Stevie Hoang - If I Was The One Lyrics

Girl I See The Way He Treats You
I Feel The Pain And The Tears You Cry
Why Do U Let Him Do This To U Everytime Baby Everytime
Now Girl I Got A Proposition
Girl You's A Queen U Should Be With Me
Il Take You On A Private Journey,Just U And Me

If I Was The One Who Was Loving U
Id Do All The Things That He Wont Do
Ill Give You What U Need Be So Good To You
Everynight Everynight
Girl I Know Its Hard But You Can Trust In Me
Ill Be All The Man That You Could Ever Need
Baby Its Bout Time That You Should Walk Away
Give Me The Chance, Let Me Be The One

Girl I Know The Situation
You've Been With Him Now For So Long
But U Dont Have To Stay With Someone That Makes U Cry
Always Telling U Lies
Now Girl Its Obvious That He Will Never Change
So Heres Your Chance Girl Up And Leave
You Need That Special Kind Of Guy To Treat U Right
Sounds Like The Job For Me

Let Me Hear U Say, You'll Pack Your Bags And Walk Alway
Let Me Hear U Say, That U Wont Stay Another Day
Let Me Hear U Say, Girl That U Wont Be Afraid
Let Me Hear U Say, That U Gon Find A Better Day

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Stevie Hoang If I Was The One Comments
  1. Marina Gamayao

    Like the song


    So cool

  3. Jerry Last

    Reminiscing back to 09! Them HS days. When I had a crush I would always play this song on repeat.

  4. yeon ji Nadi-ah

    august 2018 here!!!!!

  5. Benedict Santos


  6. C S

    first to listen in 2017 been listening and heard this in 2015 I think or 2016 lol

  7. Namuli Katumba Sarah

    I love all Stevie Hoang,s songs,love his voice .All his songs are so touchy.l can't get enough of his songs as well as l can't stop playing his songs everyday.

  8. Cha Kvai

    Listened to this song when at university when work when in love now all alone at Japan time fly so fast

  9. Noah Stoni

    Lazaro Martinez??

  10. Tony Phan

    Susan <3

  11. Karen Garcia

    Bring  memories :'( <\3 

  12. Karen Garcia

    I♥ this song....


  13. Urmila Gawade

    this song is actually discribing my whole story aww jst loved it :* <3

  14. Hargun Bassi

    I Still Do In 2013!! xD

  15. Hargun Bassi

    Still Listening In 2013! xD

  16. Sang Nguyen


  17. Fallen Angel

    This is legit.

  18. Andy Yang

    Everyday, all day, I listen to this guy's songs. STEVIE! Where you at bro? Make more songs... you have all these fans (including me) waiting and cheering you on. We can't wait! So please do so k? Thanks bruh.

  19. David Pheng

    i still do in 2012! lol

  20. lazaro martinez

    Love it

  21. lazaro martinez

    2012:)3 noah stoni thunder Adams ;)

  22. erica ester cabigas

    --"baby if i was the one who was loving you..could do all the things that he won't do..
    i'll give you what you need, be so good to you.. everynight, everynight.."

  23. Nick V

    Fuck all of you "2012" bitches.

  24. Rita Le

    2012 :)

  25. TheAllowyou

    2012 and still jamming in this

  26. Tommy Lang

    still a tune :)

  27. Mr JxC

    @AsainBwoi LOL hi :)

  28. Alex Duong

    Hello Jackie =]

  29. Alex Duong

    Hello Jackie =]

  30. tvivlsomt

    Makes me cry :-(

  31. Xia Vang

    I love this song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Rosalinda Garcia

    To the girl i like A.R

  33. Felix bacus jr

    >LOvE it !!

  34. Katez Simpson

    cute :D ♥

  35. jacksparrow14

    love stevie hoang!

  36. Kia Moua

    @longthekiller1 ♥ <-- Like These?

  37. longthekiller1


  38. z e n

    Being half vietnamese and half chinese is cool. My aunt is half vietnamese and half chinese and her last name is Hoang

  39. vekuii kaumunika

    wow guys thse song is talkn boutme thts me nd the gal tht i want....thnk u stevie!!!!

