Stevie Nicks - Annabel Lee Lyrics

It was many and many a year ago
In a kingdom by the sea
That a maiden lived
Whom you may know
By the name of Annabel Lee

This maiden, she lived
With no other thought
Than to love and be loved by me

She was a child and I was a child
In this kingdom by the sea
We loved with a love
That was more than a love
I and my Annabel Lee

With a love that the winged
Angels of heaven
They coveted her and me

And the moon never beams
Without bringing me dreams
And the sun never shines
But I see the bright eyes
I lie down by the side

The angels, not half
So happy in heaven
Went envying her and me
That was the reason as all men know
In this kingdom by the sea

That the wind came out
Of the cloud that night
Killing my, my Annabel Lee

And the moon never beams
Without bringing me dreams
And the sun never shines
But I see the bright eyes
I lie down by the side

But our love was stronger
By far than the love
Of those who were older than we
Many far wiser than we

Neither the angels in heaven above
Nor the demons down under the sea
Can ever dissever my soul from the soul
Of the beautiful Annabel Lee

And the moon never beams
Without bringing me dreams
And the sun never shines
But I see the bright eyes
I lie down by the side

I lie down by the side of my darling
My life, my life and my bride
I lie down by the side

I lie down by the side, my darling
My life, my life and my bride
I lie down by the side
I lie down by the side
I lie down by the side

I lie down by the side of my darling
My life, my life and my bride
I lie down

I lie down by the side of my darling
My life, my life
I lie down by the side of my darling
My life, my life and my bride
I lie down

I lie down
I lie down by the side

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Stevie Nicks Annabel Lee Comments
  1. Fran Latzke

    This is the most beautiful song I ever heard. I don't know why it didn't get more acclaim when it was released. Timeless and I never tire of it. Great song to do outdoor yoga sun salutations to on a breezy, warm, sunny day.

  2. Janett Grady

    I love this's a combination poetic and musical masterpiece. Poe's creation, for sure, but what Stevie Nicks does here with Annabel Lee warms the heart like no other love song ever written....Stevie's voice sells the story, gives it a strong sense of reality. I love this video.

    Alexander Karayannis

    I am with you there,Janett,there is nothing I don't love about what I just heard,and read.

  3. musik102

    No! The wrong treatment for these words. Edgar would not approve.

    Becky Branam

    I don't know. Others could butcher this poem . but Stevie has such an amazing voice. And why would he not love him poem being respected and not slottered by an armature. Stevie is the best female vocalists and respects art. She is the one to sing this poem.

  4. George Mariano

    Two unique, talented, beautiful souls! Love ya Stevie!...and thank you for taking one of my favorite poems and presenting it in a way that made me see, hear, and feel it anew. Peace.

    Aliece 5675

    i think that this poem was amazing, and grabbed your attention

    Richard Malaney

    Amiah Joseph and @dylan

    Rap Snippets Reloaded

    This some heat🔥❗️

    Gabriel Gladky

    Great way to present such a Great poem.

    Mya Alysia

    I agree

  5. Janett Grady

    Stevie does wonders to Poe's poem, brings music to a love story, a story of love transcending into a love beyond the grave. Poe gave and Stevie Nicks now gives us all a measure of hope...her singing brightens up the sadness of Poe's Annabel Lee.

  6. Melanie

    my favorite by edgar allen poe and my favorite musician! this is awesome!

  7. Perry Hanley


    Zach Vanella

    I love this too..I have seen her live 57 times to date..Great album!

  8. Mack Sarnie

    Stevie should play Leia on Episode 9

  9. Latisha Cox

    One of my favs by Poe and Nicks. This is about Poe's 13 year old wife, who was also his cousin.

  10. Tina Willis

    Best version of AnnaBelle Lee on You tube!

  11. Michael Smyth

    So yeah....I was actually looking for a metal band version.....this is seriously cool and great.

  12. Barbara McCroy

    Chastain Park, ATL, Ga. August, 15, 2011. It was beautiful that night and I got to dance up the sole and sing this song and it was so much fun. My son came with me . Special night.✨🧚🏻‍♂️🦆

  13. Elisha Jane

    Oh my lord 😍

  14. Ben Davis

    Wow I didn't know 56 people could be that stupid I love this song so much

    Alan Dimes

    It's a question of differing taste, not intelligence

  15. Gandolf

    Great poem...

  16. TheDarknessInside

    I'm embarrassed to say that I had no idea that this was an Edgar Allen Poe Poem. I love both too

    Cindy Nicks

    Yeah, I recently found out too 😂

  17. Mara Arriaga

    I love it🌛🌕🌜🎶

  18. Melissa Lewis

    she wrote this song when she was 16 but didn't make a track until 1998. Then she found this track years later and wala..we have it. I am watching as I write this the conversation with Stevie Nicks promoting in your dreams. She explains all of this and much more.


    Melis Lewis
    Edgar Allan Poe kinda wrote this like 100 years prior.

  19. Melanie

    my favorite poem and favorite artist in one. This is incredible

  20. Dora Egan

    THIS IS AMAZING <3 <3 <3 <3

  21. Morrigan Ravenchild

    This is a haunting beautiful song sung as only Stevie Nicks can.........

  22. Perry Hanley


  23. Bracken Alexander

    The only poem I absolutely love!!

  24. Roy Logan

    Annabelle Lee is one of the Supremes in American Horror Story Coven! Jessica Lange's character as a younger Fiona Goode murders Anaabelle Lee, the reigning Supreme.

