Stevie Stone - Get Fucked Up Lyrics

Sitting all alone
Time to hit the liquor store
Need some trees that I can blow
And I'd done copped it for the low
Now I'm ready, put it on ya
New York to California
Bring liquor, bring bud
Let's get fucked up

Bring liquor, bring bud
Bring liquor, bring bud
Said "I'm ready, put it on ya"
New York to California
Let's get fucked up

Yeah, mount up. Buddy been winning
I ain't been in to the City in a minute
Got some bitches on the down gettin' ready
Bringin' Henny, and Cîroc and some Rémy
Backwood, roll it up and heat it
(Didn't need it though)
Drink in my cup gettin' weeded
(Gettin' weeded though)
Bodies in the party showin' love
(where the love at?)
Turn this fuckin' house in to a club
(Where the club at?)
Bitches on the wall off the meter
(Off the meter)
Got tequila, Strawberry, Lime-Arita
Bad body hangin' imma beat her
(Imma beat her)
School teacher named Nina, she a diva


Bouta be a blurry, she a baddy
(She a baddy though)
Little bitty waist with a fatty
(Got a fatty though)
I ain't even have to speak, it's automatic
(It's automatic)
When I'm drunk just call me Pam [?]
Told them bitches "Do it for the 'Gram"
(For the 'Gram)
Drunken friends give a damn about your mans
('Bout ya man's, ho)
Team Stone chokin' on that killer
(On the Killer)
C-c-c-call it Techa Nina, Mackzilla
Bass go dumb, I'm the man
(I'm the man though)
Fly nigga tryna find somewhere to land
(Where to land, ho?)
I'm tryna kick it with the fam
And tomorrow we gon' do this shit again


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Stevie Stone Get Fucked Up Comments
  1. Koko Janssen

    Look at my face

  2. Timothy Jackson

    Damn this the Cuzo of Cuzo House freestyle I did... My Homies were like "Did you hit the blunt?" I told em "Finishing a Freestyle so HeLL y3ah ima hit that!" Smoke up an bounced

  3. Mr 3000

    Hahaha you wish I crack myself up

  4. Flaming sword_xxx

    Man this shit still hits hard any long years waiting

  5. Fairlane Maaka


  6. sam K

    2020 and it's still banging💪💪

  7. Emily Huddleston-Johnson

    2020 anyone?

  8. Mr 3000

    I forgive everyone just don't know who I was

  9. Mr 3000

    Give up shit is the Statue of Liberty naked

  10. joshua tatem

    i like this song better then run it but i like both songs

  11. amber dawn

    Another one that didnt get the recognition they deserve. Sad.

  12. Gauge Michael Berndt

    Just met Stevie Stone, dudes lit

  13. Matt Richison


  14. dsteph6

    Thanksgiving 2019 🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿

    Brett Truax

    dsteph6 yee

  15. Michael pierro

    Morgan Freeman, and Stevie Stone are voices I can hear all day. Soothing to the 👂

  16. Nate jaxson

    Playing casinos 2019 lol

  17. 7soon70


  18. Paige Popik

    Love this somg!!

  19. Madd Hatter

    Who else still bounce’n this beat!!!!

  20. Venom Leech

    Anyone else notice his hands do the same thing in every video?

  21. Erica MISS_E


  22. Erica MISS_E

    God dayummmmmm fireeeee an I just find this 2019

    abrianna Barnes

    Good stuff

  23. Flaming sword_xxx

    I like this guys style tho lol

  24. Tannis Morgan

    Yea 2019

  25. Christopher Potvin

    If you ain't rocking this in 2019 you are f***** up and not in a good way

    Norton Sega Hippie

    Damn straight mother fucker

  26. jean gelinas

    stevie stone #1 ... Quebec canada

  27. Dan Vetrano

    ANYONE HERE FOR VO? #Sleepers

  28. psychosomatic

    BLBB ;P <3

  29. candida godfrey

    I fucking love this song...It bumps so HARD....YEAH

  30. Muhammet Karakuş



    Porçaydan gelenler

  32. Queen De

    Love this so much I've got to repeat it n tell my friends bout it n play it when I'm seat here smoking etc

  33. John Trustworthy

    WTF This isn't The Pusher?!?

