Stevie Stone - Whippin' Up Lyrics

[DB Bantino:]
I was on the ball, baby we've been ballin' (ballin')
Cellphone ringing, keep the money calling (ring ring)
You can tell when you see the motion in my hand
Took a lot of trappin' just to get it like this

[Stevie Stone:]
I was on the phone (phone)
See it took awhile (tell 'em)
Lettin' me go (go)
Made the money pile up (pile up)
We was coming up (up)
Didn't have a dollar (dollar)
Had to whip it (whip it, whip it)
Give some to mamma (hey, hey)
All nighters (all nighters)
Didn't sleep, but now
Money ringing (money ringing)
Had to hit the fire
Whip it, Whip it (Whip it, Whip it)
Thinking out loud
Bustin' jugs, we would do it all night
Hyme himmi

I'm ballin' like we playin' for the Lakers (for the Lakers)
5-man motion Gary Payton' (Gary Payton, nigga)
Full court press for the bacon (bacon)
Travel all over crossed the nation (hey, hey)
I was, I was

[DB Bantino:]
I was on the ball, baby we've been ballin' (ballin')
Cellphone ringing, keep the money calling (ring ring)
You can tell when you see the motion in my hand
Took a lot of trappin' just to get it like this

And I've been whippin' up
I've been whippin' up
I've been catchin' plays
I've been whippin' up
I've been bustin' jugs
I've been whippin' up
I've been whippin' up
I've been whippin' up

[Stevie Stone:]
Whippin' up in that doorway
Come and place another order (do it)
Tell 'em all about the the Benjamins (huh)
Ferogama come record me (woo)
Got these niggas really underestimating, thinking how to get a Rolex (Rolex)
Two cellphones really get the [?] ringing early in the mornin' (mornin')
See me late to the stash house (stash house)
[?] away, it's a fast one (fast one)
Michael Jackson bad moon walking to the back fast, where the cash at (cash at)
In the [?] and I took an oath (oath)
O.G. said keep it low (low)
No tellin' when I'm sliding through
When it's time to get it, I'ma get it ghost (I'ma get it ghost)

I'm ballin' like we playin' for the Lakers (for the Lakers)
5-man motion Gary Payton' (Gary Payton, nigga)
Full court press for the bacon (bacon)
Travel all over crossed the nation (hey, hey)
I was, I was

[DB Bantino:]
I was on the ball, baby we've been ballin' (ballin')
Cellphone ringing, keep the money calling (ring ring)
You can tell when you see the motion in my hand
Took a lot of trappin' just to get it like this

And I've been whippin' up
I've been whippin' up
I've been catchin' plays
I've been whippin' up
I've been bustin' jugs
I've been whippin' up
I've been whippin' up
I've been whippin' up

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Stevie Stone Whippin' Up Comments
  1. tyler womelduff

    Whip whip it

  2. rawhide 918

    Scott Storch beat is killer

  3. The Obnoxious Gamer

    Don't like it, however sounds surprisingly better at 1.25x speed.

  4. Dustin Argabright

    yall a bunch of haters lol stone just making money stone aint trappin db is yes but stones verses is not trap

  5. Gemino

    StrangeMusic one of the dopeste Records ...😎👊🏽

  6. Cook Hand Productions

    this shit fire

  7. tetric oil

    please we need original stevie stone back

  8. Fouzi Torino TV

    Respect ....From ALGERIA

  9. BLG Productions

    who cares, I'm a Stevie Stone Fan! who cares, i rock with this... I like this! Played this album dozens of times!

  10. Samantha F

    This shit bumps 🔥

  11. BLG Productions

    I'm old school to the fullest, and I FUX WITH THIS!!! LOVE IT!

  12. Know it All

    dafuq stevie...

  13. cody Bush

    i actually really like this song but i guess that's just me

  14. Kody/Lucard Raines/Gore

    Dope ass track any one who thinks different can suck the smoke from a barrel

  15. Jacob Rau

    Honestly I'm not surprised Stevie made this kind of song. He's like the club rapper of Strange. Granted, he has quite a few songs that are classic Strange, but still.

  16. Ashley Cogburn

    haters are motivators!!! #stfu

  17. NeverScared ForeverYoung

    stick to the sound ppl love u for man cause this not that sound .... this song sounds like u trying to hard to fit in homie. don't.

  18. triple sevens

    sounds good.. I don't care what they say Stevie, this shit is hot

  19. Gabe Oberlin

    any real fan would like and respect any track this nigga makes .

  20. Adam Violin

    I like this song, he tried something else, and he can't live up to everybody's taste in music, nobody can.
    Stop saying Stevie or Strange music gonna turn into this, turn into that, this just one song on his upcoming album so there will be "Options" to pick some that ya'll like, just "Eat" the hate don't spit it out. :D

  21. Menson Gbor

    they need to make more dope music again because this is trash

  22. Tyler Murphy

    lol everyone talking about "mainstream" sound, strange fans are some cry babies, Stevie is evolving in his career and skills, there's nothing wrong with a catchy hook

  23. Mikeithappen

    Listened over 5 times and still don't like it. Hope the new album doesn't sound like this.