  40. ABALA13

    i like this song cause its just how i feel about this girl

  41. Pria

    Whtevr his name is it's nice n his music is awesome so stop arguin' bout' wht he is =] Xx

  42. SirWildDog

    oh fuck i love him ttm!

  43. Mark marquez

    gosh,I love this song..:)))

  44. tasha nina

    its about my love relationship !!! that was before.omg.

  45. Diia GapKeThu

    He Vietnamese
    Hoang is vietnamese last name

  46. Cindy Nguyen

    Omg i love your songs >:]]. U have an amazing vioce and your soo cute!!! Haha and u always have this lil ghettoness in your songs :}.

  47. Mr JxC

    @kikipillu654 One night only

  48. Pam V

    omg! love the lyrics, so damn true! ^_^

  49. brittanny de

    vary good sonqq<3

  50. Bella Ng

    sooo smooth the way he sing!!

  51. Alexander Vang

    he mite be chinese cuz he said it in one of his song

  52. TheMeandmybrother

    think... who do you love more? who do you think is going to have more time for you? who do you have most in common? hope this helps

  53. TheMeandmybrother

    think.... who do you think y

  54. SkillzDatKillz187

    First of all, are you a dumbass? 99% a person's last name does not refer to their race, do you have any proof of that? No you don't. Is Shaquille O'neal ...Irish because his last name is O'neal? are all Filipinos only Spanish because they have Spanish last names? LMAO! you're retarded. 99.% is just a number you made u p because you're too ignorant to know any better.

  55. Chris Wan

    he hes acutally chinese it says on his myspace thingyyy

  56. 4evertruel0v3

    first of all, are yu Viet? Well truthh like me im Viet but i have a chinese last name bcuz.. (IDK ask my great great ancestor) But 99% a person last name or name refer to their race, i mean comon, if yur parents dun even related to Viet, why would they have the last name "Hoàng". besides the singer is Asian too, so he cant be white or blak or Irish like yu mentioned....

  57. SkillzDatKillz187

    Where's your proof? You still don't have none. Sad.

    Go listen to One Night Only and go buy his album and read his biography.


  58. Carolyn Nguyen

    he's vietnamese

  59. Cheyenne Hastings

    I Like This Song..
    (: 5Stars..

  60. SkillzDatKillz187

    nope he is Chinese. Show me proof that he's Vietnamese, he's never claimed to be Vietnamese.

  61. SkillzDatKillz187

    That doesn't make sense. Shaquille O'neal has a Irish last name, you going to say he is irish? haha

  62. SkillzDatKillz187

    where's your proof? oh wait, you have none.

  63. Randy

    he is half vietnamese and chinese xP

  64. SkillzDatKillz187

    I know that and i even stated that, but OLIVIA THAI has already stated many times that she is CHINESE. Her parents are Chinese from Vietnam, same as Stevie Hoang.

    So just because they both have "VIETNAMESE" last names don't mean they are Vietnamese. That's like saying Shaquille O'neal is definitely Irish just because he has a Irish last name.

  65. Chris Wan

    dude olivia thai is hella good singer

  66. Alex

    loool guys amazing xD

  67. SkillzDatKillz187

    He's actually of Chinese descent, the only reason why he has a Vietnamese spelled last name is because his parents are from Vietnam. I know this because he told me.

    Check out the singer, Olivia Thai. Her last name, although looks like she might be Thai, is actually a Vietnamese spelled last name too but she's of Chinese descent.

    There are many ethnic Han Chinese who basically migrated to many countries, and the ones who moved to Vietnam translated their names to the Vietnamese way.

  68. 4evertruel0v3

    hes viet yuguys, his lazt name iz Hoang (which iz a vietnamese name)

  69. Elise Nguyen

    and viet.

  70. Mr JxC

    He's chinese..

  71. inuyashaXkagomeXever

    so cute i wish my bf was the one 5/5 starz

  72. ol skl

    i love this song

  73. Tina Huynh

    omg the panda pic u have for ur profile thingy is the SAME exact one i used to have 0.0

    lol, when i first looked at it, i thought that I MYSELF had uploaded this vid xDDD