Stevie Stone - Eat Lyrics

This what you been waiting for, okay
Hmmmm, yup

Yep, said it's lunchtime
Got the beat and hopped up in the front line
Propped my feet, and may throw a couple punchlines
Actively, we droppin' this in no time, ugh
All heat, I bring no fillers
All meat, time to eat, the fam go wit' 'em
Pause me, run it back, this Rambo nigga
Taughty, I'm strapped with [?] get 'em
Spit flame, my shell don' drop rage and never been afraid of [?]
Blade will demonstrate a rare on [?]
Caged up, a renegade, I stays real hots, nigga
Eat the least [?]
Peep the technique, heat, the beat gon' knock
Street-for-street passing fleet of equinox
Foley don't find a key, nigga, to get that box
Talk breezy, is easy, the game need me
Pre-order for order, nigga, it need be
I'm instructed to give you niggas a freebie
You can call this assemble a little cheesy
Contrary to what another nigga said about it
Malta Bend catch wind, Imma aim at 'em
Reinforce, bigger course, I'm insane at it
Strange Music, nigga, get your brain scattered
Niggas been sleepin', I been peepin'
Carvin' you niggas out a classic, here's your safe keepin'
That misdirection got your head leakin'
I'm out here creepin' while you niggas sleepin'
Stick and I move, I'm feeding the faculty, eat
Janky promoters, they fuck you I'm raisin' the fee
Dead or alive the list of my five would be, it's:
Pac and Biggie
And Em
Then Nina
Then me
Little buddy been gettin' older, I gotten older, I'm colder, will leave you niggas a cold shoulder
Re-evaluate your composure, your moto is out of order, you want gas with that Rolls
CES pressure bust pipes, nigga turn it up
Niggas interviewin' 'plying they ain't earn enough
Stevie next up in line, watch me burn it up
Other niggas deincline, need to huddle up
Very few that could fuck wi' me (fuck wi' me)
Summer time mind, nigga stuck wi' me
It takes a certain type of breed to run the lead
Words'll be weaponry Imma buck, homie
3rd round, shut it down, this a warning shot
Give them skinny jeans niggas something to worry 'bout
Imma barge in, nigga, you can clear it out
Wanna fall in, nigga you get blurred out
Nigga I'm not done eatin', I'm speakin', they tweakin' the verbal beat and I'm here to learn niggas
Let it burn, let it burn (let it burn, let it burn)
I see you actin' all concerned, nigga
Turn the tube on, Nicki nominated grammy
Meek Mill, Nicki Mill, where they gettin' married?
Young nigga upcoming, bitch I been ready
Stevie Stone, Strange Music
Boy I fuck- ah-hah (eat)

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Stevie Stone Eat Comments
  1. Marticqa Conley

    Lovin this song in 2019

  2. Perfectneveryworld Rosemakerhaters

    Ass moving



  4. Born2game 98

    "Pac, Biggie, Em, Nina, & Me." Shout out to that Solid top 5.



  5. Bruce Keller

    Lol this has 136k views while Future etc have millions. Ah gotta love it. :\

  6. Leonardo M.

    hell ya!!

  7. Ishmael Garza


  8. Unknown Unknown

    I think that's what I like about Stevie the most his beats cus they always a banger and his voice idk but his voice captures you

  9. Michael Beso

    Best Hip Hop ,er Ever :)

  10. Brandon Grubbs


  11. SOS!C sos!c

    Stone is hard as hejj..One day someday image find a way to put a song out with Stevie..3 birds 1 stone..*"$o$ic"*

  12. salvation 22

    So.........can someone explain y 21 savage is more popular than stevie stone, especially after this??????

  13. Josh T

    If my rice krispies cereal could rap. Love it.

  14. Zack

    This dude has the most intimidating voice in the rap game right now.

  15. Shane Garvin

    one of my favorite artist Stevie Stone.

  16. Hoerry Sheeeit

    D12 feel or just me? I'm loving this

  17. LEO

    This song is Murder!!!!!!!

  18. John Berry

    one of strange's best

  19. Brent Nearmyer

    Stevie stone is way to underrated. He spits real shit and goes hard as fuck

  20. Just Joey

    That was fuckin SICK!!

