Stevie Ray Vaughan - Telephone Song Lyrics

Woke up this morning I was all alone
Saw your picture by the telephone
I was missing you oh so bad
Wish I had you here to hold
All I've got is this touch-tone phone
So I guess I'll give you a call

Operator help me please
Get thru to my baby way overseas
Time's a wastin' oh so fast
Hello baby tell me is that you
I don't know what we're gonna do
But for now I'm glad I got you on the line

Well it feels so fine
Knowing you're all right
But you're miles away
Lord it's not the same

Well I woke up this morning I was all alone
Saw your picture by the telephone
I've been missing you baby oh so bad
I love you baby with all my might
Come on home and squeeze me tight
Long distance lovin's gonna drive me out of my mind

[spoken words as music fades]

You better come on home baby
I'm about to go crazy
Im tired a huggin' my pillow at night
It sure don't kiss as good as you
Know all them pictures you gave me?
Well them lips won't move at all
And them clothes in the closet
They look a lot better on you than they do on the hangers
Besides, I just can't wait to get my arms around you
Come on home

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Stevie Ray Vaughan Telephone Song Comments
  1. Dylan Nicolodi

    Now that’s how you use a fucking wah pedal!! SRV the greatest of all time!

  2. Aloise Mason

    Wow..Stevie Ray Vaughan got a shocker today..He opened his mouth and out popped a phone ..your in LUCK

  3. Teresa PUPPO


  4. Donna C.

    I Love ALL SRV!! 🎼🎸🎶🎵🎸🎼FOREVER!! 2019

  5. sugarman dedam

    back in the days when i was young happy and free with whiskey and wild wild wimmin but there,s always one that stole your heart.....pillow hugging starts..i met her and we are still together 38 yrs so far....all good!!

  6. nisa türk

    its impossible not to like this song, really

  7. Mr. Blister

    I was looking for the song about telephones by the chordettes and stumbled upon this instead. Best mistake I've made in a long time.

  8. Tom Koestner

    Sounds as awesome now as when I bought that album 30 years ago. Goddamn....HITTIN that wah-wah pedal!!!

  9. Shirley Muhleisen

    Singing is so amazing! What a groove! “I’m tired of hugging that pillow at night”-how fun

  10. Toyanç Topçuoğlu

    Damn! Good old Vaughan Brothers.

  11. Shirley Muhleisen

    SRV wrote this and recorded with his brother Jimmy. In another version BB King sings Stevie’ s song in tribute to him after his death, with brother Jimmy also playing.

  12. Audrey stevens

    Every time I hear this or any other SRV solo, it makes me start dancing (awkwardly in my chair) and wish I could go back to childhood and start practicing! Love you, Stevie!😍

  13. Ed Zepplin

    This song gives me the chills every time since 89

  14. Mark Rodrigue

    SRV is one of the best!!! He exemplifies guitar music to an utmost theory, although he can't read a lick of music... So natural... so fine!!!

  15. YASSthrillER

    Smooth mother fucker .... 😎

  16. Ciara Fountain

    May the groove be with you in the after life god bless you

  17. John Guzman

    Excellent guitar player, one of the best if not the best ever

  18. guitarfrody

    Wonderful Stevie Ray. I love the man and his Music.

  19. Guy Sweeney

    I broke down at his passing

  20. odudi

    Gosh i miss SRV, now the only blues player we hear about is the hack John Mayer

  21. Terry Beck

    This is a Great song! I really like it! SRV is the Greatest!!!!!

  22. James Green

    THAT, ladies and gentlemen, is how you play a wah-wah pedal solo. Just perfect

    Ray Denk

    James Green what pedal ?

    TheReal PurpleCow

    A wan pedal

  23. dtreeguy

    I love it when he snaps that Strat to the back pick up and stomps the wah at the same time to launch the solo. Wow.

  24. simoGRV

    Strato sferico


    i still get chills listening to this RIP SRV

  26. Fernando Carrillo

    One of the greatest songs ever made, and arguably the greatest guitar player ever!
    Such an inspiration.
    Love u forever Stevie.
    Forever In my heart

  27. Oswaldy Purnama

    blues music is my only drugs
    SRV is good

  28. Fernando Carrillo

    my favorite part 1:55 so much emotion holy FUCK!
    love u Stevie

    Fernando Carrillo

    reminds me of the late great Gary moore!

  29. PCollen YT

    SRV was the "perfect storm" at the perfect time in music history....the playing, the voice, the music, the persona.

  30. Luca Galifi

    22 bonamassa disliked this

  31. Antonio Delgado

    SRV rules!!!!!

  32. irregardless

    Who is playing the guitar with the wah-wah sound? Is it Stevie Ray or Jimmie?

    Andrew Gerety

    irregardless srv

    Damon Wille

    Really? Lol

  33. Rogier Versteeg

    That solo gives me goosebumps every time I hear it... One of his best IMHO

    Michael Ivey

    Its a fact dude

    kevin H

    One of the best unknown songs, incredible solo

    Phil Hayhoe

    It sounds like its coming out of a wall of Marshalls turned right up. Hot valves apparently, lasted three shows or so.

