Steven Wilson - Home Invasion Lyrics

Download sex and download God.
Download the funds to meet the cost.
Download a dream home and a wife.
Download the ocean and the sky.

Another day of life has passed me by.
But I have lost all faith in what's outside.
They only are the stars across the sky
And the wreckage of the night.

Download love and download war.
Download the shit you didn't want.
Download the things that make you MAD.
Download the life you wish you had.

Another day of life has passed me by.
But I have lost all faith in what's outside.
They only are the stars across the sky
And the wreckage of the night.

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Steven Wilson Home Invasion Comments
  1. Danny V.M.

    Por canciones como esta uno puede justificar porque PT debió terminar.

  2. Victor Hugo Flores Villacorta

    Brand X es la referencia mas evidente aunque el tecladista por momentos crea por momentos atmosferas similares a las del jazz rock de comienzos de los 70 de bandas como: King Crimson, Tempest o Uriah Heep o Manfred Mann; ciertamente que hay gran calidad instrumental, pero las referencias se notan a leguas; realmente nada nuevo bajo el sol ... al menos en este tema

  3. John Smith


  4. Marknorthway

    PROGGGGG.... Nice.

  5. usmcsdi69

    6:25 is where the MAGIC starts... good LAWDY that is awesome

  6. James Maher

    This song is an absolute masterpiece. There are parts that sound like tool, floyd, zeppelin, dream theater, and rush. Sometimes a mix but the outro sounds like PT. Absolutely mind blowing

  7. Po3tic Treachery

    Worst lyrics ever. " Artists have a massive influence on the public, and with that comes grave responsibility. It's our job to uplift the human spirit. " ~ Bobby McFerrin


    So lyrics that warn not to be obsessed with virtual life is not uplifting.

  8. Philippe Cirse

    hEllo Everybody ....... Try Gentle Giant, it's better !............. ;-)

  9. Creativologist

    100 people don't like music

  10. dave llewellyn

    sounds like gentle giant in places!

  11. Cody Osborne

    Another master plan!

  12. Rifqi Khairul

    I like the end part of Regret #9 its get goosebump for me in 10:37 . But give two thumbs up for adam holzman solo and guthrie govan's solo guitar!!

  13. MrMarcodarko

    This song live for this your was awesome. We need a PT reunion though

  14. Martin Corona


  15. 7thparabola

    Best Wilson's song. Purely incredible, one of the best songs of the century!

    Sky Arrow Bridge

    Best song of the decade. He owned the whole 10s era with Raven, HCE and TTB

  16. Chris Brown

    If ever there were red meat for starving prog fans......

  17. 4plus4equalsmoo

    what are the numbers being said in the transition

    James Maher

    All I can make out is 12, 56 and 14. Wth it means I have no clue

  18. Jerry Castelli


  19. deBiezel

    Home Invasion - Steven Wilson

    Download sex and download God
    Download the funds to meet the cost
    Download a dream home and a wife
    Download the ocean and the sky

    Another day of life has passed me by
    But I have lost all faith in what's outside
    They only are the stars across the sky
    And the wreckage of the night

    Download love and download war
    Download the shit you didn't want
    Download the things that make you mad
    Download the life you wish you had

    Another day of life has passed me by
    But I have lost all faith in what's outside
    They only are the stars across the sky
    And the wreckage of the night

  20. Carlitos Crack

    Gilmour tiene su historia, ahora está haciendo historia Guthrie govan.

  21. simon L

    Excellent song from a excellent artist

  22. BASSET Emmanuel


  23. Carlos

    I have no words to explain how great this is.

  24. ChevKen

    What an amazing track this is. Some cool YouTubers named Kel and Rich introduced me to this. You MUST check out their channel!

  25. davide olgiati

    This music It's like a fusion between the electro blues of Blade Runner and the alienating distortions of the Pink Floyd. Wow

  26. ChevKen

    Mind blowing!

  27. Alberto Melo

    the fills of the drummer are insanely good

  28. Alex Arft

    See I'm getting some vibes of Shoji Meguro + Prog Rock here and that's pretty rad.

  29. Eric Hudson

    Play at 1.25 speed. Thank me later

  30. Budhaditya Deb

    You won't get bored.

  31. Nicole Marie B.

    Guthrie you muhfucker. Fap worthy solo.

  32. jaal

    0:00 veil of maya lol

  33. Luna Ecliptica

    Llegar y Llevar la polar xD

  34. Oto Stahl

    I can't get enough from this music!!

  35. Nicole Marie B.

    *wiener officially bursts out of pants like a baby Alien birth at **8:55*

  36. Alvaro Cortés

    Uno escucha esta canción no tanto por Steve Wilson sino por Guthrie Govan, es un virtuoso alucinante

  37. Michael O'Malley

    Told the better half, after I heard Guthrie's Short but oh so Sweet Guitar Solo, I just saw Heaven.

  38. George Stark

    That little banjo bit at the end melts my heart...

  39. dave llewellyn

    Gentle Giant at 3.06!

  40. Constantin BERCEAN

    This solo as divine as that of Steve Vai - For The Love Of God. Sublime!

  41. accentontheoff

    This track deserves to have at the very least, approximately, 27 gadzillion views. Anything less than that is a raggedy tragedy. Just my thoughts on the matter.

  42. Maxwell Leach

    cut the pre-chorus lyrics in home invasion around the 3:30 mark and it's godlike.

  43. Onkar Yewale

    Now that's evilishly Beautiful!! How does it keeps getting better? Defies all logic. That's what sets Steven Wilson apart I guess!!

  44. Travis Severin

    Steven is a god

  45. Mat -

    What a beast Steven! Such a great producer.

  46. Kate Murphy

    Yes, the banjo is nice.

