Stevie Stone - Rain Dance Lyrics

Uh-huh, rain dance
Choking on the loud
Got liquor, plenty to go around
Episodes of Girls Gone Wild
Stevie Stone, Tecca Nina, Mystikal

[Stevie Stone:]
Said she down with the elites
Drinkin' liquor think she tryna get the bidness
She got her ass to the ceiling
5 chains when there's money in the building

[Stevie Stone:]
I don't have to show a rubber band to Pacquiao
Bring it back, got back, splat [?]
On the man, I'm the man still I mack a ho
Money made, only me, I'm an animal
Good Bentley Imma give her that billy (that billy)
Rain dance for the niggas in the city (in the city)
Automatic, Imma, Imma tug and pull left
No hands, going H.A.M, bitch you good at it
Yup, I'll make it bounce, like this (like this)
Hit Sway up in the morning, like this (like this)
Never seen this much money come around
Pocahontas, pokin' that I bit down

[Stevie Stone:]
Said she down with the elites
Drinkin' liquor think she tryna get the bidness
She got her ass to the ceiling
5 chains when there's money in the building

[Stevie Stone:]
I Make it rain, ho [x6]
Every time I come around then I make her rain dance

[Tech N9ne:]
Choctaw, native so I really does this
Rain dance for me, then give me a hug, bwitch
Because I throw hundreds they really want me to shove dwick
All up in 'em, they want that Nina to get in that love pit
Won't deny ya, cause lil mama super thick
Tie ya right up, 50 shades of whoopin' this
Buy a lighter, cause she want us two to get
Higher, higher (HEY) so we do this shit
That's what I do with the strippers
Paid a tip out and they coming home with us
We got the killer weed and we got liquor
The simple fact is we the niggas they did us
So it is normal they blowing my skin horn
And they know that they signing a sin form
When they come up in the house I then show 'em
Been a playa ever since I been born, bitch

[Stevie Stone:]
Said she down with the elites
Drinkin' liquor think she tryna get the bidness
She got her ass to the ceiling
5 chains when there's money in the building

[Stevie Stone:]
I Make it rain, ho [x6]
Every time I come around then I make her rain dance

Yikes, I know what she like
Pipe, I be laying it right she said it's
Tight, and she want it with Mike
I finna be bellin' in that pussy, like I'm ridin' a bike
After we leave the strip club my dick gon' be in her
She face down, rear end up
That's just how she'll end up
That what I came in this club for
That what I showin' her all this love for
That what I paid all them tips for
That what I left with this bitch for
She said "gimme some money, and I'll give you some head"
So I gave her some money, she gave me some head
Not that there's much else to be said
I fucked her so good, she came so hard
You woulda thought that she pissed the bed

[Stevie Stone:]
Said she down with the elites
Drinkin' liquor think she tryna get the bidness
She got her ass to the ceiling
5 chains when there's money in the building

[Stevie Stone:]
I Make it rain, ho [x6]
Every time I come around then I make her rain dance

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Stevie Stone Rain Dance Comments
  1. Theo Atkins

    Damn honey in this video .

  2. Ty Pablo

    Dine Nation!! This been my jam for years.

  3. Codey Blizz

    So I gave her some money and she gave me some head 😂 best verse ever.

  4. LaShawn Carter


  5. Krab

    Love this song. Loved it when I came out love it now

    Amazingly.Anna42 O

    Still bumpin it daily!

  6. K Ca

    Tech should\consider signing Mystikal to a favourite-rapper.he can grind-vocally on any track\ Mystikal that solid & put him in the studio..(hell) just give him the Mic & you'll get positive-results on every song\Video 100%..cant go-wrong on that-Dude on any track.

  7. Roberta Red Shirt

    This is fiya.....No Lighta.

  8. Zeus Zahur

    This a cool track

  9. Luan Jau

    Muito bom

  10. James Smalls


  11. J Burbank

    Strange music. #Diné

  12. J Forever

    You know they had fun making this song

  13. Christy Meredith

    Mystikal is my favorite part lol.

