Stevie Ray Vaughan - Come On (Part III) Lyrics

People talkin' but they just don't know
What's in my heart and why I love you so
I love you baby like a miner loves gold
Come on baby, let the good times roll

Let the good times roll, come on it soothes my soul
Oh, let the good times roll, come on, come on, come on

A lot of people live in make-believe
They keep a lot of dirt up their sleeve
My love, baby ain't the kind to fold
Come one baby, let the good times roll

Let the good times roll, come on and let it roll
Ah yeah, let it roll, come on, let it roll

Our lovin's nice if it's understood
It's even nicer when you feel so good
You got me flippin' like a flag on a pole
Come on sugar, let the good times roll

Oh, let the good times roll, come on let it roll, come on, come on
Come on, come on, let it roll

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Stevie Ray Vaughan Come On (Part III) Comments
  1. Adam Crane Guilford

    Stevie Ray does this song pure justice, but not even Earl King himself topped Jimi's version from Electric Ladyland

  2. Curt Mitts

    Stevie ray vaughan the best blues player ever !!!!! No one comes close to this man's playing ability's , still listening to all stevie has to offer in 2020 anyone else ???

    Adam Crane Guilford

    SRV was good, but there are dozens of black players every good or better, and he would be the first person to tell you that fact

  3. Alan S

    Never ever heard a tighter stronger sound than SRV.

  4. Alan S

    Taking this from us should be a crime. SRV FOREVER.

  5. Uncasnetewatewes Lenape

    Regardless who wrote it this, couldn't stand the weather and tightrope are the 3 best of SRV imo...

  6. George Markey

    What he meant was Earl King part1 Hendrix part 2 and his SRV part 3 altho there are some
    Other great versions the criminally over looked Alvin Robinson's Dr.John's and Freddy King's,

  7. Skylar McDonald

    when did srv ever play an es335??


    he played an epihpone riviera sometime in his career...

  8. Dabilly TweetShow

    What a Treat to Hear This! Love it!

  9. Johnny Ozelius

    Stevie lives on in the music. This song is simply amazing.  My favorite guitar moment is when he bends at the very end of the phrase at 4.02 and brings the note up to pitch. So simple yet so cool.  It never fails to give me a shiver.  It has always been one of the reasons I believe Stevie was one of the greatest ever.  IMO - Just the most stunning and amazing guitar player ever! 

  10. Ronpaul Dildo

    This Song Is Good I Think I Will Listen To This.

  11. Toking Grimace

    Most people don't say Anything good ... forget your self and just hear this amazing thing

  12. Antonio Dias

    Great cover of a Hendrix tune!!!!

    George Markey

    This ain't no Hendrix tune the original part 1 is by New Orleans artist Earl King that's why Steve called his part 3 check out Earl's original parts1+2 from 1960 on Imperial also download King Earl's great 11minute live version with the Radiators in 1979 at Tipitinas.

    Maciej Górski

    George Markey My friend you are wrong. That's true that Earl King wrote first two parts (and more) but Hendrix played this song too and Ray Vaughan took almost 100% of his version. : )

  13. dchant427

    Saw Kenny Wayne n Tommy Shannon  do this jamn in Detroit in 05 brought down the house