Stevie B - I Need You Lyrics

Yo, hey, check this out!!

I love you baby
I wanna sing a song girl
I need you, you're what I want [x2]

Yo, hey, check this out!!

Whats it gonna take to get your attention
Your keeping my mind hanging in suspicion
I want you, that's what I'm trying to say
But for your love night and day I pray

Where have you been all of my life
Your a perfect girlfriend and I want you for my wife
I'm after your heart, oh don't you see
I'm not out to get your virginity

And I understand why you're playing hard to get
But for you girl I have, all do respect
So don't reject, may I correct,
Et me be the one that you select

I need you, your what I want
Ah girl
I need you, your what I want
Ah girl
I want you, your what I need
Oh baby

(Yo, babe check it out!!)

I never wanted nothing like I want you
I don't ask for much and you know that's true
I'm telling you straight trying to be polite
When I met you it was love at first sight

I feel like I'm filling out an application
So read my resume have no hesitation
Everytime I see you girl I fall in love again
Wishing we could be more than just friends

I'll be there whenever you take a fall
We'll only have to live ever after all
No fussing or fighting we sing our song
If you were to cry I'll weep along

Cause your my girl and you shine like gold
You were hard to get but won't be hard to hold
I think about you from dusk till dawn
And the sound of your voice help me carry on

And that look in your eye it makes me weak
Cause your a quiet female, you hardly ever speak
May not be good at real romance
But I can do my best if I can get my chance


(Yo, check it out!!)

Give me a chance to show and prove
Yo, baby doll don't front the move
I'm not like the other guys I'm different
Like you, you know I'm the innocent

I shouldn't tell you this but I keep urging
You might not believe it but I'm still a virgin
Do you want my love I need to know
Cause we're taking this situation too slow

Say yes and I'll keep a smile on your face
But if you say no, I'll be gone without a trace
Cause you are the one and you got my number
I dream about you when I'm deep in slumber

You should know that its your love I need
And satisfaction is guaranteed
And you know why I want your love so much
Cause I'm singing this song with an MC's touch

[Chorus x3]

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