Stevie Stone - Run It Lyrics

Yup, uh-huh
Stevie Stone
Ay Seven, you brought the pots and the pans out on this one
Malta Bend, nigga
Run that now

Stoner, Stoner
Bitch, run it, run it
Drink a whole lotta liquor
Bitch, run it, run it
All my niggas wit' me
Gettin' money, money
All my bitches wit' me
Gettin' money, money
Run that now, run it, run it [x4]
All my niggas wit' me
Gettin' money, money
All my bitches wit' me
Gettin' money, money

Drink a whole lotta liquor
Smoke a whole lotta reefer
Paper planes in the wind
You can call me Khalifa
Watch me button up a Benz
You should grab you a feature
I'm a dog on the go
Bag a bitch from the bleachers
R-R-Run it, run it
Rather with a trio I know
I call these 3 RT3G bitches they ready to go
No you not on my level
You niggas don' came out here, bro
Step one foot in the game
Y'all niggas didn't get my M-O
Run that now


Ain’t no run in the game well seasoned and polished
Gotta knock for these hoes
PSD with the science
I'm allergic to broke
I choose to use my Ebonics
I put my bitch on a boat
Look like she came from an island
We tryna find us a stripper
Magic CD in Onyx
Put my bread on the table
Give me something exotic
Body shots off her naval, that's a premium product
Run it, run it
B-bitch that mean that I got it
I tell her
Run it, run it
She said I'm steezy, erotic
I'm a Leo, pino
Get her kinky, wildin'
Get to call me, call me
Get it all from her mother
See we come from the gutter, get 20, 50s and 100s
Bitch I'm a


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Stevie Stone Run It Comments
  1. Too High Tv


  2. Jessie s


  3. Too High Tv

    #srangemusic coming to my channel (REACTIONS) #TOOHIGHTV


    How is this not more popular than what other shit is spitting out

  5. Amber Starr

    One of the hardest of all time and really got the recognition deserve d SMH

    Amber Starr

    Never blew up

  6. jean gelinas

    best stevie stone yeah

  7. Rehua Hope

    I don't know how old or new it is but dam he gose HAM!! LOVE THIS

    InTellygent -Alien King

    It says 4 years old lol

    Rehua Hope

    @InTellygent -Alien King didn't even see that lol shot bro and

  8. jean gelinas

    stevie stone #1 ... Quebec canada

  9. Alisha Dawn Martindale

    Just got released from tulsa co jail...good to be no on

    Alisha Dawn Martindale

    Love life

  10. Amanze D Mere aka Nej

    This guy voice is Insane..i love it! ^S^

  11. CupcakePowersActivated

    Damn his voice.. and he's sexy. Lol

  12. Virgo Mae

    I love the beat on this track absolutely beautiful

  13. Yupiks s

    Like from Kazakhstan!

  14. Best Bagwell


  15. Patricia Hoffman

    I Have To Meet You..I Have Been Rockin' You For Yearz Bro!❤ Thank You For This Bomb Ass Shit MLLH &R💋

  16. It's what You make it

    Runnin that energy

  17. Jeramiah Bruce

    Could I feature with you it would be a honor if i could

  18. Alisha Martindale

    Love u.. I want a date next time in tulsa

  19. DJ David HD DJ Killer Marcus

    ahrbti tirucbs rowcwitc

  20. kerry -G


  21. B DUB

    His voice is very grizzly. Give me the vibe of killer mike,ruff ryduz.that at right buck shit. Just like his song "remedy" meaningful shit but goes hard!! 2019 STRANGE MUSIC ALL DAY

  22. Ashton Koch

    "allergic to broke"

  23. Smokin Bones

    He needs to make his songs like 9 mins long... My fuckin thumb hurts from the replay button already.

  24. JulinaAnna 'BabyGirl' 'Nina' Nyquist

    Dance to this whole "pressing buttons"

  25. Hayzen Beys

    Fucking great mix!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Incredible work 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  26. Местный

    Car rental?

  27. Alisha Dawn Martindale

    Nigga s I'm runnin IT

  28. Alisha Dawn Martindale

    Nigga s I'm runnin IT

  29. Chengade

    This so gangsta.. I listened it with my son, now he is my dad..

  30. Smokin Bones

    1.Tech N9ne 2.Stevie Stone 3.JL 4.Krizz Kaliko.... The rest...

  31. Jamie Behrends

    It a joke never said I am good at anything I'm not tripping

    Jamie Behrends

    Jamie Behrends. Feel ya

  32. Ibrahim j

    Like like like.. 👍👍👍♥️♥️

  33. Richard Conn

    That beat tho💥🔥🔥

  34. Anti Anti Anti Dempsey Roll


  35. Three lil PIGS

    THANK GOD. And brother Stevie Stone, thank you for living and giving us everything. I promise it's well spent.