  47. Lyudmila Graph

    This is so nerdy i love it

  48. Looply

    10 out of 10
    The guitar oh my god

  49. Kate Murphy


  50. shannon porter

    Regret #9 flows perfectly into this epic tune. chill bumps every time I hear it.

  51. Geoscribe

    Among the greatest pieces of music I have ever heard.

  52. sbornot2b

    Mellotron FTW!

  53. Edwin Coster

    Nailed it!

  54. G. V. Q

    Only read the notes after listening 8/9 times, I thought it was one

  55. Omar Muñoz Castorena

    OMG the synth solo from 06:25 - 08:50 is remarkable! i felt like flying in spac with a bunch of Camel acetatos rounding me. the influence from Peter Bardens can be heard, it is simply an honor!

  56. MSM M.

    Solo de guitarra (8:56) me mata !! Increíble

  57. Matt Anderson

    Anyone else reminded of the Commodore 64 game 'Wizball' when the Moog solo first hits at 6:42 ?

    Matt Anderson

  58. Elisabeth Fabricius

    I can never get tired of this. I freakin' love it! I was in seventh heaven when they played it on tour.

  59. Kamil Kowalski

    Steven Willson is an absolete genius. He reinvented the form of prog-rock. Made it fresh and more acurate for nowedays. More compact and more essential with emotions and deep music flavoures. Sometimes you regret that some pieceses are to small that only tease your ears and left you unfulfilled.

  60. Gergely Kiss

    So happy I got to hear this live. What a masterpiece, incredible musicians the lot of them.

  61. Francisco Giunta

    perfect mix, my godddddd

  62. giorgos vasiliou

    this is the evolution of music steven wilson and the porcupine tree true geniuses

  63. Swish

    woah metropolis

  64. Frédéric Corriveau

    Saw SW in Montreal, Adam Holzman literally stole the show on this song
    !!!! amazinggg

  65. philip mazonson

    I thank my lucky stars there is music like this still being made!! going to 3 of SW shows coming up in a couple weeks !!

  66. Raul Rios

    Genius !! Excellent ;-)

  67. Raul Rios

    Awesome !!!

  68. Frigate named Aubrey

    6:24~ N o s t a l g i c

  69. Kate Murphy


  70. Lu Fi

    Here you can watch some studio footage from the recording sessions:

  71. EzioMonty117

    I know this is said plenty of times already but the last few minutes of this song gets me in tears! The solo aswell as the keyboard is just mesmerising.

  72. Anibal Arauz

    razón para estar vivo

  73. Kevin Alonso Salazar Sandí

    that´s marco on the drums, right? these songs kick ass... i specially like the tempo on regret, it feels just on the right speed, amazing

  74. Michael Perkins

    These tracks are jaw-droppingly astonishing live. Holzman and Hutchings both absolutely slay!

  75. jose miguel bonilla tortorello

    que maravilla escuchar al lider de PT, en esta pieza maestra, Wilson es la mixtura de todo el progresivo que lo precede y la vez representa a ninguno. LLoro con esta música especialmente con Routine....guaaaaaaaa

  76. Voodoo Cartel

    If you like Steven Wilson's music then you might like this....
    For the whole 37 minute track find us at....

  77. Oded Fried-Gaon

    This guy!
    #OdedFriedGaon #OdedMusic #Audioded

  78. Tom Aprigliano Sr

    Please check out the monsters of Prog on Facebook we love Steven Wilson.

  79. FumUnda Cheese

    That kit i bet combusted at the end

  80. paul hardman

    This is art at it's finest

  81. Travis Severin

    6:25 right to the end it’s just so powerful and the banjo in the end 👌🏻

  82. Travis Severin

    BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  83. Kate Murphy

    I Love this music!!

  84. voodookook

    Saw and heard this live. People weren't sitting anymore after this one. No.

  85. Krookiemonster

    While somg is the best but goddamn guthroe woth the solo to end it

  86. Yuri Freitas

    9:45 - 9:48: Dream Theater, Learning to Live (or Wait for Sleep, it's the same melody).

  87. - The1trueharf -

    The title of this song makes me think of that famous game Hello Neighbour hahah

  88. Yati Acharya

    When the keyboard solo starts, I get reminded of the 3rd world in Mario Forever. Brings back memories, GodDAMM what a solo ❤️

  89. Darish Zone

    Personally most favorite part. Everything is perfect here, you can feel the megalomaniac isolated mind, but also some latent dark elements which will further develop later on the album. This is the way a concept must be. The solo part is magic.

  90. Dave Arndt

    Guthrie Goven!!!!!

  91. andrea antonilli

    thirty-eight people have no ears

  92. Michael Heinze

    Here it go's: Dunun, Dunun, Dunununun, Du Du Dunun, Dudludun Dudludun;
    Dunun, Dunun, Dunununun, Du Du Du, Dununun Dunun!

  93. Ingrid

    Woah, Pink Floyd as fuck!

  94. Valkyrie PROfail

    Regret #9 gets me everytime. Genius.

  95. alitheo1

    i can't hold my tears every time i hear this song especially when that crazy guitar solo comes

  96. markobarrows

    Love this so much!

  97. markobarrows

    I am at peace now, whilst being challenged in the best ways possible.

  98. markobarrows

    What music can be when love, discipline, and consciousness collide.

  99. Brian Fassbender

    Regret #9 reminds me a lot of La Villa Strangiato by Rush, specifically Lifeson's guitar solo. The way it starts out subdued, with long sustained notes then slowly amps up in intensity. Ultimate display of mastery of dynamics. I love how throughout the synthesizer solo in the beginning of this it starts to build and then hits a climax during the guitar solo. Exquisite.