Stevie Hoang - Listen To Your Man Lyrics

Tell me why we gotta go through this again
Well I guess that you've been talking to your friends
Cause you're accusing me of things that I havent done
What I was doing at the club was just having fun
U said she saw me leave the spot with another one
Now why would I do that

Now she must have mistaken the time that she saw me leave
Cause I was rolling with my boys so the dude she saw wasn't me
You will believe what u want but it's plain to see
That your friends just want to come between you and me
Don't believe in what they say cause it's jealousy
Girl can't u see that

Girl u should know by now I'm not that type of guy
Cause I changed my ways when I found you
Just put your trust in me don't let them tear us apart
Girl u should know and understand
Listen to your man

Now we done made it this far your friend said we wouldn't last
I used to roll with a black book but that was all in my past
Now I've given up the game just to be with u
Even my homies can't believe it but girl it's true
Cause I finally found someone I can call my boo
Girl u should know that

Tell my why your heart is filled with so much doubt
Can't believe that everytime I'm gone u think id be playing u out
Don't be believeing all the things taht people say your the only girl I kick it with everyday
Tell me why the hell would I throw it all away
Why would I do that

Please believe me when I say no one else can take your place
Can't let the haters try and tear us apart
Girl your the only one that holds my heart

[Chorus: x2]
Girl u should know by now I'm not that type of guy
Cause I changed my ways when I found you
Just put your trust in me don't let them tear us apart
Girl u should know and understand
Listen to your man

I think I might be missing some things but it's all I can do

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Stevie Hoang Listen To Your Man Comments
  1. Larry Ehigie

    I love his songs alot

  2. Muyawa Liuwa

    his the man

  3. Val Nasike

    it's now 2016 tha song sounds as if its new.
    luv it

  4. Purpleninja

    Why does this sound like something a fuckboy would say to me after catching him cheating?😹😂😹

  5. paulina amukoto

    i love this guy he is good.

  6. PDX Clipzy

    First comment in 2015 XD

  7. Maryan Abdullahi

    Best song:) I love this song 

  8. Cody Mccord

    Best song ever

  9. bryangeurtsen


  10. UWFDPhiL

    Can't believe it's already 2012 and this song is still so awesome! :]

  11. MrCrazyh81

    2 weak and slow 4 me as well as boring

  12. Charlegne Trinidad

    Stevie Hoang is more than amazing.. He's the one who brought my boyfriend and I closer together.. He helps us express our feelings to each other. <3 STEVIE HOANG FOREVER! <3

  13. Celine Delaney

    i love this song ma boy sang it to me xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  14. ayaybibi

    where can I get his albums....I can't find it on itunes

  15. Autumn F.

    I cry every single time I hear this song,:(

  16. lilbiach6

    @CtownMayhem lol ok chillax people r jus wondering wat kinda is he theyre not insulting him or snything ok? i understand u but yea just chill yea (:

  17. brian nguyen

    Hoang is common vietnamese name

  18. Laarni Cabrera

    just put your trust in me don't let them tear us apart ;) Love the way the words are put together. beautiful song. great! ;)

  19. KevTheVillain

    @iluvyooh06 hes chinese lol he says it himself in his album theres a bio

  20. Serenity Y

    Well Guy If you Buy his Cd And read it Bio ...Hes Chinese Yea his name is Hoang WHICH mean yellow in viet But yea ..Hoang Also means Wong in chinese and Wong is a Chinese Last name But Seriously Does it matter what race he is...enjoy the music....

  21. iluvyooh06

    Dude! hes VIET so yeah and shut up!!!... JKZ!!! I JUST LUV THIS SONG!!! <3

  22. Quynh-Anh Dang

    Wish my Boyfriend would say such things whenever I doubt him.. Wish he would tell me that there won't be anyone else for him ):

  23. alex jane

    i really love this song,, my ex boyfriend used to dedicate this song to me and now that we're over i still love this song and its still reminds me of our happy moments together.. i miss my hubby soo much!!

  24. kraggark3

    I changed my way, when i found you.<3
    Iloveyoubabyy, Foreverr & alwayss.<3333

  25. Daruny Yang

    This song is soo addicting..*sigh

  26. Jennifer Tran

    no okay

  27. wihoeeeh

    beautiful song (A)
    i listen this song 24-7

  28. Truong Nguyen

    Girl u should know by now...Im not that type off guyyy!!!! wooooo

  29. Vanthebamf

    who care if he's vietnamese or chinese, just go ask him then you will know

  30. Mythboosters

    he's chinese.