  36. joshua ware

    I was driving the other day and was approaching a red light, and I had this song playing and wasn't gunna let Stevie stone be calling me a bitch, so now I'm stuck with a ticket🙃

  37. bilel bilel

    Yes 😎🤪😬😜😝🤑👿

  38. Charles Green

    Just been caughting on to stevie good job tech stevie too hard and smooth

  39. Son Prophet

    I put a whole lot of sicko
    So pour me a gallon of liquor
    For my niggas
    Who Chasen them figures
    Never to hesitate them triggas killas straight from the reaper
    Who in for the trio
    I call that a hell no

    it's about that riot money that's why I'm up again
    give me the cheddar
    I'm a Non forgotten runner
    With amazing figures
    That have my account so explicit no need to see
    Hate it whenever i run it
    I see you want it want it go run it run it then we will see
    I'll Call you the burner
    irreversible covenant
    You just stuck in them bleachers

    I call it how I see it
    It's time to burn it burn it you want it want it ain't that funny
    I listen well from my gutter mother who smothas my uglythugga
    Now just don't get to close or I'll gun it see u won't be around
    Let's make it erotic
    for a whole lot of money
    let's see who can run it through like the way I do
    Now everyone running stakes are to high but LBJ has a great amount of trophies
    let's see how he run it

  40. Marty & Mychelle Caldwell

    So SICK MAN!!! Always killn it!!!

  41. DJ-Wild-Child

    Need a remix with Stevie-Tu-Pac and Biggie....Fire

  42. Roy Twiddy

    Is everyone selling weed man I might do that to just get some pussy probably not I’m bitch made

  43. daniel martinez

    Sounds like Fiend from No Limit to me but he sounds pretty dope ..

  44. Stitch Stewie

    Money... run it

  45. Catherine Krob

    Soooo SEXY 👅💦💦💦

  46. Genessa Gillespie Hughes

    Wasup cousin?

  47. Michelle Mullins

    🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤 N Iiii ce !
    Just saying !

  48. Dana Tell

    Stone and dmx would be the stuff there voices rough and dirty

  49. R3dRckt

    got dayum friend just suggested this shit! immediate head bobber gonna have to buy on iTunes now!

  50. Tommy Hillard

    This fella here.. Is where that dude from the old Mo Thugs should be at.. Souljah Boy Jamma!

  51. 44 In The Place Building Roker

    I see YOU player!!

  52. Cora Lewis

    Stevie Stone - Run It

  53. Rag Man

    He reminds me of Jeepers Creepers

  54. adrianna2288

    I luv it when he says stevie stooone, like techn9ne, when he says techn999ne...ya know what im talkin about...whateves!

  55. E. Abrahamsen


  56. Trevor Thomas

    alays got my mutha fucking speaka hiten nigga wit dis shit

  57. Bogus Bozo

    strange music is the best music

  58. Cyndi Smith

    Talent out the gates

  59. Slicky Typo

    Beach boys

  60. Amy Edwards

    Sexiest voice ever

  61. DonKaputto

    Crazy Moves !!

  62. Hakan Karaca

    Yapmış orospu çocuğu ya

  63. Lacey Asher

    good beat like alwayz just flows makes u wanna get up out ur seat...or do 85 in a 65 lol... oops

  64. Church from the 7th regimen

    I'm a bone thugs n harmony nigga since 93'but I really wanna see a casino with this nigga and bone. That's shit would sell. Lol. Brooklyn stand up

  65. Merhaba Merhaba


  66. Jenniferm Rumsey

    you are sXy lu v u bqby run it hunny

  67. Jenniferm Rumsey

    Luv u bo

  68. Audio Maverick Music Fan

    I subscribed

  69. RANSXM

    I'm a 19 year old aspiring artist would appreciate if you peeped my shit 💀

  70. Jenniferm Rumsey


  71. NoL SoL

    uhhhh huuuh

  72. Red Pool

    Stevie and ZRO should Collab. That shit would be lit as fuck.

  73. Prablum Child

    smokey im a boss.😄

  74. lalu piz

    Ima feel like devil is speaking to me

  75. Александр Д

    Кто бы что не говорил, дескать стереотипно и так далее, на мой взгляд флоу и вайб интересный :)

  76. Andrew Jackson

    Someone get this man some Ice

  77. Daisey Stockbauer

    Love this song it's amazing

  78. Tracey Cahow

    Hits HARD

  79. The Red Owl

    Yoo Stevie Man you always kill it keep up! #SlayEmAll :)

  80. Jared rockafeller

    his voice is annoying how can u listen 2 this

  81. Sergie S

    He fucking smashed this record, his songs are lit. Someone call the fire department, shits on fire🔥🔥🔥🔥

  82. Scott Bunn

    Real talk bro

  83. x man

    I'm mad I'm just finding out about this dude. Listen to 3 of his songs so far ALL 🔥🔥🔥

  84. willie mask

    I was the born in the same town he was born in, Columbia mo, this is amazing!

  85. Moses morales


  86. wessel zandvliet

    ggz leidschendam 7 set 4 stone skycreeper

  87. william cook

    I got hooked on this song

  88. Paul Gonzales


  89. silverdragon007

    he sounds like magic

  90. Nico Windley

    Stevie stone one of the best !!!

  91. O.T.Maintain Tafili

    Fuck these nigga flow beats are topzzz .... Killa 😎😎👌🏾

  92. Jesse Rath

    this dudes sick as fuck. banging as beats

  93. Q U E E N B

    tf is 3rt3g ??

  94. Jeremy Chrysler

    hi baby

  95. Mark Brown

    I don't normally listin to music like this but this is bad ass my speakers are blowing up!😎

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    this dude kills is every time, harsh as fuck 😵

  97. Julio Jones

    i wonder how drake sale more albums