  34. Sheila McKeough


  35. Hiv Aidz

    Hyphe got me pumped

  36. dale gosnell

    It ain't no bravo gator or static g but ain't everyone that talented ya know

  37. Ashley Farrell

    Fuck a like button they need a love button lol

  38. CptHowdy420

    What's the back beat from? I've heard it before.

  39. Lee Harris

    When my dog hears this song he's like,.." let's get Fucked up " B L B B . .

  40. Aron Mclellan

    Kinda sounds like Mr magic but still lit

  41. Timothy Jackson

    So e bitches still owe me

  42. misha cooper/tucker

    Stevie stone hits hard

  43. Kev Cain

    Love this one Stevie Stone at his best keep up the fire bro!!!!

  44. Eric Thrash

    He should've had Lil Jon on this, that would have been hilarious

  45. Robert Carson

    The hardest

  46. James Saunders


  47. James Saunders


  48. collin babcock

    Stevie Stone im still rocking this song everyday

  49. John Mason

    Rap music video director:
    "I know! Let's have the rapper sitting on a sofa surrounded by women"
    "Great idea , never been done before"

    Fucks sake, something different please

  50. James Hill

    Why don't any one believe me

  51. James Hill

    No really i pee to prove it

  52. James Hill

    Just called 911 to join the blaze

  53. James Hill

    I fucking higher than fuck. Love it

  54. Tristen

    I think He wants some weed and booze, just a guess

    Ben Pitts

    liquor and bud

  55. Joshua Parrack

    bro ur nephew was dope as fuck wish more people came out. ur the shit. the gard better have gave u that blunt


    I fucks with stevie cause he reminds me of bone crusher and Gucci in 1 solid fuckin flow.


    Yelp setting looking at everything this bitch is stupid control look at this bitch is what I tell her kiss the middle of mine ass whole

  58. Lucifer little hell internetscience

    Friday comein up they still @war ok then

  59. Duce Bangahoe

    Busy chasing shit out in Kansas g maps

  60. Scot Mcfarland

    Yup ,it would , be a good song , for fast in Furious

  61. El Pollo0 24-13-6

    Whit n blak

  62. Dem Bones

    Or GTA @berryindahouse

  63. Kelly Halcomb

    Still Bumping in 2019 straight fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  64. Barnball SaidsoTM

    I don't know who sees it, but there is ideals developing a premise

  65. Vodd

    All this needs is a Big Head appearance

  66. Michael Chassereau

    You hear me hope we hale shit

  67. Michael Chassereau

    All trillions till there's no number ow yes already bout tought to f aws I was a penny pickuper

  68. Jeramiah Bruce

    Duuuuude 🔥

  69. Trishia Harrison

    Lets get fucked up

  70. Nikki J

    Oohh dddaaammmnnn just heard this song like a wk ago. Fking love it hell ya. Fking love it n Strange!!

  71. Jillian Wagoner

    Where did this come from?!?!?!?! 😂😂😂

  72. Bratty Princess

    Stevie 🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤

  73. Flaming sword_xxx

    Whooo almost didn’t survive listening to this who duh same?

  74. TheCollegeKidSwagg

    New to stevie stone but this song goes hard

  75. Joshua Trotter


  76. Saad Saleh

    It’s amazing 😉

  77. johnny B

    Yea it would


    People who saying strange music must be use to church music because this is normal for America music

  79. Robert Rogers

    Black blood love eating

  80. Philip Fauth

    Awesome Rap Stevie, you ROCK?

  81. Danyel Eide

    He could sing about a Turkey sandwich and that voice gonna make it sound hard AF

    Shelly Huro

    Facts lol

    Ignia San

    He sucks

    Lala Cru


  82. Brandon Reynolds

    Like tha dope hat. Dope everythang

  83. Nicholas Ship

    Yeah, YOU HAVE TO BE Straight From (Africa) to LOVE this Music beat and this African Speaking.

  84. William Johnson

    Best of the best.

  85. Philip Fauth


  86. Jeff Mckinsey

    I met stevie stone in Tucson as real ass dude came walking in the crowd and chilled with us