  31. Aivy Le

    Iknow but... i mean the melody...xD
    i understand the lyrics. =D

  32. Taylor Flame

    =D me still happy

  33. I am belo bemalo

    i love this song

  34. Chris Wan

    do they hav his album at target or walmart??? haha

  35. Mary Pham


  36. mellowsouls

    I start to like stevie =O

  37. Ninjendo92

    Congratulations to Stevie Hoang for officially getting signed to Universal Records today!! :D

  38. pianoprincess8

    luvvvv dat sweet =)

  39. Milen Hashimoto

    He makes me MELT each and everytime(=

  40. Jessica Agpoon

    love eat.!

  41. Marius9696

    Love it!:D:D:D:D

  42. saito rage

    love it! <3

  43. Yenmiegoi

    love it ^^

  44. Sima Pun

    love it man

  45. reyguia

    1st - put ur hands on ur chest ( boy or girl )

    2nd - think of someone you like ....

    3rd - 2 marrow that person will ask u out or say they LOVE u

    4th - the catch is u have 2 write this for 5 vidoes

  46. WrestlingKingTV

    好, I like dat!

  47. VTEC

    He sounds awesome!

  48. timothy fitzgerald

    i never heard of this guy befor till now is music is hot and powerfull it means alot to me

  49. andylui3333

    hes chinese if u buy his cd there is a bio about him

  50. 90S baby X millennials investor

    wtf people who gives fuck if he is chinese or viet.i like dat dude cuse he is mad talented so stop with chines and viet shit.

  51. Bomb3r321

    his new songs are different from ones like these

  52. Candice Cam

    He's awesome [[: I have some of his songs on my ipod O: I have like 10. Lol

  53. PhoKinhYue

    I found out, he's ethnically Chinese which I would assume he's referring to Han.

    His parents are from Vietnam. Technically he can claim Vietnamese if he wants too, since Taiwanese claim they are Taiwanese and not Chinese lol!

    So he can claim Chinese, Vietnamese, and British.

  54. PhoKinhYue

    And in reality, Vietnamese culture and language is heavily influenced by the Chinese anyways.

    So technically every Vietnamese could claim they have Chinese ancestry, just like Taiwanese can claim Chinese but still say they are Taiwanese.

  55. PhoKinhYue

    That doesn't really mean much, many FILIPINOS have Spanish last names...yet none can prove they are really Spanish.

  56. Kaitong Wu

    hahaha. yea. everyones curious about his background xD

  57. DahjOkA

    WHY does everyone argue about his race? DOES IT REALLY MATTER!? Why can't we all just appreciate the fact that the man makes GOOD music? See this is the reason why Asian-Americans don't make it big in America, we all fight and bicker over a persons race that it all just turns down-right ugly in the end. I'm SICK of seeing the same comments on ALL the videos I post. If this keeps going on i'm going to delete the videos so you have to either buy the album or find the songs somewhere else . fckerz

  58. Shawn Lee

    half viet half chinese 4 sure. name 'hoang' has nothing to do with chinese

  59. Nancy X

    hes chinese :p he says that in one of his songs x]

  60. Tin Myint

    I Love All His Songs !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  61. Jessie Chiang


    i love this songgggg.

  62. Apocalypss

    aight.. the fact is.. this guy is chinese.. DONE.. no more arguements.. okay.. he might be a lil viet.. but guess what?!? he is azn.. so.. stop complaining!

  63. Noah Chang

    nice one...

  64. gulian768

    Hes right, hes chinese, so stop arguing about that hes vietnamese. Even im vietnamese, and i think im the only one who can see that hes chinese.

  65. DvSFoX

    DahjOka AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    this man can sing like the shizz, get over his race, its his voice not his race

  66. DahjOkA

    No more arguing about what his race is, it shouldn't matter, in the end he is Asian and we should all support him as an artist.

    Also I've talked to Stevie myself, he is CHINESE, he just has a viet last name, anymore argument about his race and I'm taking this video down

  67. Gintty

    I love his songs!they'e all so good!

  68. em2steve

    omg his name is so close to mines
    Stevie Hoang/Steven Huang LOL ;D

  69. naz4444

    lol this sounds like mary j blige's be without you

  70. maldini4ever94

    nice song !!

  71. Eric Hein

    Is he from UK? WOW O___O
    I am listening to all his songs now from Youtube and nearly all of them are AWESOME!!!!
    GOsh!! Why is it that I only know his name now?
    WHY? WHY? WHY?

  72. Kathy Duong

    i frkn luv dis song