    Performed this wonderful song in my after school/summer program as a little kid, love Stevie!!!!!!

  12. simon lawrie

    Swing swing , just like Duke and Count B . So good .

  13. Ian Aldridge

    How funky is this dear me.Stevie wonder genius.

  14. Emerge Matic

    Brings back glorious memories

  15. XiLLaBeat Box

    Happy feet 👍

  16. Elixear

    Try to upload good audio quality please. It's horrible to ear Stevie like this...

  17. Elijah Riley

    They used the the bass in will smith wild Wild West

  18. Andy Wardle

    The intro though. Bass 🎸

  19. Josef Balog

    December 2k19

  20. Wolfqueen 041602

    Whose here because of happy feet

  21. Tarin Littles

    Who ever did liked this song has no taste

  22. HarpoonWolfbait

    It's impossible to not dunk your head to every single beat to this song.

  23. Finn Tomassen

    Together with Sir Duke, this is the best song I have ever heard
    Love Stevie

  24. Angeles Loyola

    bolt nick and Sven

  25. Edoardo Currò

    God creates stevie wonder: i made him stronger than me... let's make him blind at least

  26. alexander bülow

    great song!

  27. DSilka Silkiie Harris

    Lookin back when i was a nappy headed girl..

  28. HellbuzzBr

    God, I'll tell You: forgive me cos I'm done trying to understand people who gives this a dislike.

  29. John Periard

    In my top 10 songs of the 1970s. Musical genius.

  30. C Carter

    Still jamming to this going into 2020!

  31. Patricia Cisneros Young

    Stevie reminds me that it's good to be alive!

  32. BigDickMcFlick

    Wicky Wicky Wild... Wicky Wicky Wild Wild.......
    ..... Oh, Oh Shit, My bad. I thought YT randomly put Will Smith in my YT Mix XD

  33. john sakaria

    what those people who went 1.7k thumbs down have no funk man

  34. matt lynd

    If I was stranded somewhere and had 1 percent battery left on my phone, I'd use it to listen to this song.

  35. Ewout Geentriangeldus

    I gonna buy myself a Fender Roads,

  36. Tsaps Rapzz

    Stevie songs will still be relevant in the year 3000.

  37. 2centavos

    No idea what this song is about but what a groove!

  38. Boat Axe

    Nappy headed? Cigarette smoking? Sexual harassment? Sadly this song wouldn’t stand a chance today.

  39. Douglas Skaalrud

    The water in my eyes didn’t fool my mom either.

  40. Tammy Allred

    Sang stevie

  41. Phusion

    ”Make ur foots dance

  42. Veronica Hughes

    this takes me back to school when teacher was teachers

  43. jarre toles

    Stevie always makes me feel better

  44. St3vEn BaDu

    Wild Wild West - Will Smith

  45. Giancarlo Lo Presti

    May one day the developers of Youtube oblige those who put a dislike to explain why ...

  46. Donnette White

    I Heard that!

  47. Luis Angel Guitars

    Funkier than my grand daddy's underwear...

  48. getobys

    Perspective is everything aka youth is wasted on the young. Gotta be a certain age and have lived awhile in order to appreciate these lyrics.

  49. Escamilla Rémi

    Me : "What ya wanna play ?"

    Every musician ever :

  50. game boy

    Perform this in a after school chorus class was so happy bring back previous memories love you stevie GOD bless. Mommy give u money for Sunday school you trade yours for candy after church is through.

  51. Cameren Humphrey

    i love the version of this in Celine Dion’s “A New Day...” concert

  52. Director HFerreira

    Greatest intro in all recorded music ever. Bar nine remains the supreme drop of all time.

  53. Аида Марат

    Кто смотрит после истории Tiny like❤

  54. Jack Morby

    this is really low quality

  55. Tina Adams

    Still sounds good in 2019!👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  56. Vytautas Petronis

    wild wild west anyone?