  21. Destiny Dwyer

    Hella legit as fuckk

  22. Terrelle Coleman

    my nigga stevie stone ate this fuckin beat raw bro

  23. D Sc

    anyone know the beat producer? really on point with stevie

  24. Brady Tomlinson

    Pleeeeeease release on iTunes again, I missed out on the preorder

  25. Al Boichone

    Absolutely brutal!!! \m/

  26. Alex Burnett

    Man speed this shit up to 1.25 or 1.5 and its even more dope!!!

  27. Chad Harwick

    Stevie has been killing it!!

  28. Saint Legna

    Dwam that shit had me dancing while lite

  29. Chester Copperpot

    This song should be on GTA 5...I'd go hard with this in the backround lol

  30. Cedeslynn

    Love Stevie stone killin it

  31. Brian Vogue

    i've been in dah down in da dumps not anymore happy like a 90's kid with new pumps sorry can't show you the stump"

  32. Jake

    This shit make we wanna go out and drop some motherfuckers.

  33. Anthony Jay


  34. Nicholas Phillips

    I love how Stevie stone's music flows

  35. NOSTIX Entertainment

    yeah this shit got my head nodding and mean mugging love it

  36. brett r

    Hey Tech, it's so close to your new CD drop's. An from the look's it's going to be a good size Album. The tracks you released already from is goes so hard!! Especially "I GET IT NOW" but I'm really trying to hear some more. LIKE ASAP!! Any chance you Could let the world, get another small piece to help make these last few weeks a little easier?? It be hella Fresh if you would do that for us all!! Maybe something from either the The Clown or The King side of things. I know I'm trying to hear something from one of those!! But ya if you do that would be dope, but even if you don't. I can't wait to see what you unleash upon the world this time!! I know for a fact its going to impact the music industry so hard. It's not even funny how much music has completely changed. Since you showed the world what Independent Truly was! But shit thanks for the last 13 years since your music became a big part of my life. Don't Stop Tell You've Got The World!! (shit your almost there by now)

    -Brett R

  37. Boi bleed

    he should had brotha Lynch on here

  38. Bizzy_Shz

    Is this track anywhere available?

  39. Bakin' Soda Marketin'

    This guy just makes you want to fight some motherfuckers.

  40. Epic Rap Beats

    Stevies voice really sounds like it would kill these beats! Beast!

  41. J Hyphy

    Stevie did his thing on this one thats per usual 🔥🔥🔥

  42. Matt Manion

    This is what we need.

  43. Shawn Santana

    straight dope. Strange + Music = Everything dope

  44. janelle christopherson

    Awe YEAH Love

  45. Lexi

    Jesus CHRIST!!!4444 EARGASM

  46. Sargon Oshana


  47. William Petty

    I think Stevie is kinda like mystikal because he yells all of his raps but he is still pretty damn sick

  48. crackeed it

    stevie fuckin stone

  49. Eternal_Nixx Gaming

    hime hyme

  50. Emmanuel Montperous

    Now THIS is rap...not that mumble crap..this is going on my gym playlist

  51. Brian Stone


  52. Jamming Periodically

    19 people's ears are broken...

  53. N00KIExM0NSTER

    His voice reminds me of Vinnie Paz.

  54. DeadDonAK

    why does his voice make me want to punch a motherfucker?

    Alex Burnett

    haha right, kinda reminds me of dmx

    Emily Myers

    DeadDonAK every time I hear Momentum I think the same exact thing 😂

  55. Cory

    Album is Fire.. Checkout my Channel, i got BARS SON! xD

  56. Teagan Hazel

    Bass almost knocked the bong off my table shit!

  57. Hazem Nasser


  58. IAmThAWyTe

    stevie stone bringing back magic from the 9th ward

  59. Clockwork Final

    Wait was this track on Malta Bend?

    D Sc

    Enyo Hawk can't you listen to youtube in your car though?

    Enyo Hawk

    well if I want to use up all my data lol

    D Sc

    Enyo Hawk haha the struggle homie I feel ya


    D Sc Eother you don't get the song until a year later or you pay exorbitant amounts to get it with the album. Should just come with the deluxe version. Or sell the songs by themselves as downloads on the website.
    I know one of the songs I really wanted from Scoob was a preorder that I have no idea when, or if, I will here it, because I didn't want to pay the stupid amount it would have been. Like $16 for one song. What a joke.