  24. Dadzwac

    fuck all them bitch's krack that whip ow

  25. Big Boss

    Disappointed, but assuming its only this one track, i'm still getting the album

  26. Laquita Jimerson

    NOPE ....

  27. ESman Music

    You know what's great about Strange they have something for everybody. A lot of hate in these comments. At least he ain't sounding like 21 Savage and all those guys.

    Andrew Que

    Sean Suabedissen, Couldn't have said it better.

  28. Joshua Anderson

    Fuck this trash

  29. kevinagain

    Ehhh.... Nope!

  30. Jaedyn Day

    so Boller

  31. someguycalledfeels

    y'all basement dwelling underground only manbabies are salty as hell

    can't wait till the label fully expands with acts that aren't purely catered to this lyrical miracle fanbase

    then we'll see who really rides for strange

  32. Tofu Lemonade

    Reminds me of Kevin Gates a bit

  33. Jarrell

    If all this mainstream trap shit had actual thought out lyrics I'd prolly love it. I'm not sure how I feel about Stone imitating the sound, but I guess he's trying to appeal to a larger audience. Not terrible, but not really great either. At least when Tech does it, he flips it on its ear a bit.

  34. Xo Xan

    The worst scott storch beat i have heard

  35. Hamed Raad

    rap sucks (no word)

  36. Jacob Short

    I got excited seeing a new Stevie track, just to be sad because of how truly awful it is.

  37. SIKEST-ONE 237

    a big WTF

  38. Colin Tenorio

    I like it haha

  39. Sycopoorkid

    People are stressing like the whole albums gonna sound like this. For fuck sakes we all know he's a talented rapper so let him experiment with music his voice is unique as fuck let's see what else he can do with it besides going hard as fuck all the time. Eat II went hard as fuck and Options was good too, we still have the Stevie Stone we're used to.

  40. Kestavier

    It's okay, this wasent the best, bit wrekonize​ dropped his album today. I'll jam to that.

  41. Pedro Delgado

    i was reading comments about the auto tune and didnt really know what they ment until i realised stevie was rapping......didnt even recognize his voice

  42. Cal Gozmit

    Personally this song isn't for me, but I hope this song is for other people, people that will listen to more music and share amongst their friends and then the Strange Family can grow

  43. Graham Hettinger

    I really hope the whole album doesn't sound like this. I usually am a huge Stevie Stone fan, but this is one of the few Strange Music albums I won't be pre-ordering.

  44. /JDforthree/ Bro

    Idk what to say about this...I mean it's not good at all compared to other songs of his...

  45. Kaothel

    Ew, def not the sound when I think Stevie.

  46. Sw1tch

    i thought strange was better than this, if i wanted to listen to autotune id put some lil wayne or t-pain on

  47. Obed Blas

    Got this shyt on repeat.🤘

  48. GoDD UsOppp

    how can people dislike Stevie he's a beast :) :)

  49. Linus Grahn

    What the fuck is this?

  50. Kayla Charlton

    So disappointed in Stevie! This song is junk

  51. Reetified

    "I'm balling like I play for the Lakers" has to be the most basic lyric in history and the most played-out simile in all of hip-hop

  52. SRMR93

    This was ass. Disappointing Stevie

  53. Redant23

    not bad at all

  54. proudndn20

    Fuck the haters! SS always brings the 🔥🔥 He does everything. I been supporting this dude since the Himmi Hyme Mixtapes!!

  55. Rebecca Yeabsley

    I'm such a big stevie fan but this song sucks. Sounds like some wetty fap song. auto tune sucks.

  56. Matt Underwood

    Going in the wrong direction man. THIS IS STRANGE Music!!! not the Migos. I'm disappointed. Need more bangers like "Run It" and the whole 2 birds 1 stone album

  57. R10TMAKER95

    I fucks wit it 💪

  58. dustin good

    Man that dude is annoying on the chorus.

  59. EyeNevermind

    This is actually... really... really awful. If you're going to be a copycat, at least copy somebody respectable like Kendrick...

  60. josh jones

    this sounds like some mainstream mumble rap bullshit. wtf Stevie stone???

  61. LEAP Industries

    why is everybody talking about auto-tune and there is no auto-tune on the song? Thats just his voice... smh

  62. Jim Bak

    For all you people saying Strange Music is going mainstream i'm sorry but you need to check out more interviews from Tech and Travis. It's obvious they are creating a musical empire that speaks to everyone. And yes that includes people who are in to mainstream rap. But don't act like the majority of the Strange Music content sounds like anything on the radio. There is always enough "strange'' songs to listen to. Just try to understand and respect that Tech is trying to take over the music industry in as many genres as possible.

  63. CynicalCrowTwT

    I like stevie and I like when he sings but I feel this song was just a poor example of his talent and Strange in general

    I'm looking forward to the album and will listen to the whole thing
    Just hope there isn't more like this

  64. Wet Knuckles

    People mad at Steve for making a club/radio banga? Seriously that's all his albums consist of with two or 3 serious songs his whole career.