  57. carolyn plenty

    Still rocking The GOAT STEVIE WONDER.

  58. Jigme Öser

    The opening Theme to Courageous Cat and Minute Mouse...

  59. Landon McAfee

    Stevie, I don’t mean no disrespect, but NSP did it better.

  60. oldiesmusic76

    Early 1977 #1 smash!!! 10/10

  61. jesus rocha

    2019 u fuckz

  62. Silvia Rodarte

    Whooping that behind...!! 💗💗💗💗

  63. Under the Surface

    It's so beautiful So positive Stevie when younger was just a genius musically with an awesome powerful voice.

  64. Carlos Flores

    Aaaahhhh, that bassline is tiiiight👌

  65. Godngunclinger

    i heard a cover of this and HAD to come here to hear how it's SUPPOSED to go

  66. subhanero92

    The Chorus sounds like "Bad" from Michael Jackson! love both

  67. Victor Lloyd

    Classic.. Undueable.. Irreplaceable.. Timeless and very much Undeniable.. Real music.. Do you guys hear those drums.. Listen to those horns and you're already know Mr. Wonder does hos thing on them keys.. Let's go.. Real from beginning to end.. The Bricks

  68. Mountain Rigi

    Prince once said, "This is the greatest album ever created"

  69. RomiWadaKatsu

    Wtf it turns out I didn't love wild wild west but this

  70. o Mcginty

    What you wish for.. Call it done

  71. Robert Gadsden


  72. Under the Surface

    It's so 70's man we white kids were lucky to have Stevie's music playing on the radio along with all the other music

  73. Hailey Marie grande

    This my JAM ! 😭❤️

  74. joe joe

    Already moving!! Love this tune.

  75. Charlene Hardy

    Love ❤️ All Stevie’s Records.

  76. Crescent City Kid

    Who in the blue F*CK would downvote this song?

  77. Mike Yorke

    The best album of all time

  78. Mykahaia

    We're going STRAIGHT too the WILD WILD west

  79. Hank Hammer

    On the 8th day Sir Stevie was created

  80. Cyril Roberts

    ICONIC, ICONIC, ICONIC!!!!!! Simply one of the best tracks ever!!!!!! This Man is a Total Legend in everyway!!!!! Total Classic in "Happy Feet" The animated movie!!!!!

  81. maxileonel 1

    Jaja la de happy fit el pinguino. XD

  82. MisterPaulGGFTW

    *I kinda thought I am in Will Smith's Wild Wild West but no I am in the Legend's himself*

  83. dtreeguy

    No song in this world has so much funk!

  84. Michael Scott

    Stevie wonder will be so happy when he sees how many views this got

  85. Matthew Fudge

    Classic feel-song. Now I want to see "Happy Feet". LOL

  86. CodyTheDoggo

    Stevie Wonder is a funky genius

  87. Michael Bailey

    This is my biography

  88. stevie nox

    Stevies are cool...

  89. So Angry

    My favourite song of all time. Without doubt. Great groove, great bass line, great lyrics. Stevie at his peak.

  90. john mcgloson

    Ooooo yeah this is the jam

  91. Jehan The Weedsmoke

    Downtown loop - do i have all of your love

  92. jacques thibeault

    If I ever met this genius I would drop to my knees and kiss his feet and thank him for his musical perfection!!

  93. jacques thibeault

    how can any human being lot love this song???

    jacques thibeault

    sorry... NOT love this song

  94. D.Channsin Berry

    I just LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Such a Groove and My Story.

  95. Dawn Murphy

    So f'in amazing..

  96. Cassaundra

    This brings back so much memories for me 💖

  97. Melina Bourne

    This is music damn lord have mercy wow im loving it
    Damn my generation sucks
    20 yrs and only listens to classic hits like this yesss love this type of music

  98. Bubeyes

    Stevie in his prime. Best song.

  99. Russel early

    Wild wild west