Stevie Stone - Options Lyrics

When the base get to droppin'
When the base get to droppin'
Stevie Stone

It don't matter when the base get to droppin'
Listen I'm knockin'
Hoes get to poppin'
Man that boy got options
(When the base get to droppin')
(Listen I'm knockin')
(Hoes get to poppin')
(Man that boy got options)

Makin' dough, drinkin' mo'
Smokin' weed, all I know
Makin' dough, drinkin' mo'
Smokin' weed, all I know

Well I'm back now, feelin' underrated
I done blacked out, come here for confirmation
Send them packs out, ain't got no moderation
Went and latched out, I got 'em kinda hatin'
I feel like 2Pac, bitch I'm Makaveli
Momma juggin' on 'em, she look like Halle Berry
She from Daytona, got a sneak peak
Her body pokin' out, she let me skeet skeet!
I'm here to make my rounds, Stevie showin' up
Got that A1, that's that uncut
Went and touched down, better raise up
Niggas hatin' on me! We gettin' paper

It don't matter when the base get to droppin'
Listen I'm knockin'
Hoes get to poppin'
Man that boy got options
(When the base get to droppin')
(Listen I'm knockin')
(Hoes get to poppin')
(Man that boy got options)

Makin' dough, drinkin' mo'
Smokin' weed, all I know
Makin' dough, drinkin' mo'
Smokin' weed, all I know

I was on [?], got my wings 'n' shit
GPS up on the pussy, I can ping that shit
Hit the club body vocal, what a sea I get
Throw the boss wide open, shoulda' seen that bit
She be poppin' (she be poppin')
Well I'ma get that bit
Get it, get it baby boy
[?] 's that bitch
I'm just sayin' now (sayin' now)
All my green goes lit
We been makin' power moves, watch the team get rich (get rich)
Roll up (roll up), Roll (roll up), Roll (roll up)
I brought the big box - call me manic though
Flex on me, naw - I crack the cantaloupe
[?] blockers bitch! Choosin' give 'em Adderall

It don't matter when the base get to droppin'
Listen I'm knockin'
Hoes get to poppin'
Man that boy got options
(When the base get to droppin')
(Listen I'm knockin')
(Hoes get to poppin')
(Man that boy got options)

Makin' dough, drinkin' mo'
Smokin' weed, all I know
Makin' dough, drinkin' mo'
Smokin' weed, all I know

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Stevie Stone Options Comments
  1. Ashley Mozingo

    I'm so sick of punk ass boys pretending to be men pos how dare you tell me to turn it down. For what? Like the whole neighborhood hasn't heard your ass ramble on more then once. Watch your mouth.especially when my music on.✌️

  2. jean gelinas

    stevie stone #1

  3. Nur Ayvacı

    Çok sert....

  4. David Banks

    I gotta collab with this guy

  5. Ngj J

    ارحب انا بلوشي من الكويت من عشاق #خالد_نقا💙💙

  6. Nicole Lamphere

    Abso love his music and his voice makes me 😱😱😱😱hes 🔥🔥🔥his shit hott as fuck

  7. Richard Blinsky

    This my she my wits that huh
    Yes sir my whah whah Shah does it big no know it's haha

  8. KoreN BeatZ

    Wow boss thank you

  9. Scar Eatme

    My favorite Rapper #Stevie s rough luv that grrrrr 😉 voice. All I know .. I love your music

  10. Stevie Williamson

    Nikki booty

  11. tyler womelduff

    I feel like tupac bitch im Machiavelli

  12. Freddy the Fazbear

    Stone is a beast

  13. Carl Suttles

    Strange Music is on top!! This is just another fine example of why...

  14. General Balla


  15. Benjamin Wilmot

    D.I.B.K.I.S OR GO HOME ^S^

  16. Mohammed Zabara

    Dirty people ☺

  17. Krissy Bousquet

    Love hiz vioce

  18. Brina Stranger

    I kicked it with you in reno before 6s and 7s i just want to say you are still fresh as fuck

  19. fuckwad Richards

    on 🔥 YEP

  20. Soknheith

    Stone is hella dope!

  21. fuckwad Richards

    can't get enough , motivation song for me ....

  22. drdoobie420

    My subconscious knocked... apparently this is 808 bendin volume II.

  23. Lewis Cassidy

    Such a Catchy song strange for life

  24. Skinless Martyr

    Yooooo this mf is ILL son!! Haha 🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼

  25. Brian Meindl

    Good song. I love it. Honestly would love to take a shot of whisky with you stevie stone. Hmu.

  26. goliath lusk

    Killin it!

  27. Mitchell Joles

    This is a song you don't want to stop he could rap all day im be good

  28. George Carlin

    Do a song with rittz !!

  29. Gorilla Pimp

    2:20 "doin the african squat baby"

  30. bcumike

    Ummm... Idk that ur under rated if ur comparing urself too tupac... that's a big shoe to fill...

  31. DirtyDutch

    The chorus got me thinking real hard about a song I heard somewhere else, I think it resembles T.I.'s '24's' a lot!

  32. Ricky Hendrickson

    ^S^ is the life I live ... Chheeaa

  33. Zach Wilson

    Strange all day!!!