  65. Lemon

    damn now stevie? looks like thisll be another spotify CD for me

  66. landmine lieutenant

    To much autotune. Shame on you stevie stone

  67. Armiondo Johnson

    this shit is trash wtf stevie I'm so disappointed

  68. MeleeCrisis

    *comes out with fire tracks before:* mk cool whatevs
    *comes out with ONE trap song to change it up:* wow strange music is selling out, they suck, they are horrible, called it from the beginning, never liked this artist, hes trash, he was good but since he made one trap song he sucks now, lame poop garbage

    im not one to choose trap over lyrical rap any day,hell i love unique lyrical rap way more than anything, but come on people... quit hating and let the man change it up once in a while... besides, so far u have the other 2 singles that are considered "way better than this garbage", so just skip over this song :)

    edit: also just want to clear up that i am a fan of this song along with the other singles he released. i am also a fan of any hip hop/rap, tho i do like lyrical rap/poetry way more than trap

  69. Chris Barnes Barnes

    I'm not gonna lie this did sound mainsteam but stevie stone still made it 10× better than any shit these wack ass rappers making now. I don't understand why every body is saying strange music is going mainsteam just because of a few songs like this they make for fun. it's like you all ignore everything else strange produces and focusing only on these few songs like this the only thing strange is producing

  70. Brit674

    Part of the reason I listen to Strange Music is because it's real rap and not the shit that gets played all the time nowadays but seems like even you guys are going in the same route.

    Simon Torque

    Brit674 not Rittz. bad boy needs his own label. carrying the fuckin crew right now.

  71. Michael Gary Scott

    Everyone crying about this song not being good are wrong lol. Quit being childish over 1 song that's somewhat different from what you're used to.

  72. Roselieansy

    you Strange fans are impossible to fuckin please

  73. 38 Reasons

    Strange Music is expanding into different avenues in the industry. New Edition is a group that had different counterparts for different facets of the industry. Strange Music is a record label that has counterparts for different facets of the industry. Stevie never had the "Strange" Music sound any way. Haters calm down!

  74. SIX7Y

    Not feeling it tbh, my hype for this album decays more and more with each upload. It certainly ain't the "New Kid Coming" or "Rolling Stone" that got me hooked on Stevie. The beat goes but vocals are wack.

  75. Rob S

    love stevie, very disappointed in this song as well as the other new songs from this album. Trap music=Garbage.

  76. MTH12

    fuck the dislikes. This song is catchy AF anyway! ;D

  77. Andrew .Elling

    why's everyone bitching about the "type" of music he's making. he's making his millions he doesn't give a shit what 10 kids on YouTube think. you can't make a ton of albums with the same exact sound.. you have to keep evolving some are good some are flops.. either way he's making money while you're flipping burgers making 8$ an hour. maybe try supporting like a real fan. ✌

  78. Chris Staubitz

    hate it. love Stevie, but auto-tune bullshits gotta go

  79. Lorenzo Billy Begay

    Soon as that beat knock :D Banger! 110%

    Lobin' this project so far but it gone be hard 2 outdo Malta Bend <3

  80. Hot Sauce & Beer

    malta bend was trash, so is this....

  81. Austin Gipson

    I will ALWAYS support strange music. but come on Stevie you really like that kinda music?!! unexpected...

  82. Justin Worrell

    Love Stevie Stone Kinda like The Song Just Idk..

  83. Gilbert Grape

    I ain't gonna say that they be doing only bullshit lately because the Ces Cru last album was fire.
    Rittz, Wrekonize, Bernz, only been doing some dope shit plus ''2 birds 1 stone" is one of my favorite album
    along with "Kicking And Screaming".

  84. CosmicExpo75

    Is strange becoming gay? Techs old shit is still a lot better than his new shit

  85. Ryan Hanson

    disappointed. loved all Stevie stone until this

  86. Tayton Murph

    This Is a dope song you guys missing out

  87. Raizada R

    I had this on 1.5 speed because I was just watching a lecture online. It sounded pretty fucking dope then.

  88. hannibal knicca

    please dont go mainstream

  89. heineken7172


  90. Chris _

    This reminds me of Migos.....this might be good for some people but looking at the comments....this isn't going well for Stevie atm

  91. southsideryder414

    damn it sounds like this new Stevie Stone album is going to be weak as a fuck

    Simon Torque

    southsideryder414 I'm praying for a couple slappers at leAst...

  92. Chris Cowan

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  93. HopeAnchors

    honestly, I just wasn't feeling the song. All the other stuff I have heard from stevie was real good. I see, according to the comments I am not the only one disappointed in this song. Calling this song "adapting" is very much false. If you've listened to any of the other strange artists lately, they've been making fun of this kinda stuff for a bit now. The chorus's from strange lately haven't been the best but regardless still keeping it strange!

  94. David Molina

    why's he sound like young thugs grandpa

  95. evchamo2

    Maybe he's just trying to throw his name out there to new fans

  96. stealtbadge

    I love most of Stevie music but this erh why trap, you got a 100 times as much talent as these elementary rappers and you release this.