Stevie Stone - Malta Bend Lyrics

[Tyler Lyon:]
Unleash these words
Singing out the melody, memory, them Malta Bend memories
Oh lord
Unleash these words

[Hook - Tyler Lyon:]
When the chips are down, back's against the wall
On the side of the road, no-one to call
There's no-one at all
When it seems the rain will never stop again
You don't know who's really your friend
Or where you're getting your [?] from

I wanna share a little story that I know well
Another small town
Another small tale
About a woman with nothing
Possessing [?] will
A strong woman parented by Evelyn and Bill
She never knew no excuses, the sun would come around
See they were segregated, down in the Lower Town
She took it all up in stride, but destined for a change
A different type of struggle in this five [?] lanes
See they was deep in the Church, she played piano well
Willy and Stella and Rosie, Debbie and Ludia Bell
See family values was high, I'm talking back when
This is the story about a woman from Malta Bend


She moved out kinda early and had my two sisters
'81 is the year I came in to the picture
Ever since I remember you been working hard
11, 12 hour days, 2 or 3 jobs
Reminiscing to the story I could shed a tear
5 elementary schools in 6 years
We had to live through the struggle, but Me and Momma made it
You see, this story's about a woman who's motivated
I got a little bit dough [?] to chip in
Not only was you my Momma, but you my best friend
I wanna tell you I love you and you're my only one
I wanna thank you for life
P.S -your only son


[Tyler Lyon:]
You're my only Mom, I love you
Oh, you're amazing
How amazing you are

Unleash these words
Singing out the melody, memory, them Malta Bend memories
Oh lord
Unleash these words

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Stevie Stone Malta Bend Comments
  1. Conner Smith

    I'm in maltabend yah

  2. Brant Sims

    Right next to Malta bend

  3. Brant Sims

    I'm right from Marshall

    Daniel Riley

    I live in Malta bend

    Daniel Riley

    cool homie it wont be very hard im actually in Marshall now

    Brant Sims

    clash studios calling me loser when you're YouTube account is clash of clans come on now.

    Bushey Disc golf

    on my way to your house rn. you live by sherwin williams?

  4. austen hult

    Great fucking album.