  34. Ubah


  35. Sam Bunderson

    Could have said "smokin dro" but I like this, still staying original.

  36. Versa380

    big up from Versatile

  37. Strange Music Down 4 Life


  38. Moto Fitness Nowaks

    dammmmn kill it.

  39. Abraca Dabra

    Put some respeck

  40. Todd Henderson

    lit music

  41. Inez 7

    Dope! 🔥 🔥

  42. Randyn Exum

    why does this remind me of lil John? Goes hard as fuck though on my skullcandy skullcrushers.

  43. Cpl Current

    "get it get it baby boy Ving rhyams that shit" dope ass bar

  44. Cpl Current

    loving the lowlow

  45. Sam Neal

    top notch stevie,you aint underrated

  46. skatinclayton

    i heard this beat before but i cant put my finger on it. can anyone help me out here lol

  47. Ricky Hendrickson

    this shit goes fucking hard in paint !!! ^S^

  48. Hattie Friedman

    #steviestone always LIt wit the ladies

  49. Anton Klip


  50. J Tha Truth


  51. iSaetanic

    Strangestream ^S^

  52. The Dude

    y'all who are saying strange/stone is going mainstream, wtf do y'all expect, they are in a consumer gotta sell what sells..they ain't in it for shits and giggles..its all bout that $$$

  53. Brandon Gist

    171 people don't have a pulse.

  54. Banana potpie

    considering the seriousness of most everything on strange these days i feel like this os somewhat comical.. but eh.. i like it.. and the booties nice

  55. Eric Perry

    some hard shit

  56. Cailon Delano

    Am I the only one at that one part who starts singing 24's By T.I

    brandon barnes

    I do it to lol

  57. PG Trucking

    love strange music it is the best number one

  58. Tyler Drake

    Stevie stone always puts out those bangers!!!

  59. Dan bates

    this song gose fucking hard with subs my truck my shakeing

  60. Dan bates


  61. Barzer D. Asuna

    best song Stevie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  62. The Riotxmaker

    Is that Darrien dancing?


    This my shit get em Stevie !!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💰💰💰🍾🍷💯

  64. Chase Wellner

    If you don't feel the club stuff, listen to Eat ll by him and Tech. It's on the same album.

  65. Ty Bowannie

    His next album I gonna be so hype AF!

  66. bradbrad1990

    man i love stevie stone... but that 1st verse was whack as fuck.

  67. josh pugh


  68. Swayzie rated

    Stevie's voice though

  69. chris verdeja

    @1:06 though


    i fuckin love strange music,, they got that real shit..non of that mumble bullshit, the ,flows lov it...

  71. Ooom Goom

    This is my coffee!!

  72. Ryuk

    Stevies voice is so addictive damn.

  73. Gordon Dévai

    Can anyone enlighten me on who produced this song?

  74. Perry Carr

    fuckin dope Stevie Stone!!!!!!!!

  75. Blackskye211

    This shit fire it should be all over radio.

  76. Joshua George

    does anyone know any new songs from strange music

  77. Smoove Lyrics

    He couldn't find no black women to be in the front? got damn

  78. weed shit

    Good shit :D :D

  79. James Branyord

    during the chorus, did it remind anyone of 24's from TI?


    He did this live in Columbus and it was really dope, the whole crowd was so hype

  81. Sake ThaBrawler

    aye, where y'all get that pinyata/disco ball thang? lol

  82. Niedziwedz Polarny


  83. Jolly Joe Rants

    Idk how people can say he's "mainstream" he has a mainstream beat I guess but his voice is raw and in your face unlike most mainstream rap/hip hop artists

  84. Carlos -Alv-

    Straight Fuego

  85. kain12343

    First heard Stevie Stone like 3 years ago, been my favorite rapper ever since without a close second. Goddamn another one!

  86. Ryan Wilson

    dope as fuck

  87. Matthew Chryst

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  88. Justin Dziobecki

    another high. budget strange video

  89. Jonathan Westfall

    Everyone on the Strange music lineup is on point!!!

  90. WhyDontULetMe Lmfaoo

    dope af

  91. Alexander Courtney

    this song is lit stone!!

  92. Keita Jones

    Tech needs to push Stevie Stone more. he's the only one on the label that can break the top 40s rap mainstream radio.

  93. Chris almighty

    Lol i love strange music never liked him i watched his first song on strange music he is on the wrong label.

  94. Kris Brooks

    i totally agree with you Kiri strange music are the best i was able to meet and hangout with all the strange music rappers such as Tech N9NE,Big Scoob,Kutt Calhoun,Stevie Stone,Krizz Kaliko

  95. bear shot

    my mom knows u

  96. Nichole Olguin

    Stevie lowkey homie know me

  97. HopeAnchors

    Ya know, lately people keep saying strange is going mainstream. There has been at least 1 song on some strange albums that gives off the "mainstream" vibe. But in all seriousness, this isn't mainstream considering mumble rap is what is in style. I love strange and will always support strange! This song is amazing.

  98. DisneyxD_

    Feel like I just gained cancer from listening to this... Bad choice.... Bad bad choice.