  34. Sally Wilson

    I love this song. Sitting here reminiscing of years gone by. This song reminds me of my Aunty Eileen and Uncle Deacon. Bless them both xxx

  35. Joe Bones

    Funky as ever! SRV

  36. Adrian Avila

    SRV and Double Trouble "telephone song" RIP Stevie


    That wasn't from a DT album, that was from family style, with his brother Jimmie.

  37. Hugo Jmorbid33

    Love him

  38. Luka Ružič

    I dig Melvin Taylors version much more.

    todd cote

    Hell no doesn't come close to Stevie

  39. James Weiss

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    zzz d y i>McColl oxidizer biz m I o invoking non mi jjj mini pl m

  40. Jason Caldwell

    i can't stop listening to SRV....

    William Hall



    And is that a bad thing?

    Luis Meza

    Just let it happen man, let it take you.

    Robert Faro

    Keep listening.

    J.C. A

    why would you want to ????

  41. Lisa Jordan

    One of his best, love it!!

  42. Malcom Sendelback

    classic blues brother

    Carolyn Moore

    Love this guy! What a legend!

  43. Malcom Sendelback

    classic blues brother

  44. Joshua Foster

    Just posted a cover of Stevie's Rude Mood yesterday, hope you like it!

  45. Dee Gwen

    Bad ass blues

  46. RRaferre

    but wath kind of music is????   Jazz-rock ??


    @RRaferre the groove is kinda funky

    Aaron Nichols

    Definitely funk

    Dominc Bernal

    Good music!


    Blues-funk. If you play the blues correctly, you have soul and you likely have a good bit of the funk. The three intersect quite a bit--all involve honesty (which is the key to anything soulful). The main riff is funky AF tho

    Breana Dipetrillo

    Soul and rock baby

  47. Scott Garvey

    One of his best! 

  48. Despina Luigini

    Straordinario  !!!!

  49. Dan McCarney

    Damn, Stevie just rips this. What a groove. 

  50. farber2

    my favorite

  51. specter1001

    dang what a sick jam

  52. Mary Burrell

    I have order me some Stevie Ray Vaughn for my music collection.

  53. Mary Burrell

    Stevie Ray was sexy. I heard this on the radio at work. I like this.

  54. Scott Lear

    I've lived the situation he was singing about in this song. As a matter of fact there was not a song he performed that I could not relate to.

    Michael Ivey

    Thats the thing about srv


    I'm living this situation now. Thank God for facetime. Tho the phone is a lousy kisser too.

  55. Cole Morson

    The only funk style song I can actually listen to!

  56. Dan B

    Damn these dumb ass commercials cutting the intro to the songs off! That needs to go away.

    Robert Faro

    Dan B it's in every video I try to play.

  57. garbobbage

    I don't care who ya are... the solo on this track absolutely SHREDS!! SHREDS I tellz ya!!

  58. garbobbage

    Agreed, and that's saying a ton man!!

  59. nic gonz

    One of the greatest guitarists in my opinion who else agrees?

  60. Denise Gray

    Love this song!! Can definitely relate. Swear I've heard it somewhere, just not on my current collection.

  61. kntshrm

    Thank you very much for this. i only heard it for the 1st time earlier this year. Don't know how i missed it before. Quite a find!

  62. dannkk

    Because there's a music monopoly. We eat what they feed us...and artists with a mind are dangerous.

  63. B Cord Edleman Jr

    HEY HEMORROID,When you fuck with the true folk ...WE come and pay you a visit!!! This NOT TUNE for your liking It's for ALL MUSIC so when your shit has bump don't worry,We're here to set your ass on a correct path! :/

  64. capnkdawg

    Look harder

  65. batterymaker

    Why aren't there songs like this out there today?

  66. 2patero


  67. muchomusiclibre


  68. maxton

    Awesome song. So fun to play on guitar!


    Been on The YT ship up here playing THE BEST OF ALL MUSIC for HOURS!!!! Thank God for yt & THE WORLD'S GR8EST SOUNDS!!!

  70. westoni hatchphlarb

    Great quality! havent been able to find one in as good of quality as this, thanks my friend!

  71. Robert Hoek

    family style damn right's!

  72. Dee Leach

    This is a really cool song. Can't sit still when it's on...just gotta dance! :)

  73. BradBuckeye12

    This song and Hard To Be are the best this album has to offer. ***/*****

  74. brendanhealy3

    yeah! makes me feel like getting up and do something big today!

  75. cobra


  76. Jack Saad

    Man, when I was 17 this song was the bees knees!!! It still rocks, 5 years later! Stevie Ray will forever be the guitarist that popped my cherry. :D

  77. Delimac

    Slamming !!!! yes sir. Dat was a bad man !