    Bracken Alexander

    That was Annaleigh Leighton. Close though!

    Fran Shipp Poteet

    Go farther back. Classical literature.

  25. DonnaLee5

    My favorite Edgar Allan Poe Poem and my favorite Female Singer. Magical!

  26. Morgan M

    This song brings me back to my sophomore year of college. I took an art class that I thought I would never care about, where I met someone who would become a great friend (it took a while to get there, but still...part of the thrill that was my sophomore year I guess!). Our teacher played this song during a unit on ekphrasis and it made me think of wanting to get closer to him. I graduated in May and have only just listened to the song for the first time since probably my junior year. I can't stop thinking of him, or my school. I have such wonderful memories from there, some just by listening to this song (and note that I even remembered a useless art term!). It's amazing how a piece of music can bring back such emotions.

    I know nobody here probably cares but thanks for listening anyway xD

    Antwan Adams

    Morgan M music (especially by Stevie) make me nostalgic as well, sometimes even sad that I can't relive them. I relate to your comment!

    Dave Kaplan

    oh it is real

    Jenn Koko

    well...they should care ...I think in my opinion

    Sean William McCooey

    awwwwwww poor babbbyy

  27. Perry Hanley

    greater is he that is in you than he who is in the world. jesus Christ. thanks to everyone.

  28. Carole Ann Davis

    Luv this by Stevie Nicks <3

  29. NimphaioN

    Annabel Lee - Live

  30. walter robertson

    You dissenters are fools. Her rendition is great and it turned on new generations to the great EAP.

  31. Juanita perez

    She so amazingly put the right music for the lyrics...others have made versions of this poem, but this didn't get the response it should have.

  32. edgardo gregorini

    Beautiful song

  33. Quintonator75

    i don't like this version at all

    Jenifer Mattock

    +Cindy Bartley Are you the comment police? Is there a limit I don't know about?

    Jenifer Mattock

    +Cindy Bartley I hope I don't get in trouble for commenting too many times on this song.

    Jenifer Mattock

    +Cindy Bartley I still don't like this song.

    Spam Persand

    Jenifer L. What's wrong with it?

    Ben Davis

    People are entitled to their own opinion is Jennifer is clearly wrong LOL

  34. Sean Omeara


  35. Nukacola

    it's funny because my old lady was going to name our baby annabelle Lee and she was memorizing the poem... all the happy parts to the poem so she could recite it to our baby and then we lost it. now the sad parts are all she knows. all she recited. all she remembers.

    Lisa D.

    So sorry.

  36. JohnDear,WhereisNani

    I do not like the way she put music on it.. to me that style doesn't go along with the poem AT ALL.

    Jenifer Mattock

    I agree. I think something more along Beauty and Beast or Leather & Lace. I love Stevie but some of her later music with no Lindsay Buckingham or Jimmy Iovine to keep her from going too many directions at once just sounds...superficial. The albums they produced were raw and they made it safe for her to go to those dark places that her best songs go.


    +YouwannaKillyourMommyDon'tU I agree. The style of the song sounds like it would be better suited to a song about empowerment, while the poem itself is about a man mourning the death of the woman he loves.

    Droid Gunner

    +Jenifer L. or what about that album she had that Cheryl Crow produced where it sounds like Cheryl Crow album and not a Stevie Nicks album

    Jenifer Mattock

    @Crimson7588​ OMG! Yes!! I hate Sheryl Crow and that whole BFF period they went through (letting her be in Fleetwood Mac? Come ON!) was just weird and unpleasant.

    Blue Bird

    Jenifer L. thank goodness that didn't would have been disastrous!

  37. theLGW macias

    For Jason.

  38. design democracy


    LZD Bros

    Responding 2 years later: Damn, some one needs to know what opinions are. Its an okay song, but I think many people disliked it because the lyrics were stolen, that's all. Pretty funny shit your writing here though.

    LZD Bros

    You could say that I guess

    Earl Rogerson

    How many songs have you written ? You probably can't write your own name.

    Earl Rogerson


  39. CamaroCutie

    I love Edgar Allan Poe, and of course the beautiful Stevie

  40. Artur Oborski

    Love Stevie Nicks...

  41. Lisa D.

    I love this beautiful poem and how Stevie put music to it.

  42. ophalin

    a song with lyrics of edgard allan poe...brillant
    so romantic

  43. Marshall Browning

    Awesome! Two of my favorites, Edgar Allan Poe and Stevie Nicks.

    Guillermo Lopetegui

    Congratulatons! Someone who nows "Annabel Lee" ' s lyrics belong to Edgar Allan Poe!

    Marshall Browning

    @Guillermo Lopetegui
    Thanks! It's called being educated! :-)


    +Guillermo Lopetegui You should see the comments on the trailer for the film "Stonehearst Asylum." It very clearly says "from the mind of Edgar Allan Poe" yet 80 percent of the people who comment are all like "Shutter Island 2?"

    Rhaina Inge

    I love Shutter Island...Edgar would approve, but why do people get on these threads to fight?

    LadyAnn Graham-Gilreath

    mine too...!

  44. Michele Miruski

    Beautiful pictures of Stevie!  This is my favorite poem...and she didn't change the lyrics, which makes me love her even more!

  45. jill cole

    Love the song!!! and lyrics,very sincere...

  46. becur wledne