    D Sc

    TheOfficialKC if you don't wanna support the artists then don't buy the music. if it's too expensive then don't buy it simple solution... no one wants to hear a whine-ass

  60. JAM Skateboarding

    killer! period!

  61. TheOfficialKC

    Strange Music: please quit doing your bullshit preorder tracks. I'm not paying double the album cost just to get one or two songs. Which means songs like this, which would easily be one of the best songs on Malta Bend, we fans don't hear until years after. Why? Just make a damn deluxe version. In fact, deluxe is stupid, just put all the songs on the damn album.


    Setto Animz Would buy it if I could. But Strange wont let us, so illegally downloading for free is the only option.


    Quit being duped its not illegal who do you think gives the rights n ability for such music its all hand in talked shit about those artist during the napster cases so quit mitching and do as you please

    Ismail Ghedamsi

    The thing is one of the best song in The storm and it's a preorder track.

    Andrea Stewart

    I got no problem paying the pre~order price for fire like this....I'm pretty sure none of the real fans do either....we are supporting our artists instead of bitching about their hustle on YT

  62. DISSER - دسر

    this nigga sick slow flows wow

  63. Cody Proell


    He's done better

  64. RckChalkJHawk

    12 people who dislike must be starving can't afford to "eat" ^S^

  65. etcher1981

    awesome song. Perfect.

  66. Cody Lile

    reevaluate your composure

  67. Alvan Duckworth

    That is dope AF!!!

  68. KC Valenz

    10 dislikes smh

  69. word2yermutha

    Needs more cow bell


    word2yermutha we meet again homie!!!


    haha.  Sup buddy

    Turtle Anton

    word2yermutha tired of your shtick sooooooo not funny


    More bell needs cow

  70. muirfboy jones

    this shit knock on me it do

  71. The_masked_atheist

    got to meet stone in orlando few years back

    Nutbagg Strange

    Kevin Jones shit Nigga I bought the Nigga a drink


    Nutbagg Strange we did got him a kc tea

  72. Ashley Reid

    There is probably a reason for this, but why did strange put a pre order track (that you gotta pay extra for) on YouTube for everyone to see for free?

    Tyler Maggio

    Ashley Reid the album dropped 17 months ago so just sharing with all strangers at this point

    Ashley Reid

    +Tyler Maggio ahaha fair enough didn't even realize

  73. jose calcano

    holy shit!!!!

  74. LF x

    channeling lynch and that classic stevie grit over what could be a lost mannibalector beat... I'm surprised this wasn't on the main album, it would have made an amazing bonus track

  75. goolden mushrxxm

    Anthony rupe fuck you bitch

  76. goolden mushrxxm

    fuck you

  77. Trigga Tee

    Yea boy, this that shit rite here!!! #StrangeMusic #StrangelyWicked #TriggaTee/#NativePride

  78. Yorum Yapan

    Türkiye den selamlar

  79. EmzeeOmar

    Damnn..... dope!!! his voice really unique..sound like he casting some voodoo spell..hahaha

  80. Harry Papps

    Hardest shit since dmx

  81. Allen Mckay

    stevie stone LIT asf

  82. Phaswana Magwai

    hip hop ain't dead yet.

    Abd ou

    Phaswana Magwai Strange will never die .

  83. Peter Bristol


    Saint Legna

    Lol no Dwam gotta crank to that

  84. TheReal Freak

    str8 fire my dude

  85. David Bentley


  86. Kaz 9

    Stevie devourer,sounds like Onyx

  87. P Win

    Damn this a single by itself!

  88. Youssf Ouzaroual

    I want a video

  89. jerry robles

    this isn't a new song...

  90. Pathorian

    them 808's be bangin son

  91. Joseph Vasquez

    oldie but goodie


    Joseph Vasquez 1year is old? you a mitch mainstream groupie huh

    Joseph Vasquez

    QUEEN KRONDO what you talkin bout girl? And what's wrong with your face?

  92. Craig Gorman

    I love how stevie just goes full in on not rapping fast. he stays true to his own style

  93. KingPatron

    love that crisp raspy gritty voice

    Anon B Easy

    God Me too. Sounds like he's been through some shit.


    yee reminds me of David Banner a bit

    Marc Arseneau

    his voice is simply dope. Sad he didnt released a new album this year :(


    Hey God give me money you punter

    Jakubano BBQ

    God bloody like that rap! :) God please send me a miracle or something like that :D