  14. Kreig Northrup

    Mystikal has a great flow, but he sounds like that retard 69 so I’m not huge about him

  15. Christopher Potvin

    Yikes I know what she like pipe and I'll be laying it right

  16. Hazel Daze

    Real ones are offended....lmao

  17. Сергей Белый

    Крутой чувак:)

  18. Elizabeth Mueller

    What I want to know is which college were that band members from?

  19. IXBhangXI

    smart diamonds

  20. House Vollmer

    He looks kinda like DNA from dontflop

  21. Kyle West

    Yike I know what she like pipe an I be laying it right she said it tight an she want it with Mike

  22. Wear Montgomery

    Do mosquitoes come out in rain?
    Most of us do not enjoy this damp weather, but mosquitoes, on the other hand, LOVE it. Damp, wet weather conditions translate to plenty of opportunities for mosquitoes to find standing water or puddles to lay their eggs. Wet weather followed by warm weather is the ideal environment for mosquitoes and breeding.May 23, 2019 › blog-posts
    How Rain Affects Mosquitoes and How to Protect Yourself | Batzner ...


    Yeeeeeeeee yeeeeeeeee yeeeeeeeeee yeeeeeeeee

  24. Im RealityZ

    Mystikal's verse was lowkey trash and i know he could've done better tbh. I feel like it was rushed.

  25. Sharkbait 4-2-0

    This was bad. I love mystikal but yall slippin on this one

  26. Warclub 217

    I’m Native American that first part was awesome.. no rude comments please

  27. lady bug


  28. Jose Jamg

    For mis tikal from Mystikal

  29. PacTa MaH

    Money eating your soul

  30. PacTa MaH

    Молочище варят

  31. Ned Kelly

    song is so phat

  32. MRBOLDEN84

    This should be at 20 million views

  33. Hi I'm Chucky Wanna Play

    I expected nothing less from mystikal killer flow

  34. Jennifer Ham

    Cherokee & Blackfoot 👊

  35. Marshal N9ne

    Tell em Tech N9ne

  36. Shane Jaramillo

    Fuk ya pueblo native rite here half Isleta NM n half Acoma NM, big big shout out 2 Mystikal n Strange Music 4 making it rain,

  37. Jaime Obey

    This is fucked. Lol

  38. SamiNian Bighawk

    What tribe they talkn bout?

  39. Sessy~B~Me

    techN9na i aint asking for ya to throw them hundreds ... simply just wanting to barter goods for goods.. ill bring the rain dance long as u provide the lyrical ecstacy that flows from your soul while i do!! Deal?! #StrangeMusic

    Smucky !

    Yum. 😏

  40. Jeff Stone

    Shit go hard
    Southside funky town

  41. bitch pudding

    Still listening in 2019!!!

  42. Callie Brazzel

    The beat is jus does something to you...makes you want to get up and move

  43. Nia Phillip

    I can't believe I just heard this for the first time! I'm a hardcore Mystkal Fan and thought I heard everything he's on. New to me and I love it!! All three of them brought it!! Firrreeeee!!!

  44. It's what You make it


  45. Kimberly Hansen


  46. Colleen Watson

    Navajo Nation much love!!!! 928

  47. Bryson Billah

    Shiiiit, hell yeah tech

  48. cr b

    I needed a good laugh tonight

  49. Alisha Dawn Martindale

    Rt3g red dot ready...muther fuker. I want to take.u to the alter Stevie Stone... Heaven is The Holy Church.. U R Knight of Supreme Council€ Love God's Daughter. Supreme Council...Peters Pence. 0 billion..monies from Philly Mint....elite, Blue black hole..Belize... back in Rio De Jernio... junk bonds....NoT TRUMP TIGHT DEATH ROW TO DUBAI, FREEZING that blue-green money.

  50. Nikie Dinwiddie

    Yeah what that chick said in the beginning! Anonimnon

  51. The Hit Lister

    Ive always loved tech and strange since 98' but you guys talk bout elites and Illuminati occult symbolism to much nowadays, all seeing 👁, pyramids, etc. Come back to the real shit y'all use ta do. Y'all turning into MTV (masonic television) check where MTV is based, it's a mason building!

  52. Perfectneveryworld Rosemakerhaters

    Allow only realz

  53. The JuJu

    Stevie Stoooooooooooone! Hah! Straaaaaaange MUSIC 🔥

  54. kerry -G


  55. Samantha Lee

    That was the baddest video I've ever seen and the hottest girls

  56. faroshscale

    I was worried this was going to be appropriative but I'm highly impressed

    Ibri Deeper Than Yisrael.

    Appropriative how?

  57. DozerThaGreat

    Im native american talk about stealing culture 😆

    Ibri Deeper Than Yisrael.

    You dont know your history. Stop the madness. Mainstream history books lied to you.


    @Ibri Deeper Than Yisrael. ive be taugh from elders minewa manshe ounshe

  58. Damien Barton

    This song is sick, they be keepin it STRRAAANNNGEEE!!!!!

  59. Adam Owsinski

    Hope Mystikal gets on Strange Music

  60. Kurtis Hill


  61. Apple Treez


  62. Raul Hurtado

    I could see some Wakandan’s dancing to this

    Ibri Deeper Than Yisrael.

    Nah. Wakandans not wanted.

  63. Lady Maimee


  64. D'miya McCruel

    😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣 mystikal's face when he said "THAT'S WHY I LEFT WITH DIS BITCH FA"😂😂 love it love it he a legend so is tech n9ne... a 'll 3 killed it though..

  65. Cin Renee Vh1

    Tech stay on his bars eating 👊.. Mystikal better eat.. no time for short stopping bruh

  66. Stein-Reich Edelstein Schleifer

    At first I thought techn9ne is the shaman with badass makeup..

  67. Yahared

    Is that my tsalagi I hear in the intro??! #Represent

    Troyvel Stanley

    It's Diné language

  68. Amazingly.Anna42 O

    Yup immakka bounce like dissss

  69. billy mitton

    I love every part of this song!

    That being said i've been listening to this song everytime i need a good laugh just because Mystikal's Lyric's/Dance combo hahahaha

    Go ahead , Watch the Mystikal verse again and try not to smile .. i dare you :P

  70. red eyed


  71. Mikey Anderson

    What i would do to meet all 3 of you!!!

  72. jcdelgado


  73. Justin Addington

    Stevie Stone, Tec-nina and Mr. Cow

  74. Mermaid Flying

    It’s a very historically incorrect video and lyrics are very insulting to Native Americans I’ve heard from . It’s about a ceremony that was a huge part of the culture that was performed for survival of food! Not sex! I was personally shocked Mystikal collaborated on this track? Love Mystikal!

  75. red eyed

    Chippewa Sioux native

  76. Travon Railback


  77. red eyed

    Native pride

  78. Flaccid Reflex

    anyone else hear them saying goat cum over and over in the chorus

  79. Mister Hatred

    Ive been saying Tech needed to hook up with Mystikal for a minute. Was not disappointed.

    Kevin Neff

    Look up "All that I know" by Trae featuring those two.

  80. Tyler Lynch

    Now that's the mystical I know

  81. hitfromthebong2

    I really liked the song... then mystikal came on.. straight garbage, sorry not sorry

  82. Daishawn Givins

    First time listening to this nothing but 🔥🔥

  83. Danny 0527

    Listening 2019 bitches

  84. Theo Atkins

    They got down with this one .

  85. rob rockit

    I'm 53 this sic dope


    Me and my brother used to go to that castle and smoke and paint before he died. Rip M. T. J

  87. marsha

    Good song I'm a proud Scottish/Irish girl check out Celtic vibes awesome

  88. imawake N Thompson

    Mystikal dammit

  89. Matthew Edwards

    Hahaha 2.2m views hahahaha

  90. Shawn Barnes

    still listening in 2019

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    Lil mike and bone were better

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    Mystikal ft Joyner Lucas MLK

  93. Aamusexentrix triangle effect

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    Native dance